I don't think healthcare workers should get free stuff

I don't really think frontline healthcare workers should get free stuff or special discounts.

Healthcare workers are some of the only people in the country with stable employment right now.

The entire service industry is doing it tough and centrelink lines are curling around the block, yet we are the ones getting discounted food and free coffees.

My colleagues in ICU and I are very grateful for the free food but I think it would be a much better use of people's resources and goodwill to help out the less fortunate in this difficult time.


    • The whole prescription system is very antiquated, it should be all digital.

      For chronic conditions the doctor could just set it to repeat indefinitely or until a review date or whatever.

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    Interesting point.
    I work as a senior Allied Health in one of Melbourne Metropolitan hospitals.
    During the course of a week, my colleagues (nurses, allied health and doctors etc..) and i get:

    Sworn at - yesterday a patient kept calling everyone dogs and mutts.
    Punched and scratched
    Threatened most days

    The other day, a pregnant colleague was pushed down. She already was going through IVF, not sure what will happen now.
    The lack of security guards makes it difficult and there is no budget to get more.

    I don't know many profession who experience these on a weekly basis. Unions can't do anything about it since there is always pressure on government budgets.

    We have to constantly meet our KPI or pressure is on to retain your staff as they'll look to make the position redundant, further putting stress on the front line staff.

    Do I think they should be recognised and am I thankful for once to get appreciated, yes.

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      Found the flog

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    If i was a fully paid medical professional in a time when thousands of other people were suddenly unemployed, i certainly wouldnt be taking up free charity coffee offers. Why would i? I can easily afford it. Give it to those who genuinely cannot afford it.

    This is what OP is saying.

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    I am a nurse working at the CoVid ward.

    You have no idea how anxious the whole team was when we were first told to starting getting COVID patients.

    Some of the nurses were treated as 2nd class citizens in the hospital no mentioned about the general public.

    Not all the staff in the hospital are well-educated and medically trained. Securities spread Glen 20 towards the nurses in our ward. Pharmacists refused to enter into the ward even we asked for some supply, etc. Maintainance job cannot be done because the tradies refuse to come to the ward. The nurses here have to do work as cleaners, kitchen staff to minimise the risk of staff exposure.

    We have a few nurses who had to be deployed to other wards due to their healthcare conditions. Due to the high risk of caring for CoVid patients, we had to redesign our workflow. We need more nurses to do some routine jobs. When our manager asked for nurses from other wards to replace these staff, as soon as they heard that they would come to work with us. They just refused and made many excuses.

    There are some people who have been given freebies to staff. Unfortunately, they normally hand over to ED staff, not our ward because of the location of our ward (away from the main building). Believe it or not, while theatre nurses one day had 30 pizzas, we hardly got any. (Most of the surgeries have been canceled, so they have nothing to do). I agree that there are many staff in the hospital had nothing to do but got the freebies from society. There are a certain number of healthcare works like many of my colleagues have been working really hard for the last a couple of weeks. I believe they should be recogonised to risk their lives looking after these patients.

    • @sophiafang Our thoughts are with you, thank you for all you do.

    • This real life experience just got 14 up votes. what a dog community Ozbargain is.

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    hospital workers "Healthcare workers are some of the only people in the country with stable employment right now."getting assaulted and spat at and having no recourse{ the excuse for cops almost NEVER do anything, dont believe otherwise}. They are employed for the most part because they ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN AND DO WHAT THEY DO. Staying at home having a holiday would be a preferred option for many. B probably their careers. Being gagged from speaking out about what is REALLY going on but knowing it would be the end of both their jobs but also their careers. Watching people die unnecessarily. etc etc.

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    While I've felt conflicted about it too, I think you're speaking from a position of privilege. Not everyone in the hospital is a doctor. Frontline are nurses, allied health, kitchen staff, the cleaners. They do hard, dirty work for a low wage. They deserve that and so much more. The nurses cop so much at the best of times, and now they're being asked to cop all of that in full PPE and risk their lives, many of them not in great health themselves. As a doctor I'm just sharing all the deals I find with the rest of the staff and not taking advantage of them myself. And while I've been abused, spat at, etc in the last week as per usual, at least I have a job and get paid. I hear what you're saying OP but there's plenty of staff of in the hospital who need this right now.

