10% Cashback on Coles/Myer Gift Cards, 10% Woolworths/McDonald's/Costco etc on Top of Other Discounts + More @ Crypto.com


edit: 10% not 20%, sorry guys I messed up with the Coles Myer discount. Oh well, still a great deal imo.

It acts like a debit card, with other some other beneficial products. Essentially you deposit fiat cash (or crypto) into it and spend it.

You can also use it as a Crytpo Wallet and Borrow against your Crypto (Using it as a quasi credit card), rates 8-12%. Or you can simply gain interest on your Crypto deposits, like a quasi savings account, but with better interest rates.

There are different Card Tiers, check them out. I feel Ruby is the sweet spot for value to those new to crypto, or those who just want a deal and don't care about crypto. If one were to have some decent holdings, chucking some in one of the higher tier cards makes sense for some added benefits (such as earning interest on your 'stake')


  • Flat cashback 2% with Ruby (1%-5% with other colours) on all card spending.
  • Rebate for monthly family Aus Spotify with Ruby (netflix/prime/others with other colours).
  • 10% cashback with Woolworths/Coles for 3 months, CAPPED AT $50 USD equivalent per month, afterwards reverting to standard 2% cashback.
    10% STACKS WITH GIFT CARDS - at least Woolies through the entertainment book
  • For full list of others (Maccas/Woolies/Costco etc) 10% Cashback see here
    -There's an active Oz & NZ chat/community here

  • 3.5% credit/debit card fee wavied for cryptocurrency purchases for all users for 3 months. There are ways to get around this standard charge, but this makes it approachable for newbies and convenient for the rest of us.

  • $50 USD equivalent referral bonus signup. Get code below.
  • Shiny metal card…


  • need to use, perhaps learn about Crypto at least a little bit
  • need to "stake' 50 MCO (ruby card) for 6 months. ~$320 (50 MCO * $5USD current price, minus $50USD signup bonus). This involves buying their coin and keeping it with them for 6 months. Obviously you're at the mercy of the crypto market over those 6 months for the value of those $320.
  • depositing money to crypto.com can be tricky. To do it easily, you need a Visa. They can't accept Australian mastercard. You will also be hit with a bad FX transfer rate, unless you use a bank account/card that gives interbank FX rates. There are other deposit options than Visa however, all with advantages & disadvantages.
    -FX risk, They're Singapore based and use SGD/USD or GBP?. You deposit in this money, so are vulnerable to FX fluctuations. However, when you spend form the card, their FX rates are interbank, so you pay no fees, spread or commission. However apparently they are close to launching with an Australian banking partner so when that happens new cards will be issued out to us that will then have the default currency in AUD.


"crypto is a scam, these guys are a scam"

It's not and they're not. They're almost a billion dollar company. For $320 I think it's worth checking out, if their service has any kind of uptake, which given their offering seems to me extremely likely that money is going be worth considerably more. If it doesn't even with the spotify it will pay for itself and you can shout (or even charge, this is ozbargain lol) your friends and family spotify and get some brownie points there.

Thanks to 8urt0 & gothebroncos for the help getting me into it!

If the ozbargain referral isn't working, feel free to PM me and I'll hook you up.

Referral Links

Referral:  Julesxzzz or random (152)

Both referrer and referee receive $50 USD on sign up (NOTE: must stake at least 50 MCO for 6 months).

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    Card isn't free, in the sense you have to buy MCO
    Card pays cashback in MCO (so not $)

    Just two things to note, I was seriously considering getting the card and these two things turned me off. That said, they didn't have Coles and Woolies when I was into it, so it's changed a bit.

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    Can vouch for this. Went to Woolies the other days and paid with my Ruby card and received my 10% off my shop. Shopping has been rewarding with my Ruby card since is received it last year. I've worked out that I've received almost $500 odd AUD worth of cash backs. It's already paid itself off easily.


    They're almost a billion dollar company

    Except they lost half their value in March.

    Also you are buying MCO not CRO.


    Can I transfer my MCO to BSV?

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      Not through CDC, the war against BSV continues their losing battle.

      Easiest & cheapest way would be MCO to BTC on CDC, then BTC to BSV on an exchange that lists BSV. So pretty simple. Just got to wait on that BTC transfer and deal with 2 transaction costs.

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    Wow, I haven't been following crytpo in a long time. I'm surprised MCO finally released the cards they used to promise every second week a year ago haha.


      They are making some serious waves. They’ve got 3 large projects coming up which will translate into some serious exposure.

