This was posted 2 years 1 month 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dewalt XR 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Skin Only) $149 Delivered @ Trade Tools ($134.10 with Bunnings Price Beat)


Been eyeing on this one for a while, the price is $249 at bunnings site but total tools have got it listed for $149 today. So I went to bunnings and got them to price beat which brought it down to $134.10

Also claim your free dewalt tough hoodie with your purchase from here:

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  • Something I'd actually use and my 6 nearest Bunnings stores are OOS :(

    • May be try total tools?
      Few stores around me in Qld said limited stock, so I rang and reserved one

    • Yep, local stores like that will usually raincheck, at least a lot more reliably than Bunnings

  • FARK! this is an amazing price!! I just bought one brand new last week (used and threw out packaging).

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      Works well I take it ?

    • Yes, it is an excellent price mate, i have been looking at it from last couple of days as I got other dewalt tools

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      Buy another and return it on your original receipt. Ozbargain 101

      • I did that once. The code on the receipt and the box are different but they still let me return it.

        • Was your original purchase from another store compared to where you returned it?

          • @jamestownfx: Yes i returned at the different store. There are 3 Bunnings around my area so it was not a hassle.

  • Skin Only. Batteries & Charger Available Separately?
    what does it mean?

    • "Skin" means it doesn't come with batteries or a charger so it's only useful if you already have those.

    • Yes, you can buy batteries separately from bunnings or any tool store.
      Alternatively if you got any existing dewalt tools that will help as the batteries are interchangeable

  • Any reason I should get this over the Ryobi? The Ryobi is actually $20 more expensive, but it comes with their 6 year warranty, which is hard to beat.

    I have 5mah 18v batteries for both Ryobi and DeWalt, so that's not an issue.

    • Which ecosystem do you think I should buy into?
      I currently have ego mower and line trimmer, but I can't justify the price of the hedge trimmer and pole saw when I'd only use them once or twice a year.

      • If you want a huge variety of affordable garden tools backed by an amazing 6 year replacement warranty, you can't go past Ryobi gear. If you're a discerning tradesmen, or likely to use your gear in a commercial fashion, you may be better off with something more expensive.

    • Sounds like you have tools in both camps (Ryobi and Dewalt). Make up your mind on quality based on the ones you have and then make a judgement call.
      I don't believe my opinion is subjective (given I too have used both ecosystems). Dewalt, for mine, is better than Ryobi.

      If Ryobi is $20 dearer anyway, this seems like a no-brainer to me if you need a hedge trimmer.

      • Thanks. I went with the DeWalt in the end. It's cheap enough that I can replace it easily if it dies on me after two years. Just couldn't bring myself to pay more for a Ryobi than for a DeWalt.

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          Ryobi is not dearer than Dewalt, it's only due to this deal. Otherwise this Dewalt skin only is $249 compared to $169 Skin only for Ryobi.
          And again, personal preference I believe Dewalt is better quality.

  • Picked one up from Bunnings, thanks op

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      Awesome, don't forget to claim your free hoodie from Dewalt

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        I'm at the counter now, they are saying need managers approval. Let's see

  • Understand it’s a hedge trimmer, although how would it go cutting through small branches on trees?

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      You're really after a reciprocating saw. On thicker branches these things aren't much good. A reciprocating saw, though, is awesome.

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        would be a reciprocating saw a good replacement for a hedge trimmer?

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          Nope, they're really 2 entirely different tasks.
          Hedge trimmers need to cut leaves and small branches that don't move using a scissors action.
          Thicker branches need a sawing action.

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        The faster, the furious.

    • Did my mum's hedges with a couple of much worse ones (Ozito cordless and Wesco corded from Masters) and they went through branches up to about one inch in diameter. Went through some bigger ones but it took a bit of work. If there is just a few in the bush/hedge, you should go alright, but if you're just cutting branches the recip mentions above is a better bet.

      • Only my old man is allowed to touch my mum's 'hedges'. Not that I'd want to.

    • Ego (good brand) is up to 33mm for their better models, but in practice you don't get that much. Old, brown wood is also tougher than green wood on these.

      The dewalt will be the same or worse. Probably worse.

      Anyway, don't count on it working.

  • Will a 54v DeWalt battery work with this 18v ?

    • Yes it will.

  • Sorry for the dumb question but I presume my dewalt 14.4v drill batteries wont work in this?

