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Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $199 @ Big W


The Mother's Day Catalogue for Big W has the AirPods (2nd Gen) for $199. Regular price is $249. Umart currently have them for the same price in another bargain on here.

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    Can stack with 5% off gift cards too

    • Where do I get the gift card from?

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    I bought a pair for my daughter for her birthday and cannot understand why they cost $200 when sound quality is very average.

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      Not sure what you expected. These are an apple user status symbol first and headphones second.

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      Because they work every time, reliably, and take calls like a champ. If you have any brain you wouldn't but then for their sounds quality, you aren't going to sit on a corner to critically listen to music in it.

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        Exactly.. they just work. I have expensive ear phones but find myself grabbing and using the airpods more due to the convenience factor.

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        I have my JBL noise cancelling ones for music and these for general use. I tried 2 sets of $20 - $30 wireless ones and they were both useless. Wouldn't connect half the time, would only last an hour or so. I have had no issues with my airpods, well worth the $200. I use them just about all day every day, connect first time every time and battery life is great.

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          Yep, I've tried and still use many cheapo buds, I really have to say that the Airbuds are incredible value IF they suit your use case. Like you said, use them for what they are, and have other ones for other use cases. IMO there is no one that suits every use case.

          • @onlinepred: I also have a $300 plantronics Bluetooth headset supplied by work and imho the airpods are better overall. MUCH longer battery life and only marginally lesser sound and voice quality compared to the plantronics headset. I also have to use the plantronics bluetooth dongle in my laptop as it won't work with normal bluetooth connection.

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        If you have any brain you wouldn't but then for their sounds quality, you aren't going to sit on a corner to critically listen to music in it

        I no longer have any brain after reading this sentence

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          Brain required to figure out typos, move along

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      If your only expectation out of teeny tiny wireless earbuds are premium quality sound, then you’re doing it wrong.

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      AirPods aren't focused on the sound quality - It's focused on 3 things:
      • The Apple status
      • The reliability and ease to connect to iOS and MacOS devices
      • The small form factor and ability to carry around everywhere and enjoy a wireless sound experience with decent battery life due to the constant charge provided by the AirPods case
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        Which, like all Apple things, translates to similar three things respectively:

        • Makes a Statement
        • (sh)It just works
        • Its got what you need, does the job and "keeps it simple" (generally).
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        not wrong, just started using a pair the other day & what a disappointment, sound is no different than the wired version, small form factor/convenience is handy, other than that way over hyped product imo

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          Sound is slightly better I find, but otherwise I probably felt the same when I first got mine. Definitely spent a few weeks questioning the money spent when I already had the wired set.

          3 years later and I've been using them nearly daily, they've really grown on me. They get used far more than any other headphones I have. They are great in situations that other products are so-so in, and vice-versa, so it might take a while to figure out good use cases.

          I find they are best if you are moving around, going for walks, doing grocery shopping and such, even just cleaning the house. I've been riding to work and being able to pop in one side and comfortably listen to something or have a conversation is pretty great, and doesn't work with anything else.
          But less good if you are sitting around during lockdown, or on a noisy train or something.

          • @crentist: agree with that, convenience is the biggest plus & they will come in very handy, just the sound literally cant tell much difference from the wired, got it at $99 from one of those eBay deals for that price cant complain worth it, but at $200+ cant say its worth that now ive tried it, probably would look at the sony or beatz, end of the day each to their own

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      Its the convenience more than anything.. once you can just pop them out of your pocket and listen to a podcast or whatever, whenever, wherever you are it's hard to go back.

    • they are just easier to use, reliable and user friendly

      people don't buy them for the sound quality

      i bought a pair wireless earphones for my mum and she had to press and hold the button on the earphones to connect to the bluetooth, she found it difficult sometimes coz she waits for the signature beep noise to come through that tells her she is connected, sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't she found it very frustrating and ended up using the corded ones until i got her these, she doesn't have to worry about pressing any buttons and holding them until a beep comes on.

      these are simple af

  • For a moment I thought $99 deal is back, then I realized 1 at the start.

  • They may drop further in price. Rumour has it that Apple is set to release it's successor imminently.

  • What are these like for running?

    Do they stay in your ear? Can they handle sweat?

    Thanks all.

    • It depends on how they fit in your ear personally. If you know someone with a pair try them on first. I know people who cannot fit them in their ear without slipping out, whilst others can easily run, jump, etc. without it budging.

      • Thanks! Sadly don’t have any friends with them.


  • Approximately looks same as the previous one, the 1st generation. Don't you know any special offers for air pods pro? I'm not sure if they are stable for running practise, but the sound is good. Some of my frauds bought it. Have anyone here tried them on ? Would like to try, but imagining going to app store..conditions when someone has already put in on.

  • if the wired ones fit me well, does that mean these will too?

  • Hi guys. Silly Q: Will these airpods work with an Android phone, given its bluetooth?

    • Same Q!

    • Yes. Friend has been using with S8+ for a while and very happy with it.

  • I haven't had any issues with any cheap true wireless headphones, including the galaxy buds or the cheap Chinese ones. They just work too. But at a cheaper price but that's me

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