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75% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitisers - 100ml $9.95 + $10 Delivery (Free with $100) @ Wild Balance Oils


Antibacterial Hand Sanitisers - 75% Ethyl Alcohol with moisturiser.

Contains 75% Ethyl Alcohol with Glycerine, Pure Essential Oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus & Lemon Myrtle) & distilled water.

$6.95 - 50ml spray bottle (either glass or PET plastic)
$9.95 - 100ml spray/pump bottle (either glass or PET plastic)

Stock is limited so buy now to avoid disappointment. Dispatched within 2 working days.

Handmade by a little start up based on the Central Coast NSW.

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  • dont you need 80% to kill Covid?

    • 60% to 80% is the germ goldilocks zone.

      Anything less than 60% and it may not be strong enough to kill the germs.
      Anything more than 80% and it may evaporate too quickly to kill the germs.

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    Price needs to go into the title.

    And $100 per litre is not great value. This is 2 to 4 times the usual pricing for sanitiser (even during these times).

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    $100 per litre, is this some sort of sick joke?

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      And postage!

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        this deal just gets better and better /s

  • Stock is limited so buy snow to avoid disappointment.

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      With a dispatch time of 2 business days, I dare say that snow will have melted.

    • I see the OP has fixed their mistake.

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        i wish they fix their price mistake !

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          They just added this:

          Handmade by a little start up based on the Central Coast NSW.

          Is that meant to make things better OP?

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            @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: Hi guys,

            I actually have really low margins & pay an exorbitant amount for alcohol & bottles because I'm not in a position to buy in bulk. I've adapted my business to make hand sanitisers to help fill the void but if my prices are any lower I won't make any money at all. I'm hoping I can buy in bulk for the next lot so I can reduce prices further. That being said, my local pharmacy sells 100ml sanitisers for $10.95 each.

            Thank you!


            • @WildBalanceOils:

              my local pharmacy sells 100ml sanitisers for $10.95 each.

              that's not a bargain either, nor an excuse to stoop to their levels of profiteering.

              i think you're really pushing the limits on how generous people are to support small business. your prices are nowhere near competitive; if you can't make it a profitable venture then why do it? ozbargain is about bargains, not pity-buying from another business trying to cash in on the hand sanitiser bandwagon.

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              @WildBalanceOils: Well you are buying the alcohol at inflated prices, but you still decide there is a dollar in it for you.
              Perhaps if you refused to pay these prices the market value would lower?

              I mean where does it stop?

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    We need to change the name of this place.
    The definition of a bargain is being tested.

    To advertise here at these prices is beyond gouging!

  • extremely overpriced, should be on OzExtortion site, not on OzBargain

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    Not a bargain at all, cheaper elsewhere.

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    this hand sanitizer farce is really bringing out the worst in some

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    Shame on OP and his associated company to take advantage of the situation

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    Pure Essential Oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus & Lemon Myrtle)

    (Not approved by WHO for hand sanitizer productions due to lack of efficacy)

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    OP how do u sleep at night?

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    Doing more harm to your business than good by posting this

  • Aren't they cracking down on anything over 20% price gouging?

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    $100 per L for Hand Sanitiser You've got to joking.

  • This is the opposite of as bargain.

  • I'm interested to hear from the OP about how you determined the pricing?

  • Wrong place to post…. but seriously everyone if you don't think this will sell at this price, i provide to you: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/bergamot-oil

    $2666 per litre… & They sell plenty.

    • Bear bile still sells well also, what's your point?

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        I thought my point was quite clear, target the correct demographic (Not ozb).

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  • Joke post? not a bargain - unless this is PriceGougePedia