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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 4G 128GB/6GB $489, Mi Electric Scooter Pro $792 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Hi All,

Hope everyone is well!

Some Xiaomi deals from Allphones eBay. Please apply coupon code PBOLT15 at checkout for the final price.

As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, local Australia Manufacturers warranty.

Thank you for your support!

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  • +12

    Not a great price for the Mi Mix 3 4G

    • When has it been cheaper?

      Looks like this is Australian stock.

    • yep I paid similar for the 5g one about 6 months ago, about $510

      • What do you think of it so far?

        Is 5g model the same other than 5g or is it better specs?

        Was it $510 gray import or aus stock?

        • +2

          Pretty big improvement imo, 5g model has SD 855 vs 845 and 3800mAh battery vs 3200mAh and they've been sold for under 400 before, albeit not aus stock

  • +1

    Wish you guys have mi 9t

    • +3

      Was keen on getting the mi 9t. Why do you reckon the mix 3 isn't as good?

      • +1

        It's okay but compared to the Mi 9T it's a bit old and is not supported by Xiaomi well (i hear people not getting updates for the Mi Mix series a lot) especially now that they discontinued the Mix series.

        • -5

          I hear just in general Xiaomi don't do a good job of support.

          Android phones in general don't do a good job to be honest

          • +3

            @witsa: Well Xiaomi is okay compared to some of the other phone companies (like LG and Huawei) when it comes to support. They update their software for most of their phones (and hell, even the Redmi Note 4 from back in 2017 is getting support to this day).

            There's also the custom ROM and modding community at XDA Forums as well, so even if the official support dies, there's usually a community behind the Xiaomi phones, giving us their time and effort to make seamless and easy-to-use custom ROMS and other things which makes the Android life a bit easier.

            • +1

              @SDF05: Couldn't agree more, probably the best supported android phones on the planet.

            • @SDF05: The 9t/9t pro seems to be perfect for me, big battery, large screen, popup camera (better privacy and aesthetics), great camera with gcam and the screen can run at 81hz unofficially, it also has a large dev community so I don't have to worry about updates.

              Shame I can't seem to find it sold anymore

              • @Bacons: Dunno about 9t pro but isn't the 9t sold at most retailers in Australia now? I've seen it at Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi, and I bet it's at more that I haven't looked at

                • @Jec: oh damn you're right, it was off JB Hi-Fi for a while after the $399 deal but it's back on now for $699.

  • +7

    How much for a Xiaomi phone?? Christ, that’s pushing into Apple territory there with the Mi 10 range…

    • You can get it for 950ish in china. No idea why the international version markup is so high.

      • +19

        Xiaomi used to make really good phones with realistic prices. Now I’m just going to chuck them in with all the other brands that have gone off the reservation. They still make good phones, but those prices, (fropanity) it, I’m just buying an iPhone if I’m spending that much…

        Time to look for another hidden gem manufacturer. Even the One Plus range is getting on the drug money bandwagon with their new 8 Pro expected to be around the $1,600 mark…

        • When you find the hidden gem let us all know here…

          • +2

            @tycho: I can tell you two brands I wont be touching, RealMe or Oppo. Absolute garbage phones with no support. I cant beleive that One Plus is related to Oppo considering how well One Plus is run and handled and how poorly Oppo operates…

            There has to be that small~ish company that was considered garbage a few years ago that have upped their game and are starting to make decent hand sets at a reasonable price… Time to surf Aliexpress and Banggood and see what's on offer and get to reading some reviews…

        • +3

          the drug money bandwagon

          Had a chuckle at that one. Yeah I’m puzzled why the prices are soo high, is it actually the materials, or patents or just price gouging.

          If the iPhone teardowns are to be believed, it’s the later

          IMHO it’s just better getting last year’s flagship. Or even 2yo flagships.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser35983: It's that high because people keep buying them, unfortunately. But with the pandemic and people losing jobs, this is an awful year to price gouge by the manufacturers. And they try to reason with that by saying they only increased it because of 5G network frequencies being in the new Snapdragon 865 and other high end chipsets (like yeah that should definitely increase the price by 200%).

            And yeah better to get last year's versions because these prices aren't going down anytime soon (unless the phone companies are desperate to sell them).

        • -2

          I'm no Apple fan, Android all the way here, but if you're spending top dollar I'd be going Apple. Their ecosystem and support network are unrivaled. Not sure how Chinese brands think they can compete with that at the same price point.

          • @1st-Amendment: Not sure why you're getting downvoted, it's completely true.

