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35% off $20, 40% off $60, 45% off $120 Spend + Free Delivery (over $150 Spend) MyProtein


Running low and this popped up in my emails. Boredom so just working out at home, still need some protein gains.

SAVE 35% Off $20 | SAVE 40% Off $60 | SAVE 45% Off $120
Free delivery with $150 spend, $10 delivery with $100 spend

Also don't forget shopback 6% off and maybe a free gift (through shopback website)

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    They literally at all times have anywhere from 30%-55% off their products, this isn't really a bargain at this point but RRP.
    Made an order, wasn't impressed.
    Leggings tore
    Size inconsistencies with shorts
    and some of their pills aren't really "noticeable" - when they really should be.

    • +2 votes

      MyProtein is the rug sales of protein


      Fair enough, I was running low after missing last months deal and at 45% feel it's worth it (for isolate and casein)
      Personally I never had any issues with their clothing but they are just shorts and tees.
      Didn't like their creatine (still sitting on my shelf) and BCAA.

    • +2 votes

      Very true and valid point. Having said that, as you pointed out.. the specials ranges in discount (30-55%) and it's worth knowing when a 45% or more promo is on as its outside the normal price range.

      While there sales are frequent, it doesn't take away from the fact it's still a bargain from regular pricing on the site.

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        Its just, if there's always sales ongoing - why would I even being to think of these products as worth of the RRP? Like, When I look at a bargain there's a certain degree of consideration going into the quality of the products and what the original price tries to reflect with quality.
        If there's ALWAYS a sale , and there's ALWAYS a reduction to the price, lets say, 35%? Then they're just pricejacking its original price and that's just insulting as a consumer :(

        • +2 votes

          I totally agree with you about the constant 35% off deal. But when its 45% or more, then it's outside there norm.. even if it happens once every 3 weeks :P


    Note that the standard discount for students is 45%


    Ehhhhh the quality of their products is below average.

    I still can't believe how bad tasting and smelling their multivitamin was, you could smell it through the bottle and I literally flushed them down the toilet because my cupboard started to reek.


    Thanks for posting. I've been waiting for a 45% off sale. As others have noted - they have sales frequently so i wanted to avoid ordering at the 'standard' price of 35% off!


    Discount Code expired on: 13 Apr 2020 16:23

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