      They’ve been seen in Hong Kong, subways in New York, nearby London bridge & at Sydney airport.


    Could you elaborate with the stacking with gift cards part?


      It appears the MCO cashback is based on the merchant transaction name. At this stage it looks like if it has the keyword in it here, they're giving the discount.

      It works through buying a woolworths gift card through the entertainment book app. You get your 5% discount with the book, and 10% MCO cashback on the gift card purchase. Not sure about other gift card discounters, most likely will as long as on the Merchant name it has the required keyword.


    Hey OP, you misspelled "crypto" twice - once in the title and once in the second paragraph.


    need to "stake' 50 MCO (ruby card) for 6 months. ~$320 (50 MCO * $5USD current price, minus $50USD signup bonus).


    So is the Woolworths gift card purchased from within the crypto.com app?


    OP - How'd you get the card while in AU?
    I staked about a year back and was in the long-ass queue when they were still called MCO, but never heard anything back from them.

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    Alright. Let me settle some dust here. I’ve been in MCO since ICO.
    I worked (sort of) with the development. I was a OM of the original slack group. Moving mco back to AUD (or sgp/other) takes seconds.

    The 500 mco card is the best IMO for travellers. loungeKey (airport lounge pass) & a increased atm withdrawal. Also includes Netflix.

    Here’s a quick guide of what you should do:

    • have a ing account (no intl fees, visa)
    • buy crypto
    • stake 50/500mco
    • jump on the exchange, hit the syndicate & stake CRO - Next one is 25% off eth
    • use your MCO card for literally everything.

    When you get cash back just convert it via the app. 4.5MCO is the minimum to convert back to aud/SGP

    I also recommend buying a ledger - good news 20% off via crypto at the moment. Cold storage is everything.


      Can verify that either ING or UP are great to avoid international transaction fees.


      jump on the exchange, hit the syndicate & stake CRO

      Their blog implies you need a 10,000 MCO stake to be able to access the Syndicate purchases. That's a cool $80,000 at today's MCO price !!

      EDIT : I misread CRO as MCO - 10K CRO is only $800 stake 👍

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    When I click the random OzB referral link above, it takes me to a screen asking for the referral code and my email address.
    Tried FF & Edge. Anyone know how I can get the referral code, without specifically asking anyone here for one (which isn't fair).

    edit: I found a way around it and was able to get a random referral code from OzB.


    Where do the cashbacks come from? How is it generated?

    • Does the card company giving you free money from its own earnings

    • Do the stores give them money after you pay and you get passed to you that way?

    • Do the stores give a secret discount you don't see at payment time? Ie The card company sits on it until you transfer it.

      1. Yes, the big discounts are promotions from their advertising budget
      2. Not in this case. But in many these are negotiated. That would be the case with their Spotify promotion.
      3. That's how all Visa/MasterCard transactions work.
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    I can't help but be a bit sceptical, it has that "too good to be true" vibe- so what's in it for the company besides the increased investment in their crypto coins? Can anyone clarify their position on data-mining and selling customer purchasing information to third parties?

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      It's basically a bank, with promotions coming from their advertising budget and not that out there from other introductory offers. The card is a Visa, check out their privacy policy.


    Looked into MCO its trading at just over $5 and was about half of that just over a few week ago . That would have been the time to join .


    Anyway my initial conclusion is for minimal risk join : Midnight Blue (FREE)
    MCO Staking Not Required
    1% back on All Spend in MCO Rewards
    US$2,000 Interbank Exchange Rates Limit
    No Fee ATM withdrawal limit US$200

    No BS MCO staking and those rewards up to $25 monthly and no like MLM USD$50 to OP's .

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      I guess the risk is about your ID information. 1% cashback is not that attractive.


      Plus how much would you lose from converting AUD to USD (to top up) and then back to AUD (on purchase) ?


        Depends on the amount then the card you have.. each card has a threshold.


        You will be able to top up in AUD soon.

        (Also it's relatively irrelevant based on the fluctuations of exchange rates. Normally yhr exchange rate has a 50/50 chance of going more than 1% in either direction in a short time anyway so you could be up you could be down by a small amount. But the point being is it's that minor it's not worth your time worrying about it. Otherwise you don't lose anything on interbank rates & no fees).

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    There is one small issue with getting the card, I have been waiting for almost 1 month for it to arrive. Approved on the 16th of May. I have messaged them and still waiting on a reply.