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    What about the retail workers who are still working because we are “essential workers”, we have customers coughing all over us and our stores. We have workers who are nearly in tears every shift, rude customers abusing us because we are out of stock of something in their size or colour. We are having very high volume of people come in everyday (most are just looking around killing their boredom), our sales aren’t up that much. To top it off most people on unemployment are now earning more than us (I personally think the extra money should only have gone to people who became unemployed because of corona, not the long term unemployed). My kids are scared that I am going to get sick and can’t understand why I have to go to work and I don’t really feel like telling them that we risk getting sick because people need to redecorate their homes or buy new outfits or that the family is bored at home and are bringing the whole family in to get out of the house. My daughter is a nurse and she is so angry that we are still trading. Please don’t use the “what happens if the dog eats my kids shoes or it gets cold and we need to buy jumpers”, because nobody I know has only one pair of shoes for their kid (that shouldn’t even be leaving their homes). Sorry for the rant, it’s been a very hard few days.

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    Honestly I don't get the mentality where ppl think every healthcare worker is doing this out of goodness of their heart and they are these magnificent beings that deserve constant praise and free stuff and yell outs. It is a job to them just like it a job to anyone else. Their primary concern is to keep paying the bills just like everyone else out here. If anyone deserves extra praise it's the volunteers and not employed staff who are getting paid to do what they do.

    • Really they're risking their own health to look after people in high risk areas, esp when states say that face masks are not compulsory for PPE.

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        I can say the same thing about construction workers who risk their lives building and dealing with asbestos and what not or a million other professionals who risk their lives everyday doing what they do and almost every other essential services worker out here right now. It's a job and they get paid to do it. Most are making bank doing extra hours like some of my friends, while others non essential are filing for unemployment in every other profession.

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          but are they directly
          saving lives?

          like nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters.

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      I disagree. It is not a job to most, it's a vocation and they are there because we care about other humans. And especially the nurses who work long hours, on their feet, copping abuse, cleaning up adult excrement, showering them, being a shoulder to cry on at their most vulnerable, all while having to do insane amounts of paperwork, watching people drop dead in front of them and not always being able to save them, managing their families in all the stages of grief. They save lives but they also have to watch lives die, and while they are dying, clean them up, wash them, feed them, day in and day out. It is underpaid for what it is. There is no other job like that.

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    I think OP is actually referring to some people trying to organise donations to then provide "free" goods and services to healthcare workers. Those funds might be better to go to other people in needs.

    Anyway, you can always look at one thing from a different angle. Some people might feel that these healthcare workers might incur extra costs during a time like this (potentially, they need to wash their clothes more, more regular cleaning at home, some could elect to be more isolated from their family members). Some general public just want to show their appreciations. I reckon that's okay if those organisers are not taking a cut themselves.

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      the only thing most healthcare workers want is
      -more PPE equipment
      -and not to be abused by people

      these campaigns are more about keeping businesses e.g. coffee shops open and continuing to employ workers..
      while giving to some worthy cause that people can feel happy to give

      there are alot people in need even more than healthcare workers in terms of money etc..
      e.g. homeless people who are in an even shittier situation due to the COVID 19..
      but there is not that much big GOFUNDME campaigns to help them every year.

      not sure… but doesn't gofundme take some sort of a cut?

      • yeah the homeless are being victimised by covid. Forced relocation - killing their pets - its fascist care for them.
        Every one should be looking after them because they bloody need it.

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    When you have time to think hard and spend time to write about this online, you have too much time on your hands.

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    What have you got against these people… if you do not look after them, who is going to look after you

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      To be fair, OP sounds like he/she is one of these people.

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    People have no idea what goes on in hospitals,maybe some of you need to spend a week in one to refresh your memory.
    What a horrible job at times even before Covid.They deserve every bit of there pay and some.
    So a couple of things for nothing isn't going to break the bank and hopefully brings a smile to there faces.