            You aren't just getting a phone, you're getting the entire after sales experience.

            You have a problem with the phone, take it to the Apple store and they'll fix it on the spot. Often even post warranty they'll fix for free too.

            You just won't get that level of service if you buy an Android phone from JBs

            • @witsa: Not just that.. You are pretty much guaranteed iOS updates for 3 years. But aah well, I prefer to get a ~$500 phone every 2 years.

        • +1

          Xiaomi still have some great value models just the flagship Mi range is ridiculously priced nowadays as they said it would be after the Mi 9. Got my flagship Mi 9 for $389 after cashback recently and couldn't be happier. Best phone i've ever owned.

        • The ebay places selling it have it as $1,500, pretty insane.

      • +1

        In China, Xiaomi is able to profit of its own ecosystem i.e (app store etc). Hence the cheaper pricing.

    • +1

      Their Redmi line up is still value

      • +5

        Not doubting that, but a year to two ago, that end of the line up would be about $300 and their flagship would have been $6~700. REALLY good value and great phones and awesome specs for the price bracket. Now, not so much…

        I think it's the Apple/Samsung effect. While Apple and Samsung jacked prices to sell phones around the $2~2,500 mark, these smaller players will just lift their prices to just under the top players. But at the end of the day, I'm not going to buy a $1,800 Huawei, $$1,600 One Plus or $1,700 Xiaomi if I can get an iPhone or Samsung for the same price or for $1~200 more…

        • +3

          Did you see the Xiaomi Mi 9T for $399? I thought that was a good deal, I actually bought one. Pretty happy with it so far.

          • @Arthur Dunger: Yeah wouldn't mind getting that if I see it on sale again but looks like they discontinued it and are just getting rid of stock

          • +1

            @Arthur Dunger: Yeah, at $399, that’s about what I would be expecting from Xiaomi, but seems to be back up to $700, which isn’t bad. The other one I have been considering was the Mi Note 10, but it doesn’t seem to have come onto any discount cycle yet.

        • -1

          You need to read up a few more reviews. Th Oneplus phones have a better software and have premium hardware. The only thing it lacks is knox, which conversely is its strong point for ppl wanting to root the phone.

        • That end of the line up is still $300, I got the 8 pro on 11.11 for $250, and you can still grab the note 9s for $300 (no NFC kills it though)

  • +2

    Im not a MIboy

  • +12

    That mi 10 pro is stupid high price, I was really interested in it till I saw the price, rather just buy a s20 plus or ultra over yha.

  • Really want to buy a scooter even though they're a little bit useless. Holding out partly because I'm not sure what I'd use it for, partly for laws being changed (Vic).

    • I bought a knock off 300W for $400 and it didn't have power to pull me up the slightest rise (im 95kg) took it back. Got a Mercane dual motor wide wheel for $1100 and that thing is a beast.I needed it for last mile to work. It climbs mountains. So asses what type of terrain you will use it on before you buy one.

    • Everywhere else in the world (Australia = nanny state) has casual scooter hire, so they are useful for local neighbourhood trips. Just get on, ride to your destination, get off.
      Because of our Nanny state, we have no hire industry, and buying one is fraught with danger from heavy fines. Even if you own one, it's not practical to store it with you when you go places. So until we get Scooter hire like Lime, Bird, Uber etc we're fire trucked.

      • Not sure why you're saying "Australia=Nanny state". It depends on the state (no pun intended). There are Lime and Neuron e-scooters for hire in Brisbane (QLD), although Lime has temporarily pulled them due to COVID-19. Neuron scooters are apparently still around though (I haven't checked as I haven't been in the CBD recently).

        • Because the nation state of Australia has some of the strictest rules in the (free) world. Anytime you go overseas then come back you realise the crazy the amount of rules here.

  • This scooter is above 200W so it cannot be used in public areas in Vic fyi

    • "Victorian law stipulates that a motorised scooter cannot travel faster than 10km/h. Additionally, a motorised scooter must have a maximum power output of 200 watts or less. Electric scooters that do not meet these stipulations can be used on private property, but not in public"


      incase ppl were wondering :)

  • +4

    Am a fan but partner not so much. Do Xiaomi phones come with a universal back door in the application processor?

    Also someone please settle an argument between my partner and I - is there any validity of the news report below?

    Xiaomi and Tencent are accused of illegal data collection on their own land. This is what Fossbytes informs us. The site reports that the Chinese government has classified the two firms among the largest companies in the country illegally collecting users’ personal data. More specifically, the Ministry of Industry, Information and Technology (MIIT) has compiled a list of 41 applications that would violate national laws regarding the collection and resale of personal data.

