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Bosch 9kg Front Loader Washer Model WAP28482AU $899 Delivered @ Appliances Online


My washer packed it in today. Looking through what is available and this seems to be cheaper and TGG and HN by about $100, even better with free delivery and they take your old washer with them! Overview as follows:

With innovative features and intelligent engineering, this Serie 6 Bosch washing machine with 9kg capacity is a reliable choice.

This versatile machine boasts a wide variety of wash programs so every laundry load is cleaned with care and precision. The ActiveWater Plus and EcoSilence Drive ensures efficiency to help reduce water and electricity usage. Inside the unit, the VarioDrum is engineered with a wave-droplet design to be tough on dirt but gentle on your garments. This means every time a load finishes, your clothes come out perfect every time.

For exceptional efficiency, outstanding performance, and thoughtful design, look no further than this Serie 6 washing machine from Bosch.

Happy Easter!

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  • teenage mutant ninja turtle reference cool

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    TMNT20 is $20 Off, not 20% Off.

    • Minimum order value is $500+

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        I will pass to this one, till a better discount comes

        • This is the worst discount. Even Kogan can do better than AP. At least they sent me a $20 coupon minimum order of $100

  • I rather get 4% off entire order like last time than $20.

  • Is Appliances Online trust worthy? Can someone tell me if it's okay to buy from them. Is the warranty dealt by the manufacturer directly?

    • Honestly they're awesome!! I bought a fridge online without measuring my fridge provision, it end up being too small. Called them up and swap it with another one the next day. No fuss

    • I have ordered so many appliances (fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave) from them over 5 years in Syd, adelaide and brisbane. Never had an issue at all. Service was prompt, very professional and quite frankly superb! Free delivery, install (Not all items) and removal of the old appliance is a big plus.

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      Is Appliances Online trust worthy?

      They're not always the cheapest, so do your research and get them to price match.

      Their service is pretty good.

    • Appliances Online are great, my family and I have bought multiple items from them. They will install and test your new washing machine and then take away the packaging and your old machine.

      Most recently I bought a toaster from them which stopped working after 3 months. They happily delivered me a replacement toaster and took the broken toaster without any hassle whatsover.

    • I bought a washing machine from appliances online. 5 years old and out of warranty they got me a full refund as it broke.
      They were great to deal with. I’m in Adelaide

      I then purchased this washing machine from them and it’s great.

    • They are fantastic. I only buy from them and happy to pay a bit more sometimes.
      My washer broke down, I ordered a new one around 4 pm, at 9 am their truck rocked up. Delivery guy said "I tried to call you but you didn't answer, I remember you working from home on Wednesday so here I am". I had missed calls from him and a few weeks earlier he delivered a fridge on Wednesday. They also take the old appliance and packaging.

    • Thanks heaps for all your replies. Really appreciate.

      In case if I have a warranty claim in the future do I contact the manufacture or Appliances online?

      They seem to have a good feedback at 'Product Review'.

      • just on this warranty thing… it says u can buy 3 years warranty.

        i thought australian consumer laws were such that if you have to buy warranty, then the expectation of the product should be that many years of warranty without buying it.

        IE even after 2 years, if you can buy 3 years warranty, the manufactorer should be expected to take it back.

        Pull from ACCC site
        Extended warranties or care packages
        Retailers sometimes offer to sell you an extended warranty or care package to extend the length of time of the manufacturer’s warranty. Some may tell you that an extended warranty provides extra protections you wouldn’t usually get. This isn’t necessarily true, as you automatically have consumer guarantees that suppliers must comply with, regardless of what they say or any warranties they offer.

        You don’t have to buy an extended warranty – it is optional.

        Suppliers risk breaching the law if they:

        put undue pressure on you or use unfair tactics to get you to buy an extended warranty
        mislead you into paying for the rights that you already have under the consumer guarantees.
        Do your research before paying extra for an extended warranty
        Before buying an extended warranty, always ask the supplier to list what it gives you over and above your automatic consumer guarantees.

  • Made in China.
    Not in Germany like some other Bosch washing machines on Ozbargain lately.

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    WAW28420AU Currently $1199 at Harvey Norman.
    Also 9KG Model and made in Germany.

    Ps. Nothing against China btw.