    I've just spent 6 weeks in one and now in rehab for possibly another 4 due to a virus unrelated to what's going around atm. Where fragile as humans and one day you'll need them.
    I can't thank them enough for there professionalism and dedication…

  • That's one way to think about it, but you have no idea how much harder people work when their work is being recognised. I agree many more professionals need this as well, but at the moment I rather ensure that the ones that are directly saving lives are recognised so they work more and harder and as a lot of nurses have commented to keep their spirits up.

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      I agree with you that healthcare workers should be recognised for their hard work.
      The current campaign is to increase the general public awareness of their hard work.
      It should be long-term not short-term only during this period.

    • shame hospital managers across the country are treating them like shit then…

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    check profile pic
    Sounds about right.

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    How much higher on a moral ground do you want to be, heads and shoulders above others, to not even be humble enough to accept gratitude when it's right in front of you?

    It's like complaining that you're being thanked. I don't ask for free shit. But at the same time, it's not like I'm being handed a $100 cheque per patient either - so this is ethically okay (because it's not like I'm doing this job to only get free food). It's a coffee (btw I haven't been a recipient of this free coffee yet, and it doesn't bother me either way). Get over it. There are more important things to take the moral high road over.

    What you think should or should not happen is not relevant to what people want to do with their money and goodwill. And if it were relevant, well then I think people should not spend more than $4 for a coffee. All that extra change spent everyday could be better spent feeding the homeless. I don't think companies should be charging exorbitant prices for luxurious goods, or they should be donating at least 95% of profits to feed the homeless. Heck, delinquents in schools who make poor choices should cease to exist because they invariably end up becoming dole bludgers and sap the economic lifeblood out of our society. /s. Newsflash doctor: There are more concerning things to be worried about now than your moral and ethical inaptitude

  • My sister works as Medical Receptionist at a Medical Centre. The extra duties she has been performing due to the virus is causing extra stress and worry and on top of this she is working extra hours without pay. They are receiving an influx of people coming in for the flu vaccine right now which is exposing her to a high influx of patients. She is 60 and I worry about her all the time. Her pay is around the $25.00 mark.

    My point is this, there are a lot of people working and putting their own lives at risk. Be thankful and grateful that these brave people are doing what other people are either incapable of or refuse to do for the benefit of all.

    If you want to pay forward your freebie, then go ahead.

  • I believe medical people should have ample protective equipment and all that they need to do their job properly.

    As someone who has had multiple bad experiences and mistakes in the medical system that have had a lasting negative impact on my life I'm not someone who buys that medical people are heroes or saints.

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      No, they are humans just like anyone else, and they exist on a spectrum of good to bad. I'm sorry you've borne the brunt of a broken system.

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    I don't know but seeing people lining up at my local centerlink really make me depress.

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    The corporate masters would get such a stiffy reading this. Peasants fighting other peasants over 0.1% of welfare when corporations are receiving 70% of the pie.

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    See if you still think that when the second wave of the virus hits.

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    OP at least one of these workers will save your life or the life of someone you know. Go back in your hole.

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      OP works in ICU tho…

  • what's your profession OP?

    • Read fourth line of post.

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        and that specifically points at what?

        • Context. MS Paint diagram not required.

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        Jut says colleagues, he could be the janitor in the icu

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      • No it doesn't say that..general registration sounds like allied health?

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    OP, you sound like a good person. Good on you, keep doing what you do.

    You can't win OP. If you take the charity, you'll be criticised for not leaving it for the less fortunate. If you decline the charity and direct it to the less fortunate, you'll be criticised for not taking it.

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      You can leave it for the less fortunate imo. That’s great, power to you. Just don’t take the moral high ground and pretend that you’re better than others. OPs done this by making such an issue about it. To even make a post about it. Honestly, bigger fish!

      • Agree

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        Just don’t take the moral high ground and pretend that you’re better than others.

        That's a pretty big accusation though, don't you think? I think it's an interesting discussion to have - who we should give charity to and I think it's great that OP has brought up this discussion from the POV of someone who is on the receiving end. I don't see how OP has pretended to be better than others in any way?

