This was posted 4 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Singer 1005 Sewing Machine $79 (Was $220) @ Spotlight


Got dragged along to spotlight today and saw this. Seems like a good deal but I don't know the first thing about seeing machines. First post as killing time sitting on a bench in shop

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    And counting….. apparently fluffy white material is best bought on NYD

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    Plenty left just made it out before closing. Can't complain as I will soon have pillows with sharks, hotdog and astronaut pattern on them

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    Wife bought a Singer from Spotlight. Absolute garbage. Had to return and even then they were umming and ahhing about accepting (this happened within the first month of use).

    I suspect the name isn’t as “quality” as it once was.

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    You can further bring this price down around 65AUD by signing first time with Spotlight, you get voucher 'Welcome10' and 4.9% cashback with Shopback.


    Are these cheaper sewing machines any good. I just spent $2k on a sewing machine doing a fair amount of research. The only cheap one that seems to be recommended was the singer heavy duty. But that’s like a one task machine.

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      I'm thinking of buying it and have done lots of research too and honestly, it looks plenty versatile to me. Does all the things you expect, has free arm, adjustable pressure, several types of stitches, handles sheers and leather. Just like the ol' reliable Janome 80s ones, metal inside, not plastic crap. Downsides seem to be relatively noisy and doesn't do the real fancy stitches or auto backstitch. None of these an issue for me, I've done very high quality work on very tricky fabrics using sturdy basic machines with the right feet & settings. Did you find anything else you thought it couldn't do?

      Hold up, you spent $2K?? I guess you are looking for pretty fancy computerised type functions?? in which case yes, you need to spend a hell of a lot for something robust. I'm not a quilter myself, for instance.

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    Got dragged along to spotlight


    How good is this sewing machine? Need to get one for smaller household related things.


    Looks like this model is made for spotlight.

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    Bought a Singer 4423 Heavy Duty three days ago at Spotlight - normally $600 RRP, but going for $300 (the markdown was not shown in-store, but I knew about it from their website). After research, found it's the cheapest price on the internet.

    Rock solid thing, and more than enough for a newbie like me. Handles jeans (with jeans needles) like a breeze when I tapered and shortened some baggier ones, and already tapered a few working formal shirts too.

    Comes with a starter kit of needles, bobbins and stuff. I added $34 bucks to get 3 marking pens, 3 x 500m cotton threads, thread picker & cutter set, a scissors, jeans specific needles, and a box of pins. Already recouped around $150 since one shirt tapering is $25 in the mall!


    but I don't know the first thing about seeing machines

    I can sew why.


    dont know about sewing machines.. does it do logo embroidery?? or any machine that can do the job??


      A normal sewing machine doesn't embroider clothing, you need an embroidery machine


      Just some of them.
      As mishelle already said, "normal sewing machine" - like this 1005 Singer - won't do the job, so you'll need an embroidery machine or machine that can do both plenty of them. The main difference is that emb machines have a "hoop" that designed for holding fabric securely in place while you're making the project (like logo you've mentioned), and from what I've learnt you should always look for a bigger hoop if you're planning to upgrade.
      For instance, I have a Brother SE-400: it does both sewing and embroidery and also can do a lot of other things (like, it has in-built designs and different stitches, bells and whistles).


    It’s a 2.5 star rating ….

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    Singer sewing machines especially the basic models are the worst. Brother is much better


    I don't know the first thing about seeing machines.

    Does it shoot video too? 😉 🎥

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