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TUNGSTEN 12000LBS Electric Winch12V Steel WireRope Remote 4WD ATV BOAT TRUCK $54.95 Delivered @ Sunyee via Catch


EDIT: Still available in another version

Not a 4WD, boat passionate but this looks very cheap to me. (It may be a price error.) Did a quick research and these things are being sold for about $300 - $500.

Here is one of the same brand, same power but higher quality rope for comparison.

Unsure about the brand/quality. Maybe the experts can comment.

Good if you need one.

Thanks again to Pricehipster for the tip.


6.5Hp,12V series wound motor and three-stage Planetary Gear System.

Rated line pull of 12000 lbs, multiple mounting options control box, heavy duty roller Fairlead

Wireless remote control conveniently and safety. Automatic braking locks rope to prevent free spooling

Updated with heavy-duty features,Completely waterproof IP67 rating

Hand controller with heavy duty wiring,made from tough rubber, long length gives you the freedom to connect easily

Durable accessories,use quality materials and strictly control the production process

Integrated control box, provides protection on current,voltage and temperature

*Extra postage may apply for some remote area


Rated line pull 12000lbs (5443kgs) single line
Motor : Permanent magnetic DC 12V with (6.5hp)/4.8kw output
Gear Train : 3 stage planetary
Gear ratio : 265:1
Rope Length Steel Wire rope : 9.5mmx 26m
Drum size : 64mmx226mm
Dimensions : 542mmX160mmX187.5mm
Mounting Bolt pattern : 254mmX114.3mm
N.W : 42kgs (93lbs)


1 x 12000LBS Electric Winch
1 Set Accessories
1 x User Manual


3 year warranty

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  • Hahah, now to find something to winch!

  • Thanks , Got one !

  • Got to be a price error, $430 on the Sunyee website. Tried my luck anyway.
    BTW steel wire rope is usually the cheaper lower quality rope now.

    • Thanks. Edited

  • @obiwank As an FYI, that one you linked with "lower quality rope" is actually the better quality option. Synthetic rope is actually more expensive, lighter, and less dangerous if there's a failure. Usually Dyneema style synthetic rope costs $100 or so more than wire rope at this cheap price point.

    • Thanks, I've edited the post.

      Definitely an ignorant on these things

      • Not a problem at all, you're allowed to be. :-D

  • -2

    Private seller… [Yawn].

  • Meh I’ll give it a shot I need a new winch $54 is a steal if it gets delivered

  • +3

    Thanks op, bought one.
    So where exactly do we put this on a sedan?

  • The Sods wont send to my postcode & nowhere to pay for the postage…Not ruddy Happy !

  • Damn I missed out!

  • Wow that was OzBargained fast.

  • I just got one says 4 left be quick

  • +3
    • "JFK" Thanks for you heads up on that link. Really did not think I was going to buy one of these, certainly don't need

      it, but as I was even offered $15 for my fist purchase on Latitude pay,

      got it for $39.99 delivered and could not pass that up lol.

  • +2

    got an email saying it got dispached today so fingers crossed

    • +2

      Same, the excitement is real

    • +1

      Yes me too, quite surprised i was expecting a refund due to pricing error.

      • +1

        did you guys get the tracking number and courier , i got mine but i cant find thta courier anywhere to track the parcel , the courier they used is called
        VIC-PARITY ?, do anyone know them or the website to track the parcel? thanks

        • Yeah same, I ordered the other one too and it's using the same courier.

          Edit: Just tried it in Fastway tracking and it looks like it's with them.

  • I received this instead of the winch! It is the same price $54.95, so guess an error made somewhere. Did this happen to anyone else?

    Solar Charge Controller

  • I just got the same thing… A SOLAR contoller - WTF

  • Same. I started a complaint with catch. How does this usually get resolved?

    • Lol. It gets resolved by them refunding your money and letting you keep a free solar controller.

      What's the problem here?

  • Do they actually have a store front?

  • same here received A SOLAR charge contoller :-(

  • likewise - charge controller. Bugger!

  • Yeah same here, they say its out of stock but still selling them on ebay

  • just got refund also let me keep the charge controller .

  • Got a refund too - no explanation nothing so I guess I get to keep the controller too

  • Yes got a SOLAR charge controller, would of rathered the winch but getting a MPPT controller for free cant complain. Thanks Catch for doing the right thing, i will put it to use.

    • Be warned, my Solar Charge Controller rattles when shaken.

      I guess there is no warranty?

      • Considering it was free there's probably a 2x2 warranty… 2 minutes or 2 steps, whichever comes first unfortunately.

  • I can see it now.
    Bloke: Hey mate can you give me winch
    Ozbargainer: Sure here use this it can handle 20amps

  • I freaked out when I got those solar controller , immediately checked all my accounts if I have had bought anything on sale that I don’t remember .

    • I did this too and think I found something else that I don't remember paying for from Zapals Tech Corporation.
      Also got the refund from Catch. Super quick from them! Impressed.

  • they sent me solar controller wtf?

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