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      You can get ApplianceOnline to price match HN/BingLee/TGG and get free next day delivery.

      They'll match it.

      • In the market for one at the moment but don’t really wish to pay more than $1000 in total.

      • +2 votes

        They'll match it.

        They'll include the postage cost of the competitor though…

  • Picked up the 9KG made in Germany model for 1059 at Harvey Norman this weekend

  • Just read the manual and turn off the annoying chime that rings every minute after a wash has finished.

    Apart from that, it's fine.

  • Anyone considering G v C

    Our Siemens 14.44 is now 12 years old. 1 sometimes 2 washes a day. Still just works

    Siemens = Bosch

  • Bosch dishwashers and washing machines are really reliable…but If you are gonna buy a Bosch, you may as well go for a higher series that are German-made.

    I own a Bosch washing machine and have gone thru 2 Bosch dishwashers (from 2 different places) - all made in Germany. Can’t fault them.

  • Bought the Germany made one a few months ago. POS started making rattling noises at low RPM. Gotta see what they say, something's definitely loose.

    Also can I just say they weren't very generous with the cord. It barely reached the PowerPoint that's mounted high.

    Door feels flimsy. Water pools in the rubber gasket from day one, especially on smaller loads (it's like it dumbs some water it had accumulated from the full cycle).

    At least it's quiet and cleans well.

  • I would buy only made in germany since it’s german, exactly like my made in usa iPhone and made in Japan Sony tv

  • This one don't have Auto Load Sensing. Though the sensor didn't worth a lot but IMO it's a vital function for a washing machine at this price range.

  • So, I also own a Bosch, it's less than 9KG capacity though. Also a made in china model.
    Bought in July, and it just broke down. Drum will fill with water and just will not move. Door stays locked and timer stays the same.

    Bosch has yet to set a date to send someone, and we aren't hopeful that they will replace it or somehow repair it on the spot. It is stressful, because you kind of wish it would just break after the 2yr warranty period so you could just justify ordering a replacement.

    Besides the breakdown, the only issue I consistently have with it is if you put your washing in before you turn it on, then when you try to get it to start the cycle, it will sometimes refuse. Leaning a bit of your body weight onto the top of the washing machine briefly has always fixed the issue for me, as I'm guessing the issue is it doesn't start because it hasn't detected a change in the drum weight since being on, and pressing down a bit sort of resets that counter. Seems kind of stupid.

    Apart from that it has washed well and has stayed quieter for longer than previous washing machines and has given me the impression of superior quality… But I've never, ever, had a washing machine break this quickly. It would have been nice if bosch would have just sent a replacement on the spot, or just done something more than what they've done. Maybe it's just the covid thing, Idk.

    I wonder if the made in china part was why it broke this early, or just bad luck.

    • How was the Bosch after sales warranty customer service? I hear it is next to non-existent. So what options did they actually give you since it should still be under warranty?

    • I had a problem with my Bosch washing machine. Service person came around promptly, said it needed replacing, organised a new one through Bosch. A bit of hassle to arrange a good delivery date, but otherwise no complaints. But this was pre-COVID.

  • Trying to decide between this and the F&P Washsmart. Anyone got some comparisons?

  • Wait for The Good Guy's 20% Sale and grab the series 8 of this Bosch washer. The series 8 is a direct drive, you'll hardly hear it running at its angriest setting, and is made in Germany.

  • What's the best front loader brand? Miele?

  • I recently purchased a washing machine from Appliances Online, our F&P top loader finally died after many years.
    After looking over dozen of models and suppliers I ended up going with the Seiki branded 10Kg front loader for around $650 delivered and installed with 3 year warranty. Figured anything sub $1000 was going to be made in China anyway, regardless of brand. Very happy the machine, had it a few months now. Washes well, no issues. Wife who was skeptical of a front loader is also happy with it.
    Delivery was on time, installed new machine, took old one away. Simples.
    Will definitely deal with them again on our next purchase.

  • Recommended to go with Bosch made in Ger. We have had the Home Professional model since 2015 and it still runs as new! Love it!

  • 'Free Delivery' in description is misleading. It is very restricted.
    I'm in a regional town 2 hours drive from a capital city and no delivery available.

  • better off waiting for a good guys 20% off or any deal on a WAW made in Germany model imo, they drop down to similar prices.