    But this is a good deal.


      Mine came in 3 days direct from Singapore, by DHL Express - the tracking number is in the app 👍

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    Its scary the ID that they want front and back pic of Driver License and selfie to match using biometrics .


    Will this have any tax implications by staking and spending mco?

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      You'll have to pay CGT on any increase in the stake (when sold)& earnings for crypto lent out. No tax implications for topping up and spending on the Visa card.

      But at this level, I really don't think you're going to be too high on ATO's hit list.

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      Looks like you can get away with no tax on the stake too for the lower tier cards.

      Cryptocurrency transactions are exempt from CGT if:

      The crypto is used to purchase goods or services for personal use, such as booking hotels online or shopping at retailers that accept digital currency, and
      The capital gains you make are from personal use assets acquired for less than $10,000.


    How does this work? Can you actually cash out in AUD? I tried withdrawing the 50 USD but it can only be withdrawn in USD or EUR.

    Also does this mean all purchases will get currency exchanged to USD (or is it SGD?) albeit using intrabank rates


    Things you need to know:

    They are regulated in hong kong and located in Unit 1506-07, 15/F, Pacific Plaza 418 Des Voeux Rd W, Hong Kong and owned by Foris Limited - http://www.foris.co/contact-us.
    I would assume they are NOT a financially registered company and are not required to hold capital to protect your deposits. They are not listed so probably not that big. They are a private company and don't have to publish their balance sheet.



      For me the thing that gave away the game is this : https://crypto.com/en/earn.html

      Shonky interest rates in a low interest rate environment and I strong advice only sign up to Freebie Midnight Blue .

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        You obviously don't understand how they can do it. Research it. You'll be surprised that it's completely viable.


        Let’s call it a scam






        Still a scam

        Yep still a scam


    Hey @Julesxzzz thanks for the credit - Just upped my stake from 50 to 500 $MCO to get the benefits of the Jade. Still working well for me - got the Mrs a Ruby card also. Lots of new members at the Telegram channel - nice work. F.ck banks


      Good lad.

      Send me a DM with your weekly local shop list and I’ll see if I can get you some extra rebates.


    circulating supply of 16 Million coins and a max supply of 31.6 Million coins - currently $5.09 USD

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    I've also been invested since ICO. Have the Icy White card myself (5000MCO stake) and a Jade green for the missus (500MCO) stake - both of us received our cards in early Dec 2019. I've used all of the features on offer i.e. Earn, Invest, Credit, Exchange and of course the Visa Debit card, and can honestly say everything just works like it should.

    I get the interest that they advertise paid weekly and my cashbacks almost instantly upon using the card. It makes my everyday spending 4% cheaper but that 4% being paid as MCO means i'm actually investing more into cryptocurreny for myself.

    The Forex rate is almost identical to xe.com as a comparison and Loungekey access is a fabulous perk for travellers - my White card grants access for myself and a guest and most lounges I can access in Australia offer $37 credit per person for food and drinks. The ability to hold multiple currencies in the app wallet is convenient but I've not bothered since forex rate is so competitive.

    Do your own research, check out the team. They have some distinguished people working for them to change the way people manage their money. They put compliance and security as number 1 priority. If they aren't compliant, they won't do it.

    Call it a scam if you want or if it's too good to be true then move on but for me, it's my go to card and service. It'll be even better once they roll out their Australian issuer. Once that happens, I'm ditching my bank for good! As if pay less than 2% on a term deposit when I can get up to 20% return (rate varies depending on cryptocurrency) with crypto.com, which pays interest weekly.

    Of course, what works brilliantly for me might not be the same for everyone. Do your own research, and don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

    Some people baulk at the stake amount but remember that it's a once off and the tokens are still yours to do as you please after 6 months. Most credit card companies charge an annual fee that they keep,in order to provide you with a reaards points or frequent flyer program you can redeem for something else later… pfft… i'll have my spotify, netflix rebates and 4% cashback now, thanks crypto.com!! MCO price going up makes this even more worthwhile. If it goes down… meh… without this service, i wouldn't be any worse off.

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      Hey dude can I ask if you are from Melbourne?
      Crypto.com is a huge part of my life now… I’ve been in it since ICO but I’m still filthy I never achieved black status. When I get paid my salary or stonks it all goes straight into ING —-> MCO

      Risk v reward
      I’ve saved myself over 1700$ USD in 4 months of having the card.


