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Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB $944.30, S20 5G 128GB $1049.30, S20+ 4G 128GB $1049.30, S20+ 5G 128GB $1154.30 @ Samsung EPP / EDU


Appears to be a 30% discount on EPP portals for Galaxy S20 models (certainly on the Australian Government employees portal which I have access to anyway).

Couldn't fit in the title, but Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is $1399.30

I added my $50 newsletter signup coupon to get the S20 4G for $894.30

EDIT: Appears to be all EPP stores and the Education store

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    Does the S20 Ultra heat up like the S20+ ?

  • Same price in the education store as well

  • Can confirm this is on the education store.

    Blimey, sub-$900 for an S20 is a deal. Tempting to pick one up even though I've got an S20+ already just to see if I like the size better…

    • Size matters

      • Agree, I went from a Mate 20 Pro to S20+ and it's just a bit too wide for my liking (the extra tallness doesn't faze me as much).

        • So you would go the s20 if you had the chance?

          • @HA: If I had my time again I think I would. I also got the S20+ for the time of flight camera in the back (produces nice night photos and supports the AR measure app) and the bigger battery, but battery life hasn't been all that impressive on the S20+ since I've had it (especially compared to the Mate 20 Pro, which was a true battery champ).

            • @xyron: That's unfortunate, lots of Youtube reviewers were raving about the S20+ and it's big battery. Thanks for sharing your experience!

              • @HA: Almost all of those reviews are for the Snapdragon 865 model which, by all accounts, does have great battery life. I get about 5 hours SoT out of mine, was hoping to get closer to 7 hours regularly to be honest especially when my Mate 20 Pro could easily get to 8+.

                • @xyron: I'm looking at making the jump myself from a Mate 20 Pro to an S20+, but now you've scared me haha.

                  • @Cronium: I'll be honest, if my Mate 20 Pro was a dual sim variant I probably wouldn't have kept my S20+ and wouldve gone back to my Mate 20 Pro.

                    I need dual sims for work.

                    That is one of the better features of the S20 lineup in Australia, they're all dual SIM (one physical, one eSIM) so you can rock dual SIM + a micro SD card at the same time (ive got a 400gb sandisk in mine).

                    If I'm being really honest, I wish that Huawei wasn't banned from dealing with Google, because I'd have a Mate 30 Pro in a heartbeat.

            • @xyron: @xyron. Agreed have been using the s20+ 5g for a month, have been hugely disappointed with the battery life and also the finger print scanner. My oppo r9s plus has a similar battery life after 3 years of use. I dont even use the 120hz

          • @HA: @HA How do you find the camera on the S20+ vs the Mate 20 Pro? I love my camera on the Mate 20 Pro but it looks like the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and the OnePlus 8 Pro have better cameras. The dxomark review for the S20 Ultra came out yesterday and its lower than the other two and probably over generous in its assessment. Ultimately it looks like the S20 range have rubbish cameras for the price.

            Its not really a surprise as my wife's S10 is terrible compared to the Mate 20 pro.

    • Go to a shop and hold one?…

      • Do you think I didn't do that before buying the S20+? You can't put a display model in a case, put it in your pocket, carry it around for days/weeks to see if the extra size really is going to be uncomfortable going forward.

    • Went from a pixel 2 to an s20 for this reason, s20+ just didn't seem manageable one handed. Happy with the decision

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    Happy to buy for someone if they want using my portal.

  • are they still giving us the shitynos chipsets?

    • Are we able to tell before purchasing? Do we get both in our region?

    • Yes Exynos for us non Korean/USA folk.

    • Haha, if they keep getting bad press over the shitynos and more problems, I think there will be more price drops soon too. Even then I think I would probably still avoid it, no matter how tempting

      • I had the Exynos with my S8 and S10+ (since launch). It's fun to shit all over Exynos because of reviews you see online and telling people to "pass" but in reality for the average user, it's not that bad. Battery life is no worse than when I got it. Doesn't heat up too much but I don't game on this device. I mainly stream netflix/prime/YouTube on lunch breaks and GPM most of my working hours. No noticeable lag and I run Nova Prime, KWGT, SwiftKey & Rainpaper. 4.5-6hr SOT daily.

