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Hand Sanitiser Liquid Carton 6x 500ml Bottles $89.70 Delivered @ Wheel&Barrow (Online Only)


Safe hands liquid sanitiser can be used directly on your hands to kill up to 99.9% of germs. The liquid can be applied without water for an instant & refreshing clean.
This is a Liquid – not a gel.
The cap is a screw lid, without a dispenser.
Contains 70% Alcohol (ethanol), Water, Glycerin.

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    kill up to 99.9% of germs.

    So it can be anything less, eg.. zero ??

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    Or just wash your hands with soap….

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    3L for $90? No thanks!


    What a rip off. Hand sanitiser shouldn't cost more than a bottle of metho (don't use metho though because it has had additives to make it poisonous).

    I made 5L of hand sanitizer from the bottle of ethanol I got from ozbargain for under $10 a few years ago from this recipe- https://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/Guide_to_Local_Production.pdf

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      Additives? Isn't it just methanol that is added to the ethanol (making it methylated) as a denaturing agent so people don't drink it to avoid the alcohol taxes?


        Generally speaking methanol isn't added to methylated spirits in Australia because methanol is extremely poisonous and some people still try and drink it.

        As a side note, methanol can be absorbed through the skin.


        Methanol is one of the "nasties" and it can poison you via absorption through skin. So using methylated spirits, which contains methanol to make hand sanitiser is not a good idea.
        However, you can get methylated spirits that does not contain methanol. The SDS for Diggers methylated spirits (normally available at Bunnings) shows it contains ethanol (~95%) and water (~5%), which should mean it's ok to use in a hand sanistiser.
        If anyone is looking at making their own hand sanitiser, they should thoroughly research the safety and effectiveness of their proposed ingredients and the resultant product. We don't want people getting sick. maimed or dying from their home made hand sanitiser.


      Sadly most ingredient needed are also sold out or high-sky prices right now


    Not a bargain!

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    From https://www.sydneysolvents.com.au/methylated-spirits

    Methylated Spirits
    Methylated spirits is a clear, colourless liquid that is commonly used across most industrial industries and is often used within the household. The methylated spirits boiling point is 78 °C and the flashpoint is 11 °C. Methylated spirits is often referred to as denatured alcohol which means that it contains a denaturant in it so it cannot be consumed. Sydney Solvents methylated spirits is 99% methylated spirits with a 1% bitrex in it. If it didn’t contain denaturant in the methylated spirits it would be classed as normal alcohol that is safe to drink.

    What is denatured alcohol?

    Denatured alcohol refers to alcohol that has additives in the product in order for it to be sold as a non-consumable and palatable product. This is because alcohol is used for a lot more uses than drinking, so to avoid the high tax and regulations on drinking alcohol, denatured alcohol was created for industrial, disinfecting and non-drinking uses. The additive in denatured alcohol has the most bitter taste known and is extremely poisonous and unpleasant smelling.

    Methylated Spirits Uses

    Denatured alcohol can be used to disinfectant, sterilise medical equipment, as a window cleaner, and there are many more uses. Methylated spirits are also perfect for indoor or outdoor methylated heaters. It is an effective solvent in the paints, lacquers and varnish industry. You will also find that it is found in a lot of cosmetics such as toners and makeup brush cleaners. It can be used as a window cleaner, spray and wipe disinfectant, and a steriliser.

    Methylated Spirits Rubbing Alcohol

    Methylated spirits can be used as rubbing alcohol when diluted down to about 65-70%. The reason it needs to be diluted down to this is so it is not as harsh on the skin and so it evaporates off slower in order to kill the bacteria. The higher the strength the more it will flash off but in the circumstance when you need to kill bacteria, sometimes the 70% works better as it has longer surface time, therefore, more time to kill the germs.


      yep a lot of methylated spirits (diggers definitely) do not contain methanol anymore - it is cheaper and easier to just distill ethanol and add bittering agents, for the most part "methylated spirits" is just an old trade name that is still in use because people recognise it and are used to calling it that in Australia. It is also called "denatured alcohol" in freedom land, sometimes it is caleld that here, but not often for consumer products.


    Should this post even be allowed? It’s taking advantage.

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    Sorry, this isn't a bargain at all.

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    Personally I think all of these distilleries selling at upmarket prices to the public is taking advantage. Liquid "sanitiser" - it is liquid ethanol, not cut with enough glycerine to become a gel, is very costly and you will use a lot more of it. The effectiveness shouldn't be considered equal to similarly concentrated gels either (I can't cite a study on this, but it makes logical sense), as the alcohol in a glycerine based gel is going to evaporate more slowly than one based in water, and will be removed from the hands mechanically (by dripping off due to gravity or by rubbing ones hands) more quickly due to being thinner. The alcohol not only needs to be strong enough, but there needs to be contact time - this shit doesn't just magically destroy the virus instantly - you need it to stay on your hands while rubbing them.

    If distilleries start selling gel - 70% ethanol, 15+% glycerine - then they'll have a buyer in me. Surely this is a case of false advertising and taking advantage as well given the price, and the fact that it admitedly says "not a gel" - but then lists glycerine as an ingredient. So if we take everything written as true and correct - they are making a product that contains glycerine, what it needs to be a gel, but at a low enough amount for it to remain a liquid, that is less useful but still massively expensive. I really want to downvote, but it isn't OP's fault, they're just the messenger and some will want to buy this.


      yes completely agree - its misleading advertising. It will evaporate before it has the time to kill therefore not effective at all. thats why I'd rather stick to carefully formulated gels from reputable companies who know what they're doing eg. aqium.


      Compared to other deals where companies are charging 0.04c/mL this is one of the cheaper deals that I've come across.

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    Should be in FORUMS


    Hmm weird first sock puppetting post for a another company selling hand sanitiser


    i agree this is outrageously expensive compared to pre-covid prices, but for those wanting the product now i think this is better than many prices out there. is anyone negging able to point out where a similar product can be found in stock for cheaper, and available now?


    No deal


    Too damn expensive….


    Overpriced, should be 5 liter for 75 dollars


    I wonder if the cost of alcohol from supplier to producers are jacked up too ? Or is it just a case of greedy producers?


    Enough with the overpriced underspecced non-bargain sanitizes.


    I won't upvote or anything because there's vastly different views on here, but be aware if you're paying less than about $15 for 500mL, you're actually not doing too bad PROVIDED the quality of the product is good.

    We have to buy the medical grade approved stuff for work and even locally produced discounted prices are about $15 per bottle.

    Have a look at some of the other prices being touted right now and this is actually one of the better ones.

    Yes I get everything is jacked right now, but is the cheaper option in a bunch of jacked prices not a bargain???

    Again - I will not upvote because I agree ALL prices have risen but in a bunch of bad, this is actually not too bad…..

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