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Audio Technica True Wireless Headphones $99 (was $349) @ JB Hi-Fi


Until Thursday get yourself $250 off^ the current ticketed price of a pair of Audio Technica CKR7TW Premium True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Black). Simply buy online by visiting jbhifi.com.au, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.

Limit of 1 per Coupon. Available online only. While stocks last. Offer ends Thursday 23rd April 2020.

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    First of all , this is the 2nd time this month this deal has surfaced.

    2nd , they're SOOOO BAD.

    I bought them and returned them - THEY HAD MASSIVE LAGS

    Imagine - changing a song - and it'll change 3 seconds later.

    amazing. Immersive.

    They don't even sound all that great either?

    They're bulky and awkward - I tried many of the "fancy" True Wireless buds.
    These aren't worth the 100$ !!!

    • thengs

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        another real downside - no ambient-sound / passthrough audio?

        You don't really know you miss it until you don't have it :(

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          Don't it always seem to go
          That you don't know what you've got
          Till it's gone

    • How many devices did you try them with? What codec did you use? Did you also set your system codec to the same as the app?

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        3 , got 2 mobile phones, assumed maybe my new huawei has caught the corona so swapped to my samsung - and also my laptop.

        They all stank.

        • Did you get a replacement set?

          • @onlinepred: I just returned it all together - It wasn't about the ones I had , they all just lagged. They weren't faulty - just bad.

            • @Kundi: Many people's have said they had some that had issues, and some that didn't.

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                @onlinepred: Well I was looking for earbuds , not lottery tickets.

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                  @Kundi: You shouldn't try tech then lol. It's the wrong industry to expect perfect items 100% of the time rofl.

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                    @onlinepred: what?…why I can buy other earbuds and they work perfectly fine, but I gotta take my chances and bug JBHIFI over the ones I got - replace them until they MAY work right?

                    again, they weren't faulty, just laggy. That's just the technology they have.

                    • @Kundi: What did you replace them with?

                      • @onlinepred: I didn't replace them with any new set, I had a whole bunch, was just excited to get another one for a bargain.

                        Did not work out in my favor , replaced them for my original-payment-method.


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      Thanks, help me save $99 and 3 mins for check-out.

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    • Thanks bro. You are a hero. You saved everyone.

      • 🙏 -
        so what if I had to lie to JB-HIFI about not using them?
        Technically I am like Jesus? I'd like to think myself as a savior <3

        ayeee np mydude <3 I really never would've imagined they'll be THAT bad but…they really were!

    • I got wireless headphone in this brand, they stopped working, replaced them and 2nd pair stopped worked. Not a fan of this brand's wireless products.

  • I think it's targeted.

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      Its "kinda" , i didn't have the email but I walked in and the guy just sprung up his own daily-deals email and helped me out at checkout :)

      Just fiddle with it.

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    Reviews aren't very good.

    • -3

      Compared to other $100 buds? or at RRP? Because realistically, nearly everything under $100 is a s$#% show.

      • +1

        A 's$#% show' compared to what? What other buds have you compared against?

        • I have a slight problem with tws. I have spent way too much money on them haha. I've owned many. Most under the $100 mark, also owned airpods, Jabra 65t, Bose freebuds, galaxy buds, beopley e8.

      • +1

        Completely incorrect. Try QCY T5s for $30 (yeah!), And then make a comment. Same for few Soundpeats and Xiaomi choices.

        • I had qcy 29, t3, Xiaomi dots, soundpeats true wireless and truepods. All the mics are terrible, often have connection issues, most are heavily bass emphasized. They sound great for $20, not for $99.

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    generic code, same as I received. Reviews definitely aren't great, this is a good deal on an average product - suggest looking elsewhere

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    These aren't even worth $99 with all the issues they have. Terrible reviews all around. Avoid. Don't waste your money or time.

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    Got the email, was tempted but yeah… reviews not great. Bulky I can give a pass for $99 but not lag issues.

    Two reviews I read:



    Was hoping maybe there'd been firmware updates to fix issues but doesn't seem to be the case.

    • These make it look really good for $99!

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        I don't want to be stuffing around with apps and codecs every time I go to watch a video with an audio codec that has lag.

        • +1

          "Impressive 9 and 3.5 hour battery lives respectively (CKR7TW & SPORT7TW)
          Premium, high fidelity sound
          Support for SBS, AAC codecs"

          "Open, detailed sound
          Impressive low-bass response
          Six-hour battery life
          aptX and AAC support"

          Can't you just leave it on AAC? Which is measurably better anyway

          • @onlinepred:

            "First, the CKR7TW’s decision to use Micro USB means it takes a long time (at least 2 hours) to charge the buds, and a full five hours to charge the case."

            "Using the company’s Connect app, you can change the Bluetooth codec from aptX or AAC to the lower-quality SBC, which virtually eliminates the lag.

            That said, you’ve got to reseat the earbuds in the case each time, making it an arduous task to switch between high-quality streaming and lag-free video — not exactly what you’d expect from luxury true wireless earbuds."

            Second point was a deal-breaker.

            • -3

              @Shard: Second point, using he app to change codec? How is that a dealbreaker?

              • +1

                @onlinepred: Switching between HQ audio and radio audio whenever a video triggers lag, and then back again after watching said video?

