This was posted 1 year 9 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (i5, 8GB, 256GB) BLACK + Type Cover (Including Signature Type Covers) Bundle $1799 @ Microsoft


Just saw this on the website but not sure how long it was on there for.

RRP as follows:
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (i5, 8GB, 256GB) - $1,999
Signature Type Cover - $249.95 (Black Type Cover - $199.95)

Savings of upto $449.95

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  • Harvey has the same deal on now as well.

    • Is it on the website? Or in-store only?

      • Both, where there is stock in store. If you search Surface Pro 7 bundle it'll come up in listing.

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    I am still hanging out for a laptop deal 600 - 1k that is half decent and can be delivered in the next week ..
    (apologies - I know it's off topic - just needed to vent)

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    It’s a long running deal. HN also had it for $1699 a few weeks ago I think. They also had the 128gb version for $1399. TGG once had a 10% off of it and I missed it :(

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      It's not a long running deal - MS just decide to do hard bundles every so often. One (maybe two) stock drops and then it's done, until they do it again. It's not a usual one and it's excluded from any % off Surface promos that are running at the time.

      Not negging your comment, just adding some context to it for anyone who's thinking they'll grab one whenever they want - you might find it hasn't been available for months in a bundle.

      • It has indeed been available for a while. We bought a Pro 7 about a month ago; it's been running since at least two weeks before that (I like to check the Surface website regularly for hints of SB3).
        Note this is definitely only for the black version. I thought about it when we got the Pro 7.

      • All good mate. Don’t know what’s the word for a Less common deal lol. But yeah, this deal is ‘common’ for JB Hi-Fi, HN and Good Guys. The keyboard bundle however is not part of the 15-20% off.

    • i remember that deal. got it from The Good Guys for $1570 on 11th Feb 2020

      • Yeah the 128gb was around $1260 I think with the keyboard. Even if the 128gb is smaller and slower than the 256gb, $300 savings is huge. I ended up getting an iPad Pro + MK lol.

        Edit: that’s the i5, 128gb and 8gb ram.

  • Stock standard deal. Watching a movie on my new S7 right now (mind you, it sat at Melbourne airport for a week).

    Works out slightly better than 15% off at JB etc. Doubt we'll see 20% off any time soon and this would still be close.

    A deal? Well, technically? Maybe?

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    Got a Surface Pro 5 new a couple of months back. i5 (7th Gen)/8GB/256GB. Mint and sealed at JB Hi-Fi - was old stock sitting around and scanned at under $500. Used a typecover I bought for an old second hand Pro 3, and it's good enough for me for what I use it for.

    This deal isn't bad (in that you don't get to choose your typecover) but the Microsoft "hard" bundles (ie: device and typecover in the box - you don't get to choose a particular colour, it's just whatever the SKU is designed to have) at JBs, TGG, or HN would potentially be better (ie: negotiation, gift cards, coupons) value than this.

    Still, better than the RRP, and better than the unit at 15% off.

    • oh no, you get to pick the typecover. But, unless stock has changed in the past week, there's no silver devices, only black.

    • You get to choose color of type cover and the surface

    • That Pro 5 was a steal of a deal. Nice work!

    • I recommend surface pro 4 type cover, got mine for about $130 on ebay brand new and it's way better than surface pro 3 cover.

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    I'm planning on buying a Surface Laptop 3 just waiting on a 15%/20% sale lol

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      Don't i regret buying surface Pro 7 i7

    • Me to, next sale & I'm in

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    Is it me or are these just getting more expensive? If I recall, all new surface pro devices with one of the latest choosers, 8gb / 256gb configuration used to be RRP $1500

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      This is exactly what I came to say, I used to buy these configurations with pen and keyboard for like $1000 (surface pro 2), $1300 (surface pro 3 with student discount) and something similar for surface pro 4 right on when they were released. Everyone will say the fall of the Australian dollar but from when I bought some of them till now, it wasn't that big of a difference…I mean look at top of the line iphones now vs when they were being released up until the 8, now they've practically doubled.

      • I also remember purchasing the Surface pro 2 8/256gb config for $1200 (with friend's staff discount) but I think retail was somewhere around $1349 or $1399. Definitely not $1999.
        You're right about the iphones as well. My partner's iPhone 6 decided to completely give in and now looking at iPhone x and I'm so shocked to see then for $800+ retail for a 3yr phone. I think this will be my first ever time to pay a cent towards apple. Never ever purchased any apple products Inc. Cables or even iTunes. Might have to convince her to get an Android… Well hey I've been rocking a HTC 10 for 4years now which cost around $300 after TRS and refunds. I might need to introduce her to OzBargain 😄

        • I just realised going back to the original post that it was $1999 without cover or stylus and this doesn't include stylus, that's nuts, really getting to Apple pricing. But in regards to Apple, I their products and customer service far exceeds Microsoft. My friend has a 12 year old MacBook air that still runs fine except had battery problems, they replaced it for him for $150 recently. My iphones have lasted ages compared to google/Samsung phones. Apple used to be worth their money imo, not so much anymore but still good.

          I bought an Acer Swift 5 with the same specs for $999 a month ago. It's got a touch screen as well, not sure how Microsoft justifies this pricing tbh. They don't innovate on them anymore, it took them this long just to get usb c.

  • At least every 1.5 months microsoft has run a 10-20% off deal on the product line. I acutally think it might be monthly. On two occasions the deals have co-incided with AMEX microsoft offer ($100 off with a spend of $500 @ MS store) and a free sleeve (not sure if they will do it again but first time they ran this deal if you didnt want the sleeve you could ask chat to take the difference off the price (-$89)).

    The point being there's better deals to be had and I don't think you'll have to wait long, particularly if you want a 16GB version - I'm not normally a RAM evangelist but I was disappointed with i5 8GB ram sent it back for i7 16GB.

    • Yeah I've read the 8gb gets used up pretty quickly, I guess I'll wait around for the microsoft deals since I probably wont need it for uni till next semester anyway.

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    Last year I bought the surface pro6 256g+ keyboard cover bundle for $1420 from TGG. So I am pretty sure this price is still a rip off.

  • I’d pay $50 more for the extra 128gb ssd given how dirt cheap nvme ssds are nowadays

  • Thanks for the post. Similar deal is on rotation at retailers like TGG JB HN for the same model, the advantage of this one is that you get to pick your typecover colour.

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    Still waiting for Book 3

    • Me too. Apparently this week.

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    Surface pro or iPad pro?

    • That's really depending on what you intend to do with either, Surface Pro is a full PC, iPad is not. What is your use case?

      • I’m in the process of learning web dev, and would like a more portable machine than my current laptop. I’d really like the ability to hand draw on the screen tho, so thinking a tablet/computer setup would be best, but was also tossing up about going down the MacOS & iPad road, or sticking to PC.

        • Get a PC if you are interested in Microsoft tech stacks. Otherwise go for a Macbook. iPad is just not designed for that.

          • @killua8p: I wouldn’t mind the touch screen for drawing designs etc, probably easier to quickly draw a design than to try and code one up?

            If I did get an iPad I would eventually go down the road of picking up a MacBook Pro..

        • HP Spectre x360 AP0000tu i5 8th gen is like $1070 on the HP Education Store last I checked.

          If you have access to that, you are getting a good touchscreen laptop with an included pen for a pretty good price.

      • Yes as suggested, go for Surface Pro, if you want to use pen inpit for drawing. The iPad isn't cut out for web dev and Mac doesnt have pen. I have a Surface Pro 3 which is great, I am thinking about an upgrade soon.

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