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Russell Hobbs Addison Kettle $63 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Limited Time Deal

Kettle with temperature control and keep warm

Had it on my watch list for a while since my kettle broke and I've been waiting for it to come back in stock

Price is around $79 at Big W but possible to get it for $69 elsewhere, has been $63 at Target

2 year warranty


Keep Warm 70°C 80°C 90°C 95°C (note can't boil dry selecting keep warm @ 100C not allowed)

Stainless Steel housing
1.7L capacity
Digital control base
5 variable temperature controls ranging from 70°C – 100°C
Keep Warm function
Water window gauge at front
Auto cut off, boil dry protection
Push button lid
Removable, washable filter


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Been using this one for just over a year now… i like it.

    • +58

      So it's a bit slow to boil?

      • LOL, here have an upvote!

      • Ouch jv with too much time on his hands

        Now he can take 2 hours to make a cup of tea so that keep warm function may come in handy

      • +1

        90 degrees = it will never boil jv :)

      • Ha ha ha good one

      • Can’t stop laughing

      • Jesus JV, you made a comment and managed not to get yourself negged into oblivion?

        New year, new you, huh? Well done.

      • Shut up jv! lol.

  • Just placed my order. Thank you!

  • +5

    If you don't mind target brand their variable temperature kettle is decent and $49. I have their older version for the past 5 years and it's still running strong


    • Yeah I bought this a few weeks ago, now my green tea tastes better at 80 degrees

  • +4

    I have been through many branded kettles, including Breville, Kenwood, etc. and found none of them lasted any better than others, and many had lid issues (flip lid not opening properly after a while). Based on reviews I bought a thermostatic K-mart kettle with Schott glass for $60, and it's been great so far.

    When buying a thermostatic kettle, make sure the available preset temperatures match what you will need. Some miss the obvious ones like 95° and 80°.

    • +1

      I find Breville tend to have the opposite issue - after a year or so the lid opens during boiling which messes with the mechanism to power off once it reaches 100°, so it sits there boiling for ages.

      • +1

        Common issue with kettles I think. Ours have this exact issues. It lasted about 7 years though so that is pretty good for a non brand kettle I guess.

      • +4

        Interesting. After having a Morphy Richards that had a lid-getting-stuck issue, we returned it just before the 2-year warranty ended and got a Breville "Crystal Clear" which developed the same issue (productreview full of people complaining about it). We then returned that one before the warranty, and paid extra to upgrade to a Kenwood, where the top of the lid fell off after the warranty ended. In the end I couldn't be bothered spending so much if they all fell apart, so I went for K-mart. We are very gentle with appliances, but use the kettle ~4 times a day.

        Honestly, there is a real market opportunity for someone who can make a kettle with a lid that:

        • Opens when needed
        • Closes when needed
        • Does not fall off
    • Huh so Schott is the company but it seems to be borosilicate glass which is pretty neat.

      Not many companies making it anymore, wonder if that's why they can't sell it in NSW the shard capital??

    • I've gone through a couple of different brands and the Kmart one is the one that has easily lasted the longest for me.

    • Russell hobbs poor company

    • +1

      I've got a Shark branded one from Hardly Normal as clearance stock for 30 bucks. Stainless steel and 5 degree temperature increments via a dial plus a temperature hold function. Still going strong after 12 years

  • -1

    ive switched to a saucepan on the induction stove. much cheaper to run and boils at the same speed, however the saucepan only contains 1 cup of water vs a kettle of god knows how much water is in it

    • +5

      There's a clear section on the side of this kettle so you can see how much water is in it.

    • +1

      Most Kettles have easy to use measures on the side… Like the three listed on this page…

      • our current kettle has the display from 2 cups to 8 cups, however you need 3 cups of water to get to the 2 cup mark…
        some are made better than others i guess but ours is breville

        • Maybe it accounts for the 1 whole cup of water boiloff hahaha.

