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Singer 1005 Sewing Machine $39.50 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Spotlight eBay


Was looking for a new sewing machine to do some fixups and alterations, can't complain for the price. Not expecting top quality or metal gearboxes, etc but also not like I'm embroiding a quilt.

Link to previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/509953

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  • great price - grabbed one for mum to play with cos she's stuck in the house - thanks for posting!

  • Thanks bought 1

  • wow, what a price!!!

    • It was $79 till 7th April, I feel sorry for half a dozen people who bought this at $79

      • Lol i will feel sorry for the people who paid $220.

  • Sold out? Can’t add to cart

  • Awesomeness, thank you, glad I resisted the previous deals, got 1 before it seems to have sold out :)

  • Thanks. Got one.

  • +1

    Sorry guys seems sold out. Sold 17 in the space of a few minutes after posting.

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    Same price on the spotlight website and still available, you have to pay shipping though

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    Anyone interested & willing to pay shipping or collect in person can still buy direct through spotlight. LINK, same price!!

  • no idea if any good $89 sewing machine was $200

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    If ordering directly from Spotlight you can use "WELCOME10" code for $10 off orders over $50 (exc shipping). First time online orders.

    It won't make your machine cheaper per se, but if you add something for $10.05 you will ostensibly be getting it for free.

    These are mini (portable machines), so you won't be sewing two layers of denim with it, but it will be fine for making cloth face masks!

    • Does this work for "click and collect"?

      • I don't think you CaN click and collect this item.

  • I just got one now worked for me

  • It's back in stock… Great deal. Thanks

  • Wow, amazing price! Managed to grab one for the wife, thanks OP!

  • and gone again.. lol..

    Poor guys that bought this just a couple days ago for $79 - they would be spewing.. :(

  • Thanks OP, got one now that's back in stock!

  • +1

    Cheap enough to make it palatable. Most of the stuff sold by Spotlight is rubbish (and yes, speaking from experience having purchased a Singer machine from them).

    • so is this rubbish or not ?

      don't want another landfill

      • Ours busted within 2 weeks. Not a lot of use. Maybe 10 hours?

        • The previous ozb deal for this had pretty bad reviews :/ think I'll give this one a miss. I'm already bad enough as it is at sewing

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            @MeesusEff: My thinking is that every sewing machine under $300-400 seems to have only a 2 or 3 star review. This seems cheap enough that if we manage to use it enough to break it, then I will buy one of the highly rated (expensive) models.

            I use the same thinking with power tools which has served me well. If you go cheap and end up using it so much that you break it, then go expensive.

  • Bought on the website, thanks OP, was looking at second hand ones to muck around with.

  • …not like I'm embroiding a quilt.


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    Thanks just bought one directly from Spotlight website

    • I also bought from Spotlight website, Used Coupon code WELCOME10 for $10 off, and used Prezzee swap gift card, so got another 10% off. But the coupon need $50 spend, so I had to buy another $11 stuff.

  • Dumb question here - what kind of thread does this use.

    • The usual cotton or polyester sewing thread. Something like embroidery thread probably won't fit in the needle eye.

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    They have a lot of machines that are half price at the moment. Does anyone know which one would be the cheapest one that can reliably sew two pieces of denim or leather together?

  • Back in stock,got one thanks OP

  • -1

    We picked one up instore for the missus thanks OP she has wanted one for years but I had always been wary of spending any big money on a 2week novelty (like her electronic organ which has sat in the cupboard for the last 12-15 years).

    If she does show genuine and consistent interest then we can buy her something half decent.

    • hello could you send me the link of ur last post about the diffuser plz,
      i don't know why ppl neg it, is from amazon worth of a try, all u got to lose is 5min of ur time.

  • $12 shipping and it still isn't near my town after 20 days.

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