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Huawei Freebuds 3 + Wireless Charging Pad Noise Cancelling Buds $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks to be a repeat of this previous deal which ended.

Black or white options, with a charging pad for free.

Thanks to onlinepred for drawing my attention to it.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    snagged the white ones last time this deal was around.
    a really seamless experience with my mate 20, pretty good sound for the price, wouldn't recommend these for someone looking for good ANC option however.

  • These vs the airpods 2? Opinions?

    • +1

      These by a mile.

      • Hey, care to elaborate on why these are better? Thanks :D

        • +10

          Anc, sound through bigger drivers, mic has wind cover to reduce wind noise, battery life is slightly better, and these have anc.

    • +3

      I had Airpods before I bought these. The active noise cancelling whilst it blocks most out, it feels like I'm under water with it. The feeling it gives my ear drum.
      However, besides that I absolutely love these, and the bonus wireless charging pad is a definite win!

    • These would be better. Unless u were lucky enough to get airpods 2 for $99 in the last eBay sale in March.

  • +5

    I have these and bought them specifically for calls.

    I think the build quality is excellent, they are also excellent for calls.

    Audio quality is OK.

    ANC is sub par.

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      Thanks for your review, very helpful (not sarcasm, it's hard to tell on here)

    • Looking for some that are good for calls to. Can these connect to two devices at the same time and can you use just one for calls?

  • +1

    Excellent for calls I agree. Similar to airpods but works better when connect to phone than airpods imo. ANC is a bonus at this price now.

  • Agree with the comments above. Have been using for two months now. Great for calls, pretty solid for audio and ANC is okay but nothing amazing. Also point out they aren't the best for running (personally). I use silicone attachments when going for runs.

    I still love them and have no regrets considering I use Android, very seamless and the ANC bonus is a bit on an incentive.

    • Which silicone attachments? I am considering these and will use primarily for walking and jogging.

      • Just some general ones I got off Ebay, they do the job. Hard part is finding some that aren't coming from China, so might be a bit of wait.

        • Do you mind posting a link to the ones you got? Thanks

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    Edifiers are excellent for calls as well..but costs 30% of this price…

    • Tws200?

      • Yes https://www.scarbir.com/tws/edifier-tws200-review

        Now, for the million-dollar question for every AirPods alternative: how about the call quality? Good news: it's excellent. In fact, in February 2020, it probably delivers the best call quality of wireless earbuds under $100.

        Even in crowded office spaces, your voice sounds natural, both clearer and louder than the people around you. Other sound effects, like keyboard clicks and people walking around the place, are reduced strongly as well. The only moment it can become tricky, is the combination of walking and passing a loud crowd. Overall though, you can perfectly have a long phone call with these in an office space.

        Outside, calling is just as easy. The TWS200 diminishes traffic noises and wind noise and keeps focussing on your voice primarily. It's very convenient to have an extended phone call with these, further helped by the comfort this design provides.

        It's also perfect for watching videos. On Android and iPhone (including the challenging YouTube-app), the sound synchronizes perfectly with the video you see on screen. In shows and films, the sound is spacious too - it's easy to hear details everywhere in the scene.

        Unfortunately, there is a delay in the sound when playing games - as is the case in 95% of wireless earphones.

        • Yep that's the only place I could find a review. I would consider it, but many Reddit comments say the sound is worse than airpods, some connection issues like all cheap tws, and mic is worse, I would consider it if I was looking at cheap tws for sure! They seem to have good battery also. The freebuds is now if a comparison to airpods and airpods pro. Scarbir is all about cheap buds.

          These have a lot of tech in it.

          • @onlinepred: I saw these as well. Can't tell if it's a real review.
            Most no brand stuff on amazon have reviews saying the battery/link fails after 3 months.
            I don't need hifi qual, just sth that works for a few years.

    • Where's the best place to get TWS200?

      • +1

        AliExpress. China only.

        • Thankyou, I ordered one today

  • +8

    Love mine, been using them for a fair while, at $199 they're a bargain. I reviewed them here if you want

    • Thanks for sharing!

  • Cool just bought one.

    • Reviews for this is good. Question to all. Was considering the AirPod on promo for $199 or this for $199. Like for like which was should I go?

      • +1

        Hardware wise, you're getting a wireless charging case + charger included, which would drive you an extra $129 from Apple.

        They seem comparable spec wise, trading blows in terms of features and quality.

        If you're in the Apple ecosystem and the price doesn't bother you, probably go Airpods. If you're not super invested and want to save on cash, these seem like a good buy.

        • Thanks great feedback cheers

      • i am using Samsung and just bought airpods last week…it was ok.
        Now i see this so i can give that airpod to my wife and that works better with her iphone anyway

      • Keep in mind this has anc, and much more tech.

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    If you're like me and a sucker for a nice colour - red is going for 244 on Allphones' eBay page as well.

  • +1

    i will take the Sony 1000xm3 at this price entry.

    • Entirely different style of earpiece mate.

  • Am looking for something just for calls — this or the Edifiers tws200 (or something else)? Android user here

    • I hear the galaxy buds plus are great for calls.

  • +3

    These are the best for $200 range. The build quality, sound quality and battery is very good. I personally find the ANC good when I adjusted it to my binaural signature via the app.

  • Great timing, ordered. Thanks.

  • +3

    You can get them for $190 from a couple of places on ebay in white after using the 15% code.

    • Yep white only, save like $7. Black here is better deal with charger pad included.

      • Charging pad included on ebay to.

        • Yep had been updated

  • iPhone user here - this or the Airpods 2? Primary purpose being for calls.

    Can Siri be activated with these - hands free, voice activated?

  • Anyone owns both Plantronics Voyager and Huawei freebuds 3 so as can tell us about difference in call quality such as using while driving and walking? Thank you

  • Not sooo many detailed reviews of sound quality, i'm guessing the WF1000 Sony's will be better?

    • Yep semi in ear or open buds won't sound as good. Different style.

    • pretty sure people buy these for call quality

  • Do these have transparency mode like the Airpod pros?

    • They are open, so no need for it.

  • -1

    Was strongly considering these but the inability to just use one bud is a deal breaker. Back to sammys.

    • You can use the buds one at a time? What do you mean?

  • Awesome. Been looking for this, since Mobileciti are tightar$es and only pair a white set of buds with black charger. Bought one, thanks OP.

  • Hi all, this or galaxy buds + for $10 more from Samsung epp? Understand the galaxy+ don't have anc but most reviews say it's not that effective on the freebuds anyways?

  • Price looks to have dropped to $185.14 now.

  • Has anyone's shipped out yet?

    • Yep. Ordered Monday, arrived Wednesday.

      • Damn I ordered Saturday, still hasn't even shipped :(

        • Weird. Shipped from Melbourne for me.

  • It is AU$206.9 at Amazon. Have I missed a code?

    • Sorry typo mistake it is $202.98

      Or should I wait for the freebud 3i?

      • Key determinant is fit. If you prefer silicon buds wait, if not the freebuds 3,provided they fit well, are awesome.