    • +6

      I wouldn't be surprised if it were true but at the same time, unless they listed the 41 applications and specifically how they violated "national laws", it's just an accusation (i haven't read the article)

      Similar thing has happened to huawei where news reports claim that huawei is spying and stuff but they never seem to point to conclusive evidence. Just sounds like propaganda to me

    • +6

      I have some bad news: Google has been caught collecting data illegally many times. As well as cooperating with the US Government.

      Along with being obsessed with collecting everything it can legally.

      Personally I'm far happier with the Chinese Government having my data than the AU/US/CA/NZ/UK Government simply because I'll probably never go to China. Our own Government is far more dangerous.

      • +2

        I'm well aware of the apps and actions of much loved entities in the digital world, I'm quite interested in this particular company which I cannot validate/have questioned.

        Never say never, unfortunately for me I cannot say with absolute certainty that my life travels won't involve travel or work with Chinese constituents.

        Id love to share your sentiment but it's the first time I've heard someone proudly proclaim the Australian Government is more dangerous than China

      • +1

        O you poor soul! Must be very hard for you to live in this country with such a dangerous govt.

        I guess you would like this country more if we have arbitrary detentions, information and media censorship, state controlled judiciary, labor camps and probably law to prosecute free speech as spreading rumours (as happened to chinese Dr who first alerted authorities to new coronavirus) with lengthy prison terms.

        • +1

          at least we don't have extreme censorship like china too

      • +3

        To be honest, everyone government is dangerous when you're happy to give them your personal and private data to them, willingly. Soon enough we'll be saying we shouldn't have given them to China at all, China is associated with everything these days and are much much bigger than Australia can get.

        I fear for the future where everything will be catered to us instead of what we can look at, and freedom of choice is gone from our hands.

    • +4

      You think Apple isn't doing it?! Which planet are you on?

      • +2

        Nice whataboutism! It's not a logical answer to the question posed.

        P.S last time I checked it's earth, try be more pleasant as you've come across unnecessarily rude. :)

        • -2

          Not rude, just giving you a reality check.

      • Atleast Apple is not sharing your data with govt agencies. It has been demonstrated in Apple vs FBI case regarding San Bernardino incident.


        • Partly correct. They don't give data but only to give access

          • @bubblebobble2: Some points from the article you linked.

            Apple said in its report that the high volume of device requests from Germany was “predominantly due to stolen devices investigations”.
            The United States also ranked highly, with 4,570 requests for 14,911 devices. The US also filed 918 financial identifier requests, which Apple said were “predominantly due to iTunes Gift Card and credit card fraud investigations”.

  • Is this scooter the 365 Pro?

  • -1

    LOL $1600 for a xiomai phone that basically just keeps on copying by stealing the intellectual properties of all the other manufacturers like most Chinese brands.

    • -1

      What a joke. I don't like Korean and Chinese products due to horrible software

      • +7

        Check your household goods mate… any of 'em made in AUS?!

        All AUSSIES I can see are lining up @ centrelink

        • -4

          I've stopped buying Chinese where practical (which is obviously impossible since everything seems to be made there).
          The actions of the CCP were only half acceptable when they limited their tyranny to their own people, but now they are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths of non-Chinese citizens, and the destruction of every Western economy.
          Enough is enough. The rest of the world needs to boycott China until the CCP is replaced.

        • +1

          All AUSSIES I can see are lining up @ centrelink

          I could say something like "all Chinese are lining up at the hospital (and then at the morgue)", but that would be equally stupid. Not ALL of us are, and not ALL of them are.

          If ALL Aussies have lined up at Centrelink, who do you think is paying up? Don't be stupid like Winnie the Pooh.

          And most of those unfortunate ones lining up at Centrelink today are doing so because of the f#$#@& stupidity of the Chinese Corona Party, so take your blame to those criminal negligent imbeciles.

          I'm proud that Australia has a social security net to try and ensure that people don't fall through the cracks. No need to mock it because it's far better than some authoritarian regime that is famous for corruption, deceit, mass murder, and dishonesty.

          • -1

            @CocaKoala: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/covid-19-ca...
            All those who are lining up because Australia shut the boarder too late to Euro and US (kiss ass more), and it's all their incapability and stupid decisions leading the whole thing to the current state.

            The consideration of herd immunity is a joke, it only shows how useless and ineffective those governments and their medical systems are (including Aussie).
            OMG we cannot do anything to this virus so let's just print money to shut everyone's mouth. Remember this money will be all taxpayer's debts later and the reckoning will come.