        Yes, I'm in Melb and also missed out on black during ICO but I'm very happy with getting the White card. I had to accumulate a lot over the last couple of years but my initial investment into it was $1200

        For me, it's a no brainer as an everyday debit. So easy in fact that I managed to get crypto and banking illitarate wife (she only knows how to spend lol) loading up the card herself.

        I refinanced my mortgage recently and the broker couldn't believe his eyes when I showed him the crypto.com csv files of my interest and, cashback and rebates.

        Where abouts are you if I may ask?


          I couldn’t agree more. Those rebates are second to none. People have been calling it a scam since day dot.

          I’m in Melbourne also. I’ve seen the card used by others around 10-12 time’s now. I saw a icy white last month at a cafe on Collins, wasn’t you was it? Haha


            @Ler0y007: Yeah, it's actually hard to believe until you actually see the card and app in action.

            Cafe on Collins aye? If down docklands end it could have been me although a couple of my work colleagues also have Icy White cards now ;)

            Hopefully there'll be an Aussie meet up once they roll out the Australian Distributor and marketing. It'd be nice to catch up with the local Crypto.com community in person


              @Chocka12: Hi can I ask what level do you get the lounge key feature?


                @nightelves: You get Loungekey benefits on cards at tier 3 and above.

                You can see a great side-by-side comparison of the different card tiers and included benefits on their website.

                You can also toggle between staking and non-staking benefits and see what the differences are.

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      It seems to be like a Pyramid scheme . I would look at the past history of these scams and pull out your dough . They are doing a good job of people keeping their money in with the interest rates . Wait till it collapses and don't say to me I didn't tell you .


        LoL i've made my investment choice doing a significant amount of research particularly on the individuals associated with the company. I've also done significant research on other similar projects over the last few years. I'm confortable with my decision.

        They could have walked away with all the dough when they turned the few mil $$ from ICO investors into over $200mil in a few short months… instead, they've continued to develop their system substantially and continue to hire industry leaders into the company.

        It seems like you may not have done adequate research yourself. Maybe they might collapse and maybe it might be a scam afterall… but never invest more than what I'm willing to lose.

        You do the math… I have an Icy White Card, my wife has a Jade Green card, in total, the amount of staked tokens represent about 1/4 of my holding of MCO and CRO (the platforms other token), but I only invested $1200 initially.

        I've gained much more than my initial investment over the last few months so if I lose it all now, I'm still ok.

        Hopefully you don't look back in a few years time and wished you'd done more research.

        Who knows… only time will tell which way it goes.


          I know its difficult to smell the roses but this one a easy read . Its basically a race against time to get as much discounts as you can before the happening come . Only one card that is a % play :)

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    To get a referral code you can just curl https://www.ozbargain.com.au/api/referral/461 to get the link it sends you to before a redirect. It will be in the format of https://platinum.crypto.com/r/{referral code}


    Do you get cashback only with tap and go, online purchases or both?
    hSBC card gives cashback only on tap and go I believe.


      Not only do you get cashback for online purchases and tap'n'go… you also get cashback on direct debits as well. Basically anytime you use the Visa Debit card to pay, you get cashback.

      I pay car rego, all my insurance policies, utilities bills and everything else in between with this card and get cashback on everything. Now, I don't pay rent but my work colleagues who do get cashback when they pay their rent using their debit cards too.

      Obviously seems too good to be true for some but we've been using it for months… it works… 'nuff said.


        Is there a limit on how much cashback you can get back in a month and a max amount to spend to be eligible for cashback?

        Eg. HSBC spend up to $99 to be eligible for cashback and a max of $50 cashback per month.


          No limit. But there is limit of how much monthly/annually you can top up your card depending on it card level.

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    Its pretty weird but after having already verified my ID when I went to apply for the MCO card (uploading some documents for address verification) I received an email to send it again, which I did. Mind you I had already finished doing the selfie thing with my DL which had been approved.
    Now they want me to send a copy of my passport/ birth certificate!?

    Being HK/ Singapore business I'd assume they're gonna store my details offshore and I'm not entirely comfortable giving them anymore docs than I already have.

    I've requested them to unstake my stake after going back and forth emailing them.

    Disappointing experience…


    After going through the ID process this company is so scummy that the Free card is not an option on my App !
    Can't neg after revoking vote !
    Free option is advertised on OP link BUT not on App .
    More reason to run from them .
    Blatant false advertising !


      Truth be told there's a lot here that's not adding up!
      Regret parting with my hard earned cash but more importantly, my ID details:(

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