        • No I don’t think it’s a big accusation. Just a very accurate one. Healthcare workers, especially doctors are well known to titillate on the topic of morality and ethics. And like I said, in these circumstance, bigger fish than free coffee. So choosing to fixate on that is evident in itself.

  • I agree.
    I think the only equitable solution is to get out your gocard and some cheap scrubs, go to the hospital, infiltrate, and take the free food! Liberate the food!
    (hint, you can get through most hospitals with a gocard)

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    I don't really think frontline healthcare workers should get free stuff or special discounts.

    OP on 28/3/2020 claiming $30 Uber Eats voucher

    Thanks. I have signed up. Just did 7 days in COVID ICU

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      True, I've had a lot of time to think over the past couple of weeks.
      I also think it's different, as many people have pointed out, when it's a corporation running a promotion for marketing purposes compared to when it's average joes donating to gofundme to buy us coffee.

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    Companies make donations and in this way make themselves look good in people's eyes.

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    It was very sad watching pensioners getting turned away from 7am opening at woolies last Thursday. That’s all I’m saying.

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    It gives the company “good will” which is very valuable in getting them recognised and having more customers purchase from them.
    Think of it as advertising.

  • I think as long as people aren't being pressured into giving, I have no problem with how people decide to be charitable. I do however feel that diverting that charity to other causes takes away from the intentions of those that give.

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    i think the cleaners who are the forgotten, the invisible front line heroes who risk their live should get the special treatment.
    but i notice all they get is more hours working in the early hours of the morning or late at night trying to get places clean and ready so everything is safe to do our essential things.

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    Good point. However, I don't think it's about the money. Society is showing its appreciation.
    Many nurses and doctors live in hotels isolating themselves from their family. Kids miss them.
    They rik their life too.
    When you know that your sacrifice is appreciated, that will be a huge motivation.
    May be you're single, young and healthy. Many have families, they are 40+ and many suffer from various illnesses.

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    Look at this clown.

  • As an Aps worker, we're getting a pay freeze despite having "critical" jobs that can't be done from home. I should be paid more /s

    I'm all for rewarding healthcare workers and other staff critical in this pandemic, they're keeping things in check. I'm sure alot of healthcare workers don't want to do their job right now but don't have to option to quit. Think single parents or ones with alot of dependents. What ever makes their daily routines easier, I don't mind if it's funded out of my pay

    • -1

      aps systems are politicians and outsource failures. aps spent millions on laptops and monitors for this work from home, taxpayers paying the bills or aps pay freeze?

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    I dont get it, health care workers are doing their job so why should they get freebies?

    All them woolies workers are dealing with everyone where's their freebies?

    All the people working in liquor stores? Where's their freebies?

    All the other industries that have to work through this pedantic, where's their freebies?

    • Yeah its not fair I'm a Screen Hero sitting on my ass saving the world according to the Premier by not going out and no one but him seem to recognize my efforts lol !

  • They still pay the bills just like you. Give them some slack. They have a higher chance of getting the virus than you, all you have to do is go to CL and get your paycheck risk free. Think about what they have to go through, telling themselves that they may get it, everyday they go to work. Anyone who steps into those wards are at risk, and they can pass it onto their families.

    Have some fu$&en respect. It's just a small discount that half the healthcare workers probably don't even want to use.

    • I just finished working 91 hours in COVID ICU over the course of 7 days…

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        Sure you did, and the first thing you decided to do was jump on OzBargain, and speak for all healthcare workers on your behalf.

        Even if I believe you, you're not the only one out there. There's plenty of hospital staff and volunteers out there and you don't see them complain, they are doing their jobs and I know it's grueling. Those gestures of kindness are for them. For the people risking their lives for saving others.

        If you knew what hospital staff go through, even before this pandemic started, you wouldn't even open your mouth when these nurses and staff are finally rewarded for all the shit they go through at work.

        You know nothing. So don't speak for others. Let them have there discounts, they deserve that much. Go get your 50% off Nando's discount, and chew on bone, why don't you?

