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Amazon Alexa Smart Home Starter Kit $49 (C&C Only) @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys is selling
Amazon Alexa Smart Home Starter Kit for $49

Includes everything you need to start you on your connected home journey

1 x Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen
1 x TP-Link Smart Plug
1 x TP-Link E27 Smart LED Light Bulb

This product is only available for pickup

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Anyone got a hack to make Alexa Guard work in Australia?

    • Use an US Amazon account.

      • Does that actually work? Saw a YouTube clip claiming it works, but it was 2 years old and recent comments state this loophole has been plugged.

        • +1

          My Echoes are activated on my US Amazon account since the beginning. I get up-to-date features but for some minor inconveniences. Remember to set to Celsius & km, Aus English, Aus timezone and Aus address.

          • @alvian: That's awesome thank you! I already have a couple of Google Home devices in my house so no issues if i lose other funcfionality, I'm only getting it for Alexa Guard to notify me if the house alarm triggers whilst I'm out.

            • @ChmpgneTasteBeerBdgt: If anyone is planning on getting this bundle or an Echo dot for Alexa Guard, don't… didn't pick up our house alarm or smoke alarm. Received notification for glass breakage but I'm not convinced it will actually alert me if an intruder is quick and doesn't break glass for longer than a few seconds.

              If anyone in Sydney is just interested in an Echo, let me know. Happy to separate the bundle.

  • isnt it always $49 anyways ?

    • No, the Echo Dot Gen 2 on its own is usually around that price.

      • Was that price.

  • +17

    Is this essential? May turn out to cop $1000 fine😭

    • I know, right?

      Why not make this deal + for delivery instead of pickup only, given the current circumstances.

      • Are people unable to think for themselves and take responsibility for their where they go and what they buy?

        • +1

          no - unfortunately some people can't hence the fines and stage 4 restrictions coming in…

        • Are people unable to think for themselves and take responsibility for their where they go and what they buy?

          They aren't, if you look at what's been happening.

          My comment was mainly due to my dislike of in-store/pickup only deals, and that businesses should be acting more responsibly.

          I don't like in-store / C&C / pickup only deals at any time (hence my dislike for this deal), even though I prefer to make purchases using those methods. I also dislike delivery only deals - I'd much rather have the deals be the same and the purchaser chooses which method to use. I do understand their place however (clearing in-store or distribution warehouse stock).

          This deal should probably be flagged as "Illegal/Innappropriate" given current government directions and people's inability to follow them.

    • +2

      replacing faulty light bulb is essential

    • +2

      puzzles are essential so I don't see why not

      • I'd like to know if there's some "number of pieces threshold" to qualify as essential. We have some Frozen puzzles at home which are like 15 pieces, which feel far less essential as my kids get older ;)

  • Is that Echo dot 2 or 3?
    Looks like a version 2 in the photo

    • yes its gen 2 version as per box written

  • I bought it last time. Couldn't get the plug to detect my wifi(2.4 GHz)…

    • Most of these smart devices are 2.4ghz I believe. Most 5ghz routers should also have dual band capabilities.

      • +4

        Unless there is a specific 2.4ghz SSID, then dual band SSID's/AP's/routers will create issues. I have had success with disabling 5ghz on my dual band wireless setup, joining the devices, then re-enabling 5ghz.

  • We have both Echo Dots and Google Home Minis in the house. The Googles get used more often, but one major advantage of the Echo: you can change the wake word to 'Computer'. Just soooo much easier to mutter than 'Hey Google' or 'OK Google'.

    • No 'Hey Jeff' or 'Wake up Jeff' option?

      • +1

        I'll try 'Jeff sucks' and see if they block my account.

  • Live five to ten min walk from TGG.
    Wondering if I should get this, or wait for a Philips hue starter kit deal. Don't have a Amazon Echo or echo for, but plenty of Google devices (few Google Home mini, a Google nest max, and a Google Home Max).
    Worth getting this?

    Edit: if I decide to go, it would be after taking all precautions and wearing a mask.

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