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[PC] 3 Free DLCs for Cities Skylines @ Steam


I have seen the recent post of Cities Skylines for less than $8 (What a bargain!) and went to check the DLCs. <—Get it for less than $8!!!

Cities: Skylines - Carols, Candles and Candy.
- For when you want to go back to a better time in December where we can get fat and hang out with family/friends. Exclosure: your friends are still virtual and this is just 5 remade Christmas songs.

Cities: Skylines - Pearls From the East
- Do you hate COVID19 but love pandas? now you can get them in game AND add a little bit of Chinese design to make your very own Little Chinatown with 3 unique original buildings.

Cities: Skylines - Match Day
- When most sports are closed in the real world, make it flourish in this perfect simulator. BONUS: you dont have to pay any whinging athletes.

SO with all of these mentioned, it appears theyre all free for Cities: Skylines players but if you do not have them GET THEM to boost your city with new items and add some new festive music to cancel out any insanity youre experiencing during this pandemic.

EDIT: To get the DLCS it is a little janky, you need to be in game anAND have steam open at the same time.
(If selecting in game it will then redirect you to the steam store and you confirm you have steam downloaded on your PC. For me it didnt download)
Tab out and download from the steam store.
It will try and open the game and also update the DLCs.
Confirm you have the DLC with the tick box.
It may take a moment to confirm your request for the DLCs.

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    Seem they don't allow free DLCs anymore if you don't have the game itself.

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      So buy the game then. They deserve your money.

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      Steam has never allowed free dlc without owning the game.

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    You can also get the Parklife DLC for the cost of subscribing to the newsletter

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      To be eligible for receiving Parklife DLC for free on your Steam account, please follow these 8 easy steps below:
      1. Own a base game of Cities: Skylines on Steam.
      2. Create a Paradox Account (
      3. In the Settings tab, sign up for Paradox newsletter.
      4. Verify your email (remember to check your spam and promotion folders on your mailbox).
      5. Back on your Paradox account Settings, sign up for Cities: Skylines newsletter.
      6. Link your Paradox and Steam accounts on the Settings tab.
      7. Set your Steam account to “Public” so our team can confirm you own the base game. You can reset your Steam profile to private after you’ve received the giveaway.
      8. Wait up to 36 hours for DLC to appear in your Steam library.

      • +1

        Awesome, this is the real bargain here!

      • Terrific, thanks! Purchased the game on the basis of this.

  • +6

    I bought the game but never played .. Now I'll have the DLCs and probably wont play

    • +5

      Give it a try dude! Its an easy learning curve once you get used to the controls and you can easily get invested in you city to grow as much as possible.

      • +1

        yup ok I'll try .. just have to make time …

        • +2

          There's soooooo many things you can do in the game. So many ways to create your cities. Soooooo many ways to lay your roads.

          • @michaelTito: ok cool .. I've just bought too many steam games when they were on sale and now I cant play them all

      • +3

        I have the game but didnt play much. Prefer watching others play like Biffa plays indie games fixing traffic and putting roundabouts everywhere.

    • +12

      Still a pretty good stand alone game :D

    • +7

      The standalone without DLC is still very good.

    • +16

      Not sure how you turned "actively supporting, updating, and expanding the game for five years" into a negative…

  • +22

    Direct links:

    Cities: Skylines - Carols, Candles and Candy

    Cities: Skylines - Pearls From the East

    Cities: Skylines - Match Day

    • +1

      Thanks dude!

    • +4

      Reviews show theyve always been free.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, grabbing these tonight!

  • +8

    These have always been free!

  • +1

    When I click 'download' on these it tries to launch the game. Is that all I have to do to grab these?

    • Edited

      • Thanks - i'll go through all that later, sounds like a bit of effort!

    • Pretty much. If you want to double-check, right click Cities Skylines in your Steam Library, go to properties and look for the DLC tab. They should be listed there. Cheers.

  • +1

    Is there anyway to add to the library without trying to download the game?

    • Sorry dude, you will need the base game

      • +2

        i already got the base game, when i click the game, it will try to download the game.

        • +1

          When you click the download button in the free DLC, just cancel the download. Then re-load the DLC web page in your browser, and it should now say the DLC is added to your library. (Make sure you're signed into your account on the website to see this.)

  • +1


    • Good spot, Disclosure* i cant guarantee you your friends will be real :)

  • +8

    Great DLCs which really add to the game:

    After Dark
    Mass Transit
    Green Cities

    Unfortunately not free, but well worth it.

  • I already have all these DLC packs :(

  • +3

    This is as much of a deal as Bondi Beach being free is one. It's always been free anyways.

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    For those missing out, the real deal is Parklife DLC for free.
    Follow the instructions.
    That is the real deal.

  • Already have those DLCs. from memory I get the Pearls From the East and Match Days for free before.

    Haven't seen much discount for City Skylines for long time. I guess the park life is good to have too.

  • BTW, I purchased the Japan Content pack last week. not recommenced to have it.
    Just few MODs there like the attraction places. I thought all the buildings (Home and commercial zone come as Japanese styles).

  • these 3 have always been FREE.. I've owned them for ages

  • This is not a deal…

  • +1

    It can get tedious if you build a big block and then you have to individually keep putting in water and power every time. Also, does anyone have any solution to stop the Great Dying? Few years of in-game and my medical facilities are overwhelmed by too many people dying (due to natural causes).

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