      • +1

        What kind of person works a 91hour shift and then first thing is to go on ozbargain to complain about free coffee? Maybe all that work is gettting to your head

        • It's 91 hours over 7 days

          Still, i've only ever done ~90 hours in a week as a personal record, and first thing I thought about was sleep. This was before the AMA made working more than 70 hours a week not posible.

      • You've got 7 off now though right? Are you okay?

  • I agree that other people need it more. However people like to reward hard work and they are obviously working harder than unemployed people.

    My biggest problem would be that medical staff seem to not appreciate the ultra-massive detrimental effects this lockdown is having on people’s health, let alone the economy. It is ruining people’s mental and physical health, yet I believe hospitals are far from being overwhelmed. I strongly believe that the solution at the moment is far far worse than the virus.

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    So crap pay, risk their life for strangers, and you're going to speak on behalf of all of them to say they don't want a small token of recognition, because they get paid (not nearly enough for the hours they do). If you don't want free food and you're a front line health care worker simply say thanks but no thanks and get together with others to forward the food to a shelter, or if that won't work due to contamination potential, ask for the next donation to go there instead.

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    They're risking their health by being on the front lines in hospitals etc. I think that deserves some sort of recognition and reward. What is wrong about giving them a discount for a coffee or whatever? It's not mandatory, if you disagree with it there's no reason you can't just forgo the discounts or just don't mention you're a healthcare worker, or when offered just reject the offer.

    The fact that they are still in stable employment shouldn't be considered in the argument. It's a valid point but it's somewhat irrelevant to why they are receiving the discounts etc.

  • All these offers cost companies nothing. It comes from their advertising budget which also pays celebrity endorsements,etc. We all pay for the freebies and endorsements in the end price of the product. It is a old flaw that can not be fixed without removing all advertising and that will never happen. What is new and evolving, is the hack to pull on heart strings via social issues, choosing "sides" and causing divides. The sad thing, it is getting more aggressive and opportunistic.

  • I don't mind these gestures. I don't think I need the freebies, but I think it's also a nice gesture that could make a huge difference to some healthcare workers. Not every healthcare worker is privileged or come from a privileged background - there will be plenty of allied health, nurses and junior doctors who may have it financially rough. There will be healthcare workers whose partners or family members who will lose their jobs.

  • Take the small amount of charity cause god knows who will be paying the bulk of the debt back with more levies and taxes..

  • -2

    op has a point lots of doctors earn millions every year - and putting all healthcare workers on a pedestal is a mistake.

    some are shits like in every profession. old couples are separated from each other when they are dying now even though its inhuman.

    Humanity is missing these days in the caring professions - covid didn't take that away- so called professionals just don't have it anymore.

    And lets not forget the sick (mod: edited) on charges for 'deliberately' coughing whilst having a coughing fit.

    Reasonable doubt don't apply when u are indigenous. Systemic racism is common in healthcare as way 2 many inquests show. Now the lack of basic humanity has spread to everyone. 2 many English arseholes shipped in wrecking our healthcare system same way that destroyed their own.

    Our pollies ship in' em because they promise cheap care and that's what we are going to get - cheap and nasty.

    • +1

      I don't think you'll find many that earn millions a year. Earning a million a year would be very impressive.

      Can you provide examples where old couples who are dying are separated from one another?

      Systemic racism in healthcare shown in '2 many inquests'? - Mind referencing these for me?

      '2 many English arseholes shipped in wrecking our healthcare system same way that destroyed their own' - Mind providing evidence for this? The mess that is the NHS was made after the former government cut spending to the bone, which is the way Australia is currently headed regardless of doctors employed.

      'Our pollies ship in' em because they promise cheap care and that's what we are going to get - cheap and nasty.' - now that's just malicious. Doctors in hospitals are paid based on experience

      • few qualified doctors do not work privately - apparently this is being ignored here - pretty obvious why.

        Try reading as opposed to watching tv hospital soaps

        Start with Stafford

        'Congealed blood was smeared on seats in the patients' waiting area, the lavatory floors stank of urine and grime was encrusted on the sinks used by doctors and nurses. Terry Deighton had never seen anything like it.'

