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Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials - 6 Months Free with Annual Commitment ($6.90 Per Month)


Started a new company and needed mail/document hosting and went with what I know - Microsoft 365 and found the Business Essentials (or Business Basic now) is free for 6 months if you sign up for 12 months, saving $41.40 per user per year. I already have Office 365 Home and Business so Business Basic is perfect, gives me full Microsoft 365 mail, Sharepoint, Teams, 1TB of OneDrive, all the office web apps, just not a licence to download the regular applications. Good deal if you're after this product.

FAQ states billing will occur on the 7th month and can cancel at any time.

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  • Do you get it if you're a customer for 5 years on essentials?

  • Note: You DO NOT get desktop version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Only web and mobile versions which is crap.


    • OP already has desktop versions of Word, Excel etc. This is a great deal if you want exchange mail, SharePoint, teams etc.

  • Shame they don't have it for the premium, Also note need to add 10% GST onto that $6.90

  • Never understood why they changed word (MS office) to a subscription basis I'll stick to word 2010 forever…

    If it was just an update annually fair enough but the way it is now is simply too greedy

    Does anyone know a way around it?

  • What company have you started?

  • $5 cashback from cashrewards as well with 12 month purchase

  • I guess the value here is the custom domain email backed by Outlook servers, Sharepoint and 1TB One Drive all for $41.40 first year.

    This is basically similar to G Suite except they cost $8.40/month or $100/year.

  • Is this available for existing customers, or new users only?

  • The on-going cost is really expensive (after promotion ends) and even though you can cancel, it doesn't make sense as you will have to stick with the ecosystem

    • Not sure how you think it's really expensive.. $7/user/month for a crap load of business systems. Most businesses put more money into coffee expenses…..

      • Not expensive for SME but for small business it is. I have <5 staffs with not a lot of revenue and this is too much a burden for me. I would be better if they charge based on staff size rather than per user, e.g. 5-10 users, 10-50, 50-500, etc.

        • I've set it up for <5 user businesses before. If you really can't afford the tiny cost, then there's something amiss. The benefits of O365 over, let's say, hosted webmail, are incredible.

          • @ryang: Bit harsh. I'm on 4 sub contractors and wouldn't notice this cost as I have high margins. If I was running on a tight margin, as many are, I'd notice for sure. Different businesses, different scenarios.

  • As a partner, I sell Office365 and Gsuite. Microsoft is definitely superior in many ways. Microsoft goes out buys the best performing company in their respective categories, integrates it in Office365 for no additional cost. Whilst on the other hand Gsuite makes their own software which is average at best. Why I say this? I spend on average 7 days to transfer users to Gsuite. Many instances of lost emails, bounced emails.

    When I started, I saw many comparisons online between the two. I tested both and also tried to convince myself Gsuite was better. It's a lot worse now that I've been using both for a while.

    Also, desktop software is heavily outdated. It's all about the cloud.

    Gsuite is more expensive, more problems, fewer extras, and worse customer service. Says 24/7 customer service, only opens on workhour weekdays EST.

    • Support is actually the one thing O365 is incredible at. MS support used to be a bloody nightmare, I'd avoid it at all possible costs. Now with O365, I open a ticket for nearly everything!! 😂

      They're quick to reply and generally helpful, it's usually the obscure stuff that throws them a bit.

  • Say if I have a domain name, can I get business essentials, point my domain name somehow and then just use 50GB mailbox?

  • Do I have to have a registered business to take up this offer? Or I can register as an individual?

  • product now called Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)

  • How about upgrade from Exchange Online?

  • Just posted a similar 3-month free deal for Microsoft 365 Business Standard in case you want Windows/Mac software licenses (as commented above)