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[WA] Hand Sanitiser: 50% off for Essential Workers ($22/L) & 30% off ($30.80/L) + $5 Metro Delivery @ Sanomate


Great Northern Distillery has shut their tasting room down due to COVID-19 and made hand sanitiser.

Use the promo code STAYSAFE for 20% THXOZBARGAIN for 30% off on personal items - (excludes 10/25 Litre bulk buy)

Email [email protected] with your essential service ID for up to 50%.

$5 flat shipping Perth for first 1000 orders. Delivering by courier daily, contactless.

Be sure to share with any nurses, doctors, fire, police, GPs, Chiros Physio, Teachers for the 50% discount.

1 Litre - $44.00/L (RRP) | $35.20/L (STAYSAFE discount code) | $30.80/L (THXOZBARGAIN) | $22.00/L (Essential service workers)

INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Alcohol 72%ABV (active agent), Glycol 2.5% (moisturiser), Sodium Metabisulfite 0.2% (steriliser)

PS: I'm 'associated' purely as a friend of a staff member, and want to spread awareness for essential workers to get a better deal than what's out there at the moment.

Edit: Just told my mate @ Sanomate about the post and he gave me a 30% discount code for non-essential: THXOZBARGAIN

Made in the Swan Valley, Western Australia


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  • $22/L is pretty cheap… thanks for giving a discount to essential workers, not just health related workers…

  • … Chiros,…

    Not only non-essential during ordinary times, but feckin dangerous

    (to be 100% serious: seen too many young people on rehab wards with vertebral artery dissections and permanent neurological disabilities, please be careful)

    • +6 votes

      I just wanted to spread awareness for all those people breaking their backs to keep us safe and healthy! ;)

  • +2 votes

    PRICE in title

  • +1 vote

    Essential workers are defined as anyone who has a job. Not just health workers.

    • +3 votes

      Essential service workers. Those of us in IT working from home aren't essential service workers.

      We need to make sure that our police/nurses/teachers/etc have personal supply, too.

      • Is working for government which it is a IT worker essential service workers who serve the public using IT?

      • Well said folks. Was saddened by an OB member in a Discussion about this the other day downplaying the contribution of retail workers, cleaners, teachers and emergency services during this time, just because his wife has an undisclosed role in health. Teachers are back next week and many (like him) don't seem to realise that in addition to creating a term's curriculum online in unprecedentedly short amount of time they're also at work daily for all the children of essential workers.

        So nice to see this and other deals aimed at helping everybody.

        • Exactly this! Teachers being labelled non-essential but they're essentially babysitting the kids of the other essential workers, so I'd say they're just as essential.

      • Essential service workers

        Farming is an essential service
        Packaging food is an essential service
        Cleaning is an essential service
        Delivering food and medicine is an essential service
        Driving a tram so people can get to work is an essential service
        Keeping OzBargain servers up and running is an essential service

        • +1 vote

          Driving a tram so people can get to work is an essential service

          Not in WA! The rest I agree with :)

          (I'm not business associated, so don't quote me)

    • If you're making life decisions to stock up on hand sanitizer, than you're probably not a tax-payer at this time

  • Excuse my sceptism, but I'm thinking that there's more profit in making this than their beer. At least with more being made the price might come back down to what was before the zombie apocolypse.


      Surely there must be a glut of the stuff by now with every distillery now making it.

  • I'm intrigued as to how they check the service ID. I'm pretty sure the organisation I'm involved with doesn't make them publicly available.

    • +1 vote

      I'd say email from your organization email, with your name / position etc. They could then match up your order with who you are? (As mentioned - I'm only associated as a friend, so email them to find out!)

      • I don't see DFES going for that as, firstly, they're pretty good with not giving out personal information and secondly, they've got better things to do. We could easily send photo of our DFES ID, but that's incredibly bad practice security wise.

  • Is this a GEL or spray?

    • Good question - I'll send them a message to find out. It doesn't look like gel by their product page.

      I didn't get any sanitizer from them as I'm 99% using soap/water.

      Edit: It's a liquid (not gel) which you can use as a spray/pump.

  • How fast the email would be replied thx ?

  • Wouldnt accept my health government email as essential workers ID. They want a scan of my actual ID which is always risky for credential stealing. Its not secure for me to email a scan of my ID.

  • Do they deliver to NSW?

  • Thx Op , managed to order 2 bottle x 1 litre for $49 delivered .

  • I own a cafe in Belmont, and we are starting to run quite low. It's so hard to find at the moment.

    I have been arguing for years that coffee should be covered by Medicare but to no avail!

    Can we please be considered essential workers for the purpose of this promo? I think people would vouch for how essential good coffee is right about now!

  • $50 shipping to my postcode (6281, Dunsborough WA) for one litre? What a joke. Completely kills the deal for me.

  • +1 vote

    Hi guys. Had a chat to Capital Transport and they've dropped delivery.

    Perth - $5
    Perth Surrounds - $10
    Peel - $20
    WA - $25

    Please note the products are dangerous goods. If you're in Peel/WA it might be worth picking up a 4L to last you the month/quarter.
    I've also added 4L and 5L to the THXOZBARGAIN code.

    Thanks for all your help and feedback guys. We've only been live for 3 days and our priority is to make it as easy as possible for those who need these goods to order them.

    We're a family WA company made up of school teachers (region and local).

    If you have any questions feel free to email me via the website. We're here 24 hours until national supply chains have re-opened.

  • Think a little before passing your work ID or professional registration info to sellers in exchange for a discount. What do you know about what they do with your data? Is the discount being offered worth the risk of identity theft or other misuse of this personal information?


      Some great advice. I personally would never take a photo of anything that I didn't want stolen, reproduced and disseminated on the inter webs. It can even be taken, accidentally or otherwise, from any device along the data path. Long after deletion.

      So my advice to those dealing with sites asking for personal information such as ID etc would be to cover your important details and explain why. Even feel free to put your finger over your face if you wish to hide your identity.

      The worst they can do is ask you to get your office to send a letter to authorize their email which would only mean a delay in turn around.

      Or shop somewhere else.

      Our sanitiser company (Sanomate.com.au) is new but the Great Northern Distillery, who is its main supplier, has been in operation in the state of WA nearly 2 decades.

      We value your privacy, your data and are bound by the laws of this state as we always have and will.