        So began his campaign to find out 'Why did its consultants, doctors and nurses – the very people asked to provide patient care amid increasingly squalid surroundings – apparently do nothing to raise the alarm?'

        English health care - what we are importing for big bucks.

        • I hate to break it to you, but i'm a doctor. I have a much better grasp of how the public and private system work than you I guarantee that, and I can tell you now $1 mill + is not a common income, especially after costs such as insurance etc come into play - this is in relation to Australia.

          I don't need to watch TV soap, I work in a hospital. I have a fairly good idea how they run. I don't need to read tabloid articles that rely on hyperbole to sell. There are issues, but they are often very exaggerated.

          You still haven't told me how you're associating NHS (a healthcare system) with doctors (those who work within it, they do not control it)

          • @euk: you may be a doctor but this is the internet,

            your contract if you are one has a number of clauses relating to use of social media if you are a government employee.

            and many doctors are also managers now because they can earn more that way even if they have zero management training or ability.

            if you are a doctor in public health u know all this….

            and loads of doctors earn well over a million bucks

            • @petry: You literally have no idea what you are talking about. You're making things up as you go along. The reason for this is you have a vendetta against a group of people. The reasons i'm not so sure of, but the undertones of your comments are filled with prejudice and are at times outright malicious.

              And for your information, I can use social media as a I please, as long as I do not discuss specific work or patients. You would know this if you worked in the health system.

              • -1

                @euk: your accusations are duly noted, and unfounded.

                Clearly you didn't like the findings of the Stafford inquiry that began with

                'Congealed blood was smeared on seats in the patients' waiting area, the lavatory floors stank of urine and grime was encrusted on the sinks used by doctors and nurses. Terry Deighton had never seen anything like it.'

                So began his campaign to find out 'Why did its consultants, doctors and nurses – the very people asked to provide patient care amid increasingly squalid surroundings – apparently do nothing to raise the alarm?'

                The important point being that English health care staff are used to zero standards and also do nothing about them. Why are we shipping so many of them in when they will happily reduce HIGHER AUSTRALAN STANDARDS?

                I can only assume from your unfounded assertions you're an import, and simple facts ain't your thing. Also I'm tired of your obvious attempts to gain personal information

                • @petry: I was born in Australia, trained in Australia….

                  Gain personal information? What are you even on about….

    • Another doctor here. The vast, vast, majority do not earn millions a year. The vast majority earn around $90-$180k (after overheads, especially GPs who are private contractors with no holiday or sick pay, for whom a percentage of their wage pays practice costs). Anyone earning over $200k a year are in the rarer specialties that are difficult to get into, take over a decade over your life, and have extremely high expectations with eye watering exams that many wash out of. And frankly when you've got corporate fatcats on millions of dollars a year crying for handouts from the government to save their business (i.e. qantas), vs an intensive care doctor on half a million a year who has done one of the most gruelling training programs on the planet, passed exams that are barely readable, and worked thousands of hours being the last stop before death, they can take my damn money.

      I'm sorry if you've had bad experiences with the system. There are a lot of traumatised doctors out there who have become dehumanised over time and in turn dehumanise their patients, but the vast majority genuinely do care. They are just burned out by hour 15 and don't have anything left to care for themselves. But millions? No. Not even close.

  • It's called courtesy, recognition… Not compulsory… Companies do that because they appreciate the efforts, or just marketing… It doesn't really matter. I appreciated when people did that for the fire-fighters, and I appreciate now that they do that for health workers.

    Many health workers in private have lost their jobs, some of which are casual jobs. There is a huge pressure to be working today, risking getting this coronavirus and not being able to stay at home. Most of them are not even getting enough sleep, and are under very stressful circumstances, although things are not bad here in Australia.

    I do agree that health professionals having to pay to park their cars in the hospitals is ridiculous, as someone mentioned, but I also appreciate any measures that can make their life better. This applies to all professions but right now health workers are in the spotlight so yes, they deserve some treats.