        • Totally agree with you. I have the note9. Never had a heating performance or battery drain issues

        • Had Exynos S8+ and S9, both overheat when gaming for more than 5 minutes. I like to play Clash Royale or other simplistic games and listen to Spotify at the same time, but after a few minutes of overheating Spotify force closes. Have recently had to use my S9 for hotspotting while working from home - again it overheats and the battery drains like crazy. I need to charge my S9 at least twice per day when not hotspotting, more if I am. As you said, for most casual users it will be fine, but the point stands that these are premium devices, which are at premium price points. Performance wise they are not worth the money.

          If you're someone who just uses your phone to make calls and watch the odd youtube video then these phones are great, well designed with great screens. With that said, the less people that continue to support them by buying their subpar Exynos products, the sooner we can all be on the same playing field with Snapdragon.

        • S10 exynos is so much better than my Snapdragon 810… That thing was a bloody frying pan no matter what it did

  • Considering S20 4G vs S20 5G. Is 5G worth the extra $100? 5G seems to only be avilable in selected areas, and you need to pay Telstra $15 per month on thier lower plans.

    • I was tossing up the same thing. The reception in my office building which is in a 5G cell is horrendous anyway, and home isn't going to see 5G in the lifetime of this phone, so for me it tipped it in favour of the 4G.

    • I say no. I have the 4G S20+.

      The 5G model does get 12gb RAM vs 8gb in the 4G model but 8gb is already more than enough for a phone IMO

      • Might help for resell value

        • +10 votes

          Unlikely you'll see the $100 back when you come to sell it, especially as there will likely be more aggressive price drops like this in the future.

          People still trying to flog off S20 Ultras on Gumtree/FB for $1500+ will only struggle harder going forward.

          Don't buy a phone in the hope you'll make money back on selling it in the future…buy one because you need one, and because you'll use its features (and if that includes 5G, great - spring up the extra if you want).

          • @xyron: I would say you might not need it now but you will benefit in the future (not only about resell value)
            Same story happened to me many years ago when I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3
            I was able to choose from Samsung Galaxy S3 or S3 4G
            Glad that I chose the 4G model at the time where I have no regret when 4G become widely coverage in Australia
            Was able to enjoy my S3 4G for 3 years before upgrading to S5

            • @littlesoldier: Fair enough. Could also be relevant if you plan to keep the phone for a while. I upgrade every year.

              However note that your S3 4G would have quickly become useless in Australia because the major carriers started setting up 4G on new bands that your S3 4G didn't support. Chances are the same will happen with 5G and in a couple of years time you might find your "5G" phone is similarly useless for accessing future 5G networks.

      • For the extra 100 for the better internal hardware. Then when wait for when 5g prices are the same 4g

        • The only difference is extra RAM. the 5G model for sale here has the same crappy Exynos 990 chipset in it as the 4G model.

      • So 4g model only comes with 8gb ram?

    • Depends on whether you would like to sell it in the future really
      TBH, at this time 5G is more of a gimmick then any actual usability
      however, if you are considering to sell your phone for an upgrade like in 2 years time
      When 5G coverage much wider than now, 5G phones will definitely have better resell value
      So I would think the extra $100 is still worth it

      • As I understand Samsung phones sold in Australia does not come with mm wave 5g, so the 5g on these phones is just marginally faster than their 4g variants, even the Ultra model. Please correct me if I am wrong.

        • Interesting, I just ordered one 5G model, will test it in the CBD once the restriction is lifted

          • @littlesoldier: I saw a teardown video by JerryRigEverything on YouTube and he had the Korean model and he said as Korea did not have mm 5g implemented so the mm module was missing from the phone.

            I tried to find information about this as I was interested of the Galaxy 20+ but I just did not find any info (and eventually cooled down and continue to love my Note 9 :). I think you may find which bands the phone supports written on the box?

        • Haven't caught up on the news but mm wave isn't even available by the telcos. I also thought the frequency bands aren't even released by the government till later this year. Happy to be corrected.

    • I have a Note 10+ 5G.

      It's very fast. It needs to be because I am only in coverage for about 30 seconds before I walk around a corner or the wind blows and I lose it. I work in Sydney CBD.

      This is a very tongue in cheek comment and I think it is currently useless. I also get the slowest security/software updates, I am sitting on February while my Note 8 is up to date. All of the non 5G variants seem to get updates much quicker.

  • great prices for a great phone!

  • Do you guys think the ultra is better or s20 plus? And how long it take to receive the 50 dollars coupon after signing up newsletter?

    • I went for the 20+ the Ultra just didn't seem 'that' much better at all, even the 100x zoom is bs…

  • Difficult decision due to Exynos…