                And having to have the case with me to do it. And not knowing which videos will trigger lag?

                Yeah nah. Pass.

                If you're a podcast/music person these are a good price (note they have zero sweat protection for workouts). If you watch videos not worth the hassle IMO.

                • @Shard: Clearly this is aimed at audio people, not netflix people, also can you point me to where AAC has reported lag? I can only see it in AptX.

                  • @onlinepred: The issue is going to low qual audio and having to stuff around and switch it back to HQ audio every time you run into lag.

                    As I understand it you're listening to either LQ audio or HQ audio. You can't run AAC and divert Aptx to the LQ audio option at the same time.

                    And everytime you switch around you have to plug the unit into the case and stuff around with the app.

                    • @Shard: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/audio-technica-ath-ckr7tw.2...

                      You have to ensure your device is set to the same codec.

                      • +1

                        @onlinepred: What are you talking about? Codec is per the media being consumed. The device either supports it or it doesn't.

                        I can't set my phone to AAC and magically have all audio sources reencoded on the fly to AAC and outputted in real time. That's not how this works.

                        Any way I don't care enough to continue. Hassling around with codecs and apps because of video lag was a dealbreaker for me. You're not changing my opinion.

                        • @Shard: What? So when SBC was the only codec available? Media needed to be encoded in SBC to be played via Bluetooth?

                          • @Chridim: SBC is a bluetooth codec that drastically reduces audio quality.

                            The issue here is HQ audio codec media having to be piped to earphones through SBC.

                            You can't set your mobile phone to a single audio only output codec and have it reencode any audio on the fly to get around the lag issues. The audio still has to go through BT one way or another and that's where the problem is.

                            • @Shard:

                              The issue here is HQ audio codec media having to be piped to earphones through SBC.

                              What does this even mean? Why are you setting it to SBC? You probably couldn't even tell the different if you are just streaming music, especially through TWS buds.

                              • +1


                                Why are you setting it to SBC?

                                Because shitty earphones have shitty audio lag. And so I won't be buying said shitty earphones because it's a hassle to stuff around with.

                                This isn't rocket science.

                                Bloody hell, do you work for Audio Technica or what? Fanboys… smh.

                                • @Shard: Just trying to understand the gibberish of people who never owned a device trying to talk through it's issues on a technical level.

                                  • +1

                                    @onlinepred: Yeah I'm not inclined to buy shitty earphones with shitty audio lag problems, just to confirm said shitty earphones indeed have shitty audio lag problems. Thanks.

                                    • @Shard: Good luck on your quest, but you will forever find shitty reviews about products, so good luck.

                        • @Shard: You set the phone to AAC, and the app to AAC, what's so hard to understand about that? Nothing to do with what media is bieng consumed, it's the codec used to transport the media from the phone to the headphone.

                          I'm not trying to change your opinion that seems to not be based on first hand experience.

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              decision to use Micro USB means it takes a long time (at least 2 hours) to charge the buds

              Is this content written by a robot? Because it makes no sense

      • -1

        don't do it! :(

    • -1

      Yeah, same mindset I had! Struggled for over 2 hours to figure out how to get them to update, eventually did it!
      Didn't change a thing, even changing audio-transmission settings didn't help :(

  • Lol, how much profit they are making out of these headphones…

    • a lot.

  • +2

    The same deal was posted less than a month ago. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/527361

    Lots of comments saying they weren't worth it for even $99. Better off with $40 SoundPEATS and $60 left over to spend on something else.

    • Soundpeats also have audio delay on videos, their mics are generally terrible, connection issues galore, and sound is passable. I have owned the TruePods, Wireless Buds, and they were not worth more than $20. Many reviews say that these SOUND really good, and the mic performs well. This is already a HUGE step up from SoundPeats (QCY/Muson)

      • I own TrueEngine SE and they are quite good. Even the mic isn't that bad.

        • +3

          Compared to what? What other buds have you compared against? Have you tried in noisy places?

          • @onlinepred: I have yet to find any wireless ones to work properly in noisy or windy places to be honest… The placement of the mics is just too far from the mouth. My airpods are terrible for calls outside.

            • @DisabledUser94873: I don't have windy places here in brissie, but noisy cafes for sure. I mostly use my gen 2 airpods, haven't had much luck with anything else. I don't like switching between earbuds so much so just want to find a good set.

      • I have a soundpeats and there is no bass at all. Terrible for music. Great for YouTube.

      • Have the TrueFree+, they are pretty good for the price (got em on sale). Sound quality is good, no noticeable lag when watching videos. However, mic is pretty crap and sometimes they can be hard to connect to Apple devices although they work.

      • Well, let me just say that I use Jabra 65t and QCY T5s, and I love them both. They're very close in sound quality, while feature wise, QCY wins some points, and so does Jabra. QCY T2C isn't bad either.

        • Agreed, 65t was one of my favourite for sound, not the best but pretty good. All qcy are great for ultra cheap tws.

      • Soundpeats also have audio delay on videos

        All non-proprietary BT headphones have delay on everything including video.

  • +1


    Audio-Technica’s first true wireless models contain multitudes of failure

  • expired link.. no stock on hjbhifi

  • At this price range nothing beats the creative outlier air.

  • yeah..nahhh