            China did fine controlling the virus spread within the country, but there is nothing they can do to stop those infected hosts returning to their countries.

            • -1

              @tidie: And where did the US and the UK get the virus from? That's right.

              I'm not sure if you intended to respond to me, because I never said anything about herd immunity or other nonsense like that.

              If I were to drink the commie cool aid, I'd be thinking like you and may believe that they controlled the virus well in China. They're is full of lies and deceit and I'm not going to engage in a lengthy convo with you to bring you the truth that's bleeding obvious by now.

              The whole world knows they criminally, incompetently, and negligently allowed the virus to spread. No amount of misinformation they spread is going to get them around this one.

              • @CocaKoala: I know they contained it well because I have family and friends there.
                What do you know about China? I bet you have never even been there.

                • -2

                  @tidie: I've nothing against the Chinese people, and I hope that this is clear to you. You seem to have chosen not to answer some key questions - i.e. where did the US and the UK get the infection from, but that's understandable as you're perhaps just trying to save face.

                  The notion that I must go to China (haha, NEVER) in order to know about it is ridiculous. We know about the frigging moon, blackholes, and neutron stars by observing them from here, but can't know basic facts about what's going on in China without going there?

                  Did your family communicate to you via Twitter? Oh, wait. Twitter is banned there. May be they're putting out videos on YouTube? Umm, no. That's banned as well. Reddit, instagram, facebook, twitch, twitter, tumblr, WhatsApp, Quora, Discord, Goodreads (ffs), Reuters, Disqus, change.org, I could go on, you know? If the one party authoritarian regime had nothing to hide and is all proponent of free speech, that doesn't bode well with reality. The CCP is a cancer, and must be eradicated from the face of the earth because the rest of the world is also suffering its criminally negligent malignancy.

                  While I'm glad that your family and friends are well back there, I'd appreciate if you don't belittle the brutal suffering of the millions (more like billions) caused by the CCP.

                  Too bad they couldn't censor the internet in the free world.

                  • +1

                    @CocaKoala: The virus is an unfortunate to all mankind, and the first breakout was in China.

                    We have suffered, and now a lot of people are pointing their fingers to us because someone needs take the blame for their incapability to control this disease.

                    I chose not to answer your question because I don't have the answer, do you have conclusive proof suggesting who the patient zero was?

                    Even if the first case was from China, it's not like we wanted it, remember it hit us really hard too. It is a highly infectious disease, can you name a country that can do better controlling it in the same shoes?

                    Banned social media access is irrelevant to the topic, I admit it's somewhat inconvenient, however we have other alternatives like Wechat, Weibo, Zhihu and Bilibili, they are pretty good.

                    • @tidie: You seem to be taking this personally. I'm only against the Chinese communist party and not against the Chinese people. My heart goes out to all of those who've suffered and are suffering in China as a result of the actions of this criminal political party. When I say China caused this, I'm referring to the communist party's actions.

                      Don't kid me about patient zero, come on. The CCP knew about the virus and decided to try and cover it up, and allowed 5 million people to leave Hubei. That resulted in massive suffering for the rest of the world.

                      Not to mention China has now restarted the wet markets! I hope we don't see another Wuhan 2.0 virus because the world economy simply can't take that blow.

                      is a highly infectious disease, can you name a country that can do better controlling it in the same shoes?

                      You've missed the point. This isn't about how well you control it, but about the fact that the communist regime decided to cover it up instead of trying to take steps to curb it. That is why millions are infected, and we're discussing it now. The notion that they've controlled it well is also highly questionable. China has put out data just a day or two ago saying that they mistakenly underreported the deaths in Hubei by 50%, and that's no small error. I don't believe even that, and if they say 50% it's going to be more like 5000%.

                      Banned social media access is irrelevant to the topic

                      Huh? It is relevant because you're presenting to me some information provided to you be the communist party as if it's true. In a free world, you could ask questions and dig out the truth. But not in China, so the information coming out of official Chinese media is not to be trusted.

                      have other alternatives like Wechat, Weibo, Zhihu and Bilibili, they are pretty good

                      Yeah, alternatives that are run, monitored, and censored by the communist party. I'd like to see you start a discussion on those platforms about Tiananmen square massacre when you go to China next, and then we'll talk about exactly how "pretty good" those alternatives are while you're in a Chinese jail.