  • I'm in bunnings now and because it says limited quantity, they might not match it.

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      I had the same problem in Melton, I said you have limited on your shelves too…he ended up honouring it

      • I got it just a while ago from Vermont South. While I was there, another dude called in to price match

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    Order from TradeTool thanks as I don't want to deal with Bunnings in Victoria.

  • Any deals on

  • If you don't have any battery or charger what options do you have to get started? Seeing if worth my time and money… Thanks

    I can see $149 for charger and 4.0 18v battery Sheesh pricey

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    To everyone who bought, don't forget to claim your free hoodie via redemption from Dewalt.
    I forgot to update in the description of deal.


    • how to do it?

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        Start here, select your bought tool and go from there

        • thanks for the info.. and for posting this deal! It was on my to buy list and the first time I had to navigate this price beat with bunnings…boy they were guranteed tough too!!

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      someone going to claim your hoodie

      • Can not. NO receipt number

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    Bugger bunnings, support the tool specialist stores.

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    Anyone have recommendations for batteries?

    e.g. $179 flexvolt-18-54v-battery-6-0ah-54v-dewalt

    • It's a heavy battery. My one weighs 1032g, after a while it feels clunky in a drill.

      • Agreed - for an angle grinder great but for a drill just too heavy after a while. The 4A ones are just right.

      • Agree too.
        It's very heavy, after a couple of hours using the drill my wrist is screwed.
        I'm looking for a smaller battery now.

  • Damn the battery costs more than the tool

    • you need to buy the charger
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    Cordless seems like the way to go. We have a wired one and it is seriously too easy to accidentally 'trim' the power cable.

    • would also be cautious using it on a rainy day

  • Will I have any success price-beating Bunnings if the Trade Tools store isn't local or even in my state?

    Great find by the way OP

  • Pricematched at bunnings, cheers OP

  • OOS

  • Looks it’s been pulled from website. :(

  • FML not showing on their website any more, had one put aside for me at Bunnings. Will they match the price on the receipt posted above you reckon?

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      No! Bunnings do not price match receipts. And they’ll give you a multitude of reasons why.

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        Can not price match with receipt I just left bunnings.

        • Amateur :), you will soon learn when you cannot waste your time with bunnings.

      • Thanks, just saved me a trip to Bunnings

        Was hoping to find a google cached version of the deal, but can't figure it out on mobile

    • which bunnings?

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    Sorry guys now completely sold out. These are were an end of line clearance and were ozbargain'd in such a short time the system didn't have a chance to take it down. We'll supply what we can first in first served. Sorry to the people that are going to miss out.

    • So if you got a confirmation email you may not get one?

      • Unfortunately yes. We will contact Dewalt on Monday and see if we can secure any additional stock, then advise customers that placed orders.

        • Appreciate the effort. Thanks.

  • Which brand is best qual, Dewalt, ryobi, or other?

    • Dewalt is next level to RYOBI

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    Bought it from one of Bunnings store this afternoon. Spent 10 minutes at the counter for verification and approval.

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      Yea with some staff its like pulling teeth, and bleeding stones. Then they give you the evil eye as if to say how dare you make us honor our policy that we used as an national advertisement for our brand

  • So upset i missed out on this deal!

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    Thanks OP! Picked last one up from Bunnings Box Hill this arvo. Used a screen shot off my phone of TT website - in and out in 5 minutes with no hassles. Have had more challenging issues in the past so it just depends on who you get at the information desk.

    • Wow you really got it easy. I had to spend about 30 mins…they had to ring 3 separate supervisor and eventually plant manager. They even called the guys at trade tool and asked of they genuinely had stock since its "limited quantity". Probed them if it's really free shipping… Even went to the extend of asking how many they had. All in all, still worth the bargain, just thanks again Op. So I now know why some users here rather not deal with bunnings.

    • Can you share the screenshot please?

    • Any chance you could share the screenshot ?

  • Has anyone managed to get or find a good deal on a battery and/or charger?

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    Refunded :(

  • Refunded and model on site now for $100 more.

    • The listing is DCMHT563N-XE (Brushless) but my order says DCM563PB-XE. Perhaps ours was the brushed model

  • So only 2 of us missed out ??

    • Nah, refunded too. Just didn't check back.

  • Despite my order being cancelled the free jacket showed up today

    • The zipper was terrible!! I had to apply candle wax to smooth the zipper line.

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