    • +1

      How can your stove be cheaper to run if they both use the same electricity? I imagine a kettle is pretty close to 100% efficiency already….

      • A kettle is 2000w electric element heating, an induction cooktop uses magnets which doesn't use as much, but it is also more efficient as there is less lots between elec generated and heating of water

  • I do need a new kettle, but why do I need one with different temperatures?

    • +10

      If you ask this question, you don't need one with variable temp

      • Excellent! I'll save my money

        • +8

          This is the first time I've seen someone on ozbargain NOT buy something they don't need! Amazing!

          • +1

            @hymio: Desperate times, thanks Covid-19 for saving me money :)

    • +1

      making different/various types of drinks… apparently green tea, black tea, alien tea all have different drinking temperatures!

      • will that taste different if I just use "hot water"?

        • +3

          Well, if you use boiling water it burns some types of tea leaves. Saves having to cool if you only heat to 80 degrees, etc.

        • +2

          It definitely will, especially if you use tea leaves. Some teas will taste overly bitter because they are burnt by the boiled water and you won't be able to extract the full flavour. If you only use tea bags, it shouldn't matter because most of them will specify 95-100 degrees.

    • Good for baby formula, saves time waiting to cool

      • +2

        So why BOIL it in the first place?
        If you're doing it to kill bacteria then how would warming the water to 50 help??
        ..or, do you save time by heating it to 90 instead of 100 and therefore 10 degrees less cooling to wait for?

        Some people REALLY value their time I guess.

        • The instructions on the side of our baby formula gives strict instructions NOT to boil as it destroys some of the nutritional value. If you were being really pedantic you can boil your water first then wait to cool to get to the correct temperature before adding the formula.

  • I have this kettle and it is great! I can't compare to other temperature variable kettles since this is the first one I own, but compared to cheap kmart ones (non-variable) that break or short-circuit after a few weeks or months (I've gone through a handful before giving up!), these have been lasting long, works well and performs the intended purpose! This is probably one of the best prices you'll get for temp variable kettles because other brands usually range $100+.

  • Aww it's gone

  • This is a good kettle.

  • +5

    Heh, it doesn't even have bluetooth. What a loser kettle.

  • Can someone explain to me the purpose of a $60 kettle rather than my $7.50 piece from Kmart? Genuinely curious what the difference is.

    • +2

      Temperature control. Not made of plastic materials

    • from above….
      " saves time waiting to cool"

      Apparently, it PREVENTS you from accidentally boiling water in the kettle

  • Deal over? Shows $94 for me on Amazon.

    • +1

      If something is on Ozbargain, you must jump in or missing the boat.

  • These are not very efficient as it’s not thermally insulated and it needs a lot of energy to keep a certain temperature compared to a thermal water boiler.

  • For those who have missed out I have this kettle from target and has temp control as well. $69 free shipping


  • Also have this. Is awesome. Good kettle so far.

  • I have this kettle bought at $72 in September. It is not a quiet boil otherwise happy with it for the price. It was bought for the temperature control but seems to get set to 100 degrees every time.

    Had a Sunbeam KE9650 before it. That kettle had thermostat issues before the element gave up. The more expensive kettles are not worth the money, quality is no better apart from the inclusion of the "quiet shield".

  • +1

    Still available for $63 via backorder here: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/offer-listing/B079VHHQ6S/ref=dp...

    "Back-ordered. Due in stock April 28 — order now to reserve yours"

    • Thanks, got one on backorder, might return my target one as the review is saying the screws rusting away after a few months.

  • Still using the delonghi I got from Amazon for like $20. Durable

    • That was my last kettle that I'm replacing

      The element broke off at the bottom of the kettle just a couple of months outside warranty

      Barely lasted a year!

  • For a couple of dollars more.. $65 with PIZZA5 code at https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Russell-Hobbs-RHK510-Addison-1-7...

    edit: just realized that shipping kills this one.

  • Got mine today

    Quite lightweight, silicone/plastic lid, compact base

  • Back in stock