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Hitman (2016) Free @ Steam


Spotted on r/freegames, follow the instructions in the picture in the link.
I had trouble getting this to work. My problem was that I had Episode One - Paris in my steam account. I had to go into the game in my steam library, select support and permanently remove this game from my account. Free for another 10 or so hours.

Step 0: Check if you have Hitman 1 DLCs in your steam account. If so remove.
Step 1: Open Hitman (2016) in the steam store and select Play Game but do not install
Step 2: Open Hitman 2 and install the starter pack (10gb).
Step 3: Start Hitman 2 and close. Either alt+F4 or quit through options.
Step 4: Right click Hitman 2 in your steam library and confirm the Legacy DLC is in your account. Steam should also start a 31.6gb update to Hitman 2.

HitmanTM1/2016/Season 1 has basically the same engine as HitmanTM2/2018/Season 2, so they have a "Legacy Pack" which puts the first game into the second as DLC. You will lose the original game launcher after this free weekend, but you will not lose the H2 DLC, in which the entire first game is playable in the second game's engine with upgraded features.


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  • I'm confused so you end up with Hitman 2 for free after this weekend?

  • Thanks, will check it out

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    Thanks, but it's a bit too complicated and I won't even be opening this again after gaining this. so thank you but thank you.

  • Ahh, shame I only have uncapped data from 6am to 6pm :P

  • Requires 67gb of disk space to install according to steam…

  • I've got Hitman Absolution - is that the same as Hitman 1?

  • Does this work if I have Hitman 2 already? Got it from this months humble choice but I don't have Hitman 1. I tried your method but it doesn't show up in my dlc. Now I'm trying to see if downloading the it(H1) works.

    Oh cool, it works now. I was just about to give up and buy it since it's $3, had second thoughts and cancelled my purchase. Now I checked it again and the DLC is in my account.

  • It doesn't work for me :(

    It worked after I deleted the Free Holiday pack of Hitman2016 I had from a previous deal from Ozbargain:

    Help -> Steam Support -> Hitman TM (2016) -> I want to permanently remove the game from my account

    After that retake the steps and it will work.

  • If you have Hitman 2016 Episode 1 freer from a while back this won't work, you will have to remove Hitman 2016 from your steam liberty then do the method and it should work.

  • This worked for me, I had to remove Hitman 2016's episode 1 like you said.
    Thanks for the instructions

  • So how do we actually launch the Legacy DLC once it's all installed? (I have confirmed I have all the Legacy packs by right clicking Hitman 2, going Properties, and to the DLC tab).

  • I downloaded the Hitman 2 starter pack first, then the Hitman TM 2016. However, DLC shows only Hitman 2 - Hawkes Bay and not the legacy ones. Any suggestions to fix this?

  • Worked for me. Woo!


  • Cheers, worked. Had to let Hitman 2 run for a while before exiting, didn't work when I alt+f4'd during publisher screens. Might help some people.

    • Same have to wait until load into the main menu, I have Hitman 2 already.

    • YES! I couldn't work out why… I removed the old content many times… it even said "There was an unexpected error removing this product from your account"… I then followed the instructions and let the game run for a while on the in-game menu… now I have the content!

  • Cheers OP, worked for me too. Need to go online mode after you start the game.

  • Had to try a few times, got there finally. Now it's downloading the extra 31.5GB.

  • login and realize I already have the game…

  • Apart from Hitman 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 Rocksmith 2014, and some guitar hero/music titles, I can't think of any other games that let you install the first game as extra content. It's really neat.

  • Thanks, worked!! Already had Hitman2 purchased, followed the instructions, and Legacy Pack now in Hitman2 DLC.

    Cheers OP!

  • Okay I think I got it, cheers. Let's hope it's still in our accounts tomorrow!

  • Just started downloading Hitman 2 and my connection says I need to wait 5hrs. Guess I am gonna miss out on getting Hitman 2016 for free…

  • Stuck on allocating disk space for Hitman 1…. taking so long

    • 60gb game, took a while on my ssd but got done eventually. Then just cancel the download

      • surprised it takes so long just to confirm space is available

        • I think it does a bit more, it's actually reserving space before the download happens. Since it takes so long I imagine its making a 60 temp file (could be wrong).

  • Worked here. Cheers.

  • Couldn't get it working here. Followed instructions exactly and even the tips provided in the comments. Still only shows Hawkes Bay in DLC. Ah well.

    Checked that I didn't already own the first episode, made sure Hitman 2 connected to online, etc.

  • What is wrong the with gaming world? They are out of titles? Why would you name a new name hitman as there was already one with the same exact name. Same for doom, Prince of Persia, call of duty etc.

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      People who've never played a series (or watched one, the same thing happens with movies. Eg, the semi-recent Halloween movie) are often more hesitant to buy it if they think they have to have played/watched the previous entries. So if a reboot/remake/sequel-but-you-don't-need-to-know-what-happened-before is made the company just calls it Hitman (or Halloween. Or Doom) to indicate it's a starting point and entice new people to come on without worrying previous experience in the franchise.

    • AkaB has a good point. But I've always seen it more as a bold sign the game is to be a reimagining of an old classic that would become a new classic in its own right. All those reboots you mentioned expanded the gameplay and overall experience of the originals while adding a new dimension to gameplay (literally, in the case of Prince of Persia, and technically a .5 dimension increase for doom).

      At least, that's what I've observed. Have there been any identically named reboots that were trash?

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    Be aware, H2 requires 64bit win to play (which game only told me about after step 2 of the instructions here, NOT before the installation unfortunately). So as I only have 32bit win, could not proceed with step 3 and after. Oh well, a good deal for those who can get it to work nonetheless.

    • Be aware, there is no reason to use 32 bit Windows in 2020. You can use the same Windows key for 64 bit.

    • I have to ask. @xa:

      1. Why are you using 32bit Windows?

      2. How much ram do you have installed in this PC that you're trying to play modern games on?

  • If you don't want to stuff around, you can just buy the "HITMAN 2 GOTY Legacy Pack" for AUD$5.99 (normally $30) for use in Hitman 2.

  • I was a bit late to the party, it's not longer free to play so this doesn't work anymore as far as I can tell.

    Nice find though, thanks for posting it.

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    I'm kinda glad this one expired before I got to it, complexity of a jobseeker application.

  • @So lo:
    * Many reasons, one of which is legacy software compatibility (and let's not go down the rabbit warren of compatibility modes and/or many other hacks).
    * 2Gb, though for whatever reason, w7 upon booting automatically uses 500M by itself, with nothing else loaded except antiviruscanner; haven't checked the RAM usage after steam loads yet. Yes it was always going to be a "let's see if this works" kinda situation, but the goal was to add the Hitman1 game into the library, and could worry about "playing it" at some other point in the future, like all the other games in my library. Which I suspect is the situation for MANY users out there, who don't have the $ to fork out for $$$ (lets not even think about $$$$) video cards every few years… And lets not start on the value of consoles vs PC, else we'll be here for the next 10 years arguing pros & cons, which has been happening for the last 20years anyway…
    * "…modern games…", what's that? :) (also to @ozbargainer88) It's all my fault really, should have checked the requirements on the webpage (didn't see them on the steam launcher page), before wasting 2hours getting through step 2. Though, I only saw the post less than 4hours before it expired, and after the failure of the first 2hours, was too tired to consider alternate options. C'est la vie.

    @Gravy: I really do hope you're joking re the jobseeker application, and that it's not that convoluted.

  • Stayed up an extra hour past my bedtime but got this.

    Thanks OP!