    • public system has laid of thousands as well…

  • +1

    It's not about the free stuff. It's a gesture of thanks, I doubt many healthcare workers have the time to take up the offer or the interest to, they understand it's a notion of goodwill. Jobs aren't necessarily about the money, and staying in a job isn't about it either, the need for people to feel appreciated outweighs any monetary value.

    Healthcare workers don't 'need' to treat you. They could just all walk out and say get fk'd Australia we told you to stay the fk home. Can't do that? Well you're on your own. Just a perspective.

    Even the billboards on the freeway thanking healthcare workers and warehouse workers. It's a token of appreciation which far outweighs a $10 discount.

    Thank you for risking your life to take care of my health when I am sick and delivering my food so I can eat.

    TBH I think people may have over interpreted what you are trying to say, you are just putting through a perspective. Be aware the general populace often won't interpret your viewpoint as what it is. If you genuinely work in ICU/ER/

  • Never seen a doctor on $50k before OP…

    • He has never said he is a doctor

      • What kind of ICU worker does increased hours at this time and gets $50k typically? I'm actually curious

        Is that a nurse then or..?

    • It's possible if they work part time/locum, but again very unlikley.

      • He said he was doing some overtime on the 50k in some comments / elsewhere in the post. Overtime implores full time + extra to me

  • +3

    you really don't have to take up their offer. I'm eligible for them too but haven't bothered with any- most are minor things in any case which requires you to go in to get the coffee/food.
    I really don't get the amount of negativity on this forum towards something thats essentially just a good deed (and PR/advertisement). Someone offers free food for overseas students - half sharpen their pitchforks and complain about why other students arent getting it. Someone offers free food to the jobless - people with jobs jump to their throats - how dare it go towards "bludgers". It seems whenever someone is offering something towards a specific group- someone is insulted and outraged by it. No one is forcing anybody to do anything - its just something being offered - take it up or don't - this should be personal choice that you shouldnt be deciding on behalf of everyone else.

  • +1

    Seems like a dumb thing to get mad about right now…more pressing concerns than some free coffee. Do you not have better things to do OP? Catch up with family?

  • Sure some of it is a shameless PR stunt for the companies involved, but I kind of like the idea of the public consciousness recognising and appreciating essential workers.

    Sure it doesn't have to be financial - I found the clap for the NHS thing was quite moving.

    But you're right logically. People with jobs don't need discounts. People without jobs need discounts.

  • +1

    It's just a nice gesture, as well as PR for companies.
    Yes, stable Job
    Of course, many in the workforce still working hard these days, however the sentiment towards the healthcare grows because symptomatic/unwell/confirmed covid-19 patients are coming to hospitals/clinics etc

    I've heard things like 'People forget about the public servants, or the woolies staff' - my thought is that the sick patients aren't being told to go to shops, they go to hospitals

  • +4

    This post is just illustrating the moral superiority that's common in junior medical workers. I see this all the time in interns and residents who believe that they are paragons of society. Just be thankful of the small gift and understand that accepting it to be a token of appreciation from society for choosing a job where your life is at risk for the betterment of others. This and helping the less fortunate are not mutually exclusive, accept that you are not special and there are much more pressings concerns. I am not sure of your position but if you are a an ICU reg/resident, I will tell you what I tell all my registrars: appreciate and cherish every gesture of gratitude, as in this field of work, they are always genuine.

    • loads of people put their life on the line for a lot less - the volunteer fire fighters faced far higher risks for bugger all - our glorious leader didn't give a damn

    • +1

      Thankyou for articulating what I was struggling to. Love the juniors but the lack of humility can be frustrating.

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    I drop off a few boxes of bagels at a hospital near my workplace every morning as a show of appreciation for what they do. They are putting themselves at risk on the front lines because some people don't know what stay at home means.

    I see the lines at my local Centrelink too. Yes it sucks but there is really not much I, as an individual, can do to help them. Bagels are not going to pay their rents.

    You can't help every person. Sometimes you just have to let them fend for themselves.

    • What a waste of money.

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