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[Windows] Free Acdsee Video Studio 3 @ Acdsee


Enter your email to claim your free copy of ACDSee Video Studio 3 (64 bit only).

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  • Just for information - this is a previous version. Version 4 is out now. You can check the comparision here - https://www.acdsee.com/en/video-studio/product-comparison/

    • A lot of things have been included in version 4 that weren't in version 3 and I'll list them here:
      - Rotation available for x, y, and z axes
      - Can add animations
      - Can add overlays
      - Can add Color LUTs
      - Can control the speed and duration of clips
      - Can freeze frames
      - Can share to Vimeo
      - Can export as a GIF
      - Can remove colors (green screen support)
      - Can add behaviors
      - Can crop media
      - Can blur out specific parts of media
      - Can take snapshots of your media

      This newest version also has its lifetime license currently at $39.99 instead of $89.99

      That being said, anyone looking for a decent, ad-free video editing software will appreciate this.

      Thanks. I'll download it now.

  • Is it only for Windows? How do you get MacOS version?

  • I have been looking at Movavi video editor plus. Is this ACDSee video editor better than the Movavi anyone knows?

    p.s. I have just tried out this v3 free version. not sure if this is just me but when i launched video studio, it is causing the bottom right hand side of my task bar to flicker badly.

    • Haven't tried Movavi, sorry. I also got some task bar flicker, I didn't realise this was causing it. It was also using a lot of CPU on my PC, it's slow, and it crashed once.

      I just spent an hour using this ACDSee to edit a travel video. It's very dissapointing. Most other video editors can do a lot more than this and are easier to use.

      I was interested in ACDSee Video Studio 4, good thing this freebie came along because now I know it's not for me. Uninstalling now.

      I use CyberLink Power Director, it's good for beginners and has a lot of features. I've used Adobe Premier Pro before, had to do an online course to figure it out, it's difficult to use and time consuming, but the results are good. Everyone also recommends DaVinci Resolve (free version) if you want to try that. There's also Adobe Rush, a cut down version of Premier Pro, I might try that one day when I have time.

  • PROBABLY JUST ME, but just letting you guys know it doesn't work on my machine. Get the splash screen, disappears and that's it. Nothing in task manager

    Machine is otherwise rock solid everything always runs, so don't know. In case I'm not the only one. Just letting you know.