                • @tidie: Don't prentend to be ingnorant. Every man and his dog knows about how negligent Chinese authorities were in their conduct regarding the spread of new coronavirus early stages. Chinese Doctor Li Wenliang, who alerted his colleagues regarding the new virus got arrested for spreading rumours. In the middle of the spread of virus the authorities there were organizing annual potluck state banquet attended by ten of thousands on 18th January.

                  Even now CCP keeps hiding real death toll number and nobody believe their lies anymore. They just revised their death toll in Wuhan by 50%.


                  • -1

                    @Bargainian: The local authorities have already been punished for their delayed action, and a lot of us are furious about what happened to Doctor Li Wenliang.

                    Although I know the Chinese gov could have done better, however it takes time for the Chinese authorities to recognize and declare it to be a massive epidemic. Let's be realistic, it is not possible for a government to take immediate action on all things, there is a process of escalation, verification and decision making. The cost of prompt action on everything single report is tremendous and is not practical.

                    Two things I'd like you to consider, is there a country in the world you know can do better in the same shoes? And even if we all acknowledged at the moment of the first case of Covid19, does that fundamentally change anything?

                    • @tidie: That's the whole point my friend. Communist party tightly controls all information and media. Don't forget the illness was first reported in mid December and WHO was made aware on 31st December and Xi Jin Ping and associates were informed of the situation on 7th January. For next 2 weeks they did absolutely nothing and were busy organizing state banquets. Due to their lack of transparency and negligence whole world is paying for it.

                      Taiwan had already alerted WHO about human to human spread of the virus but the advise was ignored by WHO under Chinese pressure. CCP is 100% to blame in my opinion.


                      • @Bargainian:

                        CCP is 100% to blame in my opinion

                        It's not an opinion - it is the truth. Besides that, this appears to be a lost cause as the other person seems to be completely brainwashed by the propaganda and is unwilling to look at anything else but "how well has China controlled the situation yadda yadda". Note that this has been one of China's main propaganda narratives, so no wonder it's made its way into this person's head.

        • You took my comment out of context. I was referring to the design , where it was designed and which country the company is headquartered in.

  • Samsung A71 $655.99 not as good as Educational Store but not bad for Aus stock.


    • +1

      But you can get a far superior Xiaomi Mi 9 for cheaper so why would you unless you're set on a Samsung for some reason.

      • Yeah my friend prefer Samsung brand.

  • When is XiaoMi A4 coming out?
    I want inbuilt feature like IR blaster again.

    • +1

      Note 8/8T is a good option around that price. $211 on catch if the gift cards promo is still going.

      • -1

        Is there any difference between Note8/8T?
        But it doesn't have Wireless charging and OIS?

        The other Xiaomi I was looking was Mi 10/Pro.
        Only nitpick is placement of front cam (hole punch corner)
        and lack of official IP water rating.

        Huawei released some solid phones with every feature (old and new) one could want in a phone,
        But with the whole Gov debacle, who wants a phone with no official Google supported services! XD

        Price is not much big issue atm

  • Got my copy today of the mi mix 3 and on the back of the box it says that it is the global version. But I thought it was meant to be the Australian version??

    • Started setting up the device and it's not even turning on!

      Edit: worked when I did a hard reset

    • Hi Mr Brown,

      We only purchase Xiaomi stock locally, some of SKU package could be same as Global version depending on the Australian MOQ, however Xiaomi/Authorised local distributor will have to do rework to make the product compliant with local requirements (Au Version/Au stock). Please feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns. Thank you

      • Hey lyl so is the ETA of 29/05 fulfilled now?

        • Hi mate,

          The ETA for the Mi 10 Pro stock (which I assume you're referring to) at this stage is currently still 29/5, thank you.

          • -1

            @lyl: Hi Lyl - Could you confirm it's local stock? Wdym "reworked"?

            Are these different or ? Which says IN stock and despatched 1-2 days 🤨

            Also any plans on accessories - such as Cases and Scr protector at least?


            • +1

              @capslock janitor: Hey mate,

              Not sure whos negging your comments (I just +'d them all).

              Could you confirm it's local stock? Wdym "reworked"?

              Yes it official AU stock from Xiaomi AU distributor. As earlier, SKU package could be same as Global version depending on the Australian MOQ, however Xiaomi/Authorised local distributor may have certain procedures and practices in place to ensure that it is compliant and compatible with Australian standards.

              Are these different or ? Which says IN stock and despatched 1-2 days

              Our website is the same, the listing on the website also mentions the ETA of 29/05

              Also any plans on accessories - such as Cases and Scr protector at least?

              We currently don't have any cases/screen protectors for the Xiaomi yet, but we are constantly working to source accessories for all products.