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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 Laptop i7-1065G7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD FHD $2399.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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Latest Gen, top specs for FHD. i7 and 16GB ram make this good enough for pretty much anything (except maybe bitcoin mining, weather forecasting, hacking the CIA etc).

The 2 in 1 is great for photo editing and annotating on OneNote etc.

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    Only integrated graphics?

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    Despite the current "normal" price, this is not especially cheap for the FHD model.


      For the i7 16GB I think it's "cheap".

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      Not sure why you'd need more than FHD on a 13 inch screen, unless you plan on sitting very, very close to it or have eyes of an eagle.
      Higher res screens means less battery life too.

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        Not sure why you'd need more than FHD on a 13 inch screen

        The FHD screen also allows for a much longer battery life. It why I actually prefer an FHD resolution screen.

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    I believe this is (late) last year model

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    Soldered SSD and RAM

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    I have this laptop (but with 8gb ram not 16gb), not to be confused with the XPS 13 9300 or 7390, neither of which are 2-in-1.
    Essentially it uses the same 16:10 screen and processors as the new XPS 13 line (9300) but is cheaper, comes with a pen and can do yoga.

    Only a few nitpicky gripes:
    - Keyboard travel is not amazing, probably only 1mm or so. Feels crunchy/clicky rather than having nice smooth travel
    - No IR camera means no windows hello (unlike the regular XPS 13). Still has fingerprint reader though

    Otherwise fantastic laptop. i7 model gets toasty easily, so relatively loud if you push it but for general use is completely silent.
    Hardly use the included pen but it does attach via magnet to the side of the laptop for anyone who cares.

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      I have this laptop as well, i have the i7 UHD 32gb ram model, it is the most i have ever spent on a laptop and i have to say i have been pretty disappointed.

      • The keyboard back light is really dim and against a white keyboard it makes the letters hard to read.
      • Gets hot and loud and underclocks it'self to cope, which makes it slow.
      • Randomly turns itself on, sometimes in the middle of the night inside my laptop bag, gets super hot
      • Terrible battery life
      • SSD performance seems pretty average
      • I have already had a motherboard swap meaning the soldered on SSD had to be replaced

      i have to say though i have really grown to like typing on the keyboard, it doesn't have much travel but it has a significant click feel.


        Computers don't randomly turn themselves on. Most likely it's turning on to update, or a wireless device is un-sleeping it. Regardless, if that's occurring you definitely shouldn't be keeping it in a laptop bag. Easy way to set fire to your bag or more likely overheat the computer and melt the soldering etc.


          Oh absolutely that is my concern, but if dell can't figure it out even with a main board swap and new clean OS, then there must be a design fault.


            @clintonjackson: There's nothing for Dell to figure out. The motherboard swap was because you overheated the thing and basically de-soldered the connections, while a new OS install is standard afterwards. (And if it was an issue/defect it'd be a huge deal)

            I would highly recommend looking into your power/BIOS settings. There's something called "Wake-On-Lan", most likely it's on by default. It'll drain a tiny amount of power but mainly when it receives a network packet it can turn the computer on.

            An example would be when you click a torrent click, turn on my laptop and start downloading. Unfortunately I've found that certain routers/packets etc. can trigger this setting accidentally.


        UHD = significantly worse battery life for minor improvement to usability, which is why I got the FHD model instead (and I'd encourage others to do the same, unless they have a specific requirement to have 4k resolution)

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    Have this exact model. Looks and feels great but I have to say, Dell’s reliability has been shocking. Have had two replacements, first because of random shut downs (motherboard fault) and second because keyboard would randomly stop working after waking from sleep (also motherboard fault). Even then, there are still issues with reliability - Bluetooth audio stutters like a mofo (updated drivers and all), touchpad will occasionally, and random BSODs/freezes. Have owned a previous XPS 13 and found that there was always a couple of bugs that just made the experience frustrating and required me to do a lot of tinkering with settings/drivers. Needless to say, if friends nowadays ask me for a laptop recommendation, I no longer recommend dell. It has even made me keen to see what the next MBP is like!!

    Ps. If anyone has found a solution for this Bluetooth audio stuttering, I will be eternally grateful if they could share it! It’s driving me nuts!

    EDIT: ffs, just woke my xps from sleep and now I cant adjust the brightness of the screen unless I restart the laptop. It's stuff like this which just sucks!


    Does anyone find the fan in this noisy when just being used for web browsing, productivity?

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