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3-Months Free Signup/Renewal of Microsoft 365 Business Standard (Normally $17.20-$20.60/mth) @ Microsoft


This is a good deal for anyone who uses/needs Office software and the extra features in Microsoft Office 365 Business editions, but these costs a little more than the usual Office 365 Home Premium discounted cards in other posts which may suit most people's home needs and is great value with 5 PC's.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is normally $20.60 per month, or $17.20 on annual commitment. This deal refunds the first three months after converting from trial so you may get >4-months free use. Minimum saving is $51.60 (3x$17.20)

Compare Microsoft 365 version features here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/microsoft-365/compare-all-mi...

I can't confirm if this offer/method works with other Microsoft 365 editions, but articles below indicate it might.

1a. (new users) Sign up to a trial of Microsoft 365. Log into an MS account, and sign up to the plan you want. You'll get a 1-month trial (at least - or get the offer immediately)
1b. (existing users) Sign into your Microsoft 365 Admin Portal at portal.microsoft.com
2. In the Admin Portal menu choose Billing > Your Products and see your subscriptions. Clicking "Cancel Subscription" link will trigger this pop-up offer https://imgur.com/a/HfcDw2t
3. Sign up to the 1-year plan, and it cancels the license you clicked on and switches your account across to a new billing license automatically. No risk of losing anything that way, and apparently they'll refund the first three months payments as they come out.

As the offer runs till 30-June-20 you could use a trial license first before signing up. I've used a trial for 7 weeks before as they keep the account active and nag for payment but don't stop things working (to avoid business disruption)

For users who don't want Windows/Mac versions of Office software, see this deal for 6-months free Microsoft 365 Business Basic https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532516

There are some other offers from Microsoft on other products I found while looking for details to link in the post.

Not a deal for everyone, but hope it's helpful for those who need Business features. Share any findings/feedback in comments and I'll update the post.

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  • Does Business give you access to Exchange or something as well compared to Home?

    • Quite a lot more, and higher grade service and features. Tools in addition to the usual office software;

      Microsoft 365 Apps for business
      Skype for Business Online (Plan 2)
      Microsoft Forms (Plan E1)
      Microsoft Bookings
      Insights by MyAnalytics
      Stream for Office 365
      Microsoft Kaizala Pro
      Microsoft Teams
      To-Do (Plan 1)
      Yammer Enterprise
      Mobile Device Management for Office 365
      Microsoft StaffHub
      Microsoft Search
      Exchange Online (Plan 1)
      Microsoft Planner
      Whiteboard (Plan 1)
      SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
      Office for the web
      Flow for Office 365
      PowerApps for Office 365

  • When I click cancel subscription (I have MIcrosoft 365 Family), it simply gives me a warning that i'll lose my onedrive contents if I cancel. No pop-up as reported by poster whatsoever. I have a feeling you need to be an existing Business customer for this to work. Suggest changing title for this.

    • Business and personal are completely different services and are not interchangeable. Microsoft has renamed the small business suite of Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

      You are a new user to Microsoft 365 business if you wish to do this, I wouldn't though, keep your home one.

      • Agreed on home, if it does your job. I use the business tools heavily.

        They use a totally different process for personal licensing. The process I explained is done through business admin at portal.microsoft.com. Won't apply to family or personal plans

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    Works on Business Basic as well (I just use it for Exchange).

    • Yep, just used it on Basic. :D

      • Wow that might mean it's viable to sign up to basic for 6m free through the other deal I linked, then cancel and get another 3m free, giving 9m free on 12m commitment. Did you take this up from the other deal post? Can you confirm if it stacks from your test?

  • anyone know who is the perth MS rep - need to do a quick bill review and make sure we are doing the right thing


    • I don't know one, but there are a few pages or tools where Microsoft list them. Here's one which seems to just be for smaller businesses. https://partner.microsoft.com/en-AU/membership/cloud-solutio...

      Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is the term for someone to check licenses, but they will want to add their partner code to your licenses so they get a kickback. Wouldn't affect your licensed unless already linked with another partner.