This was posted 1 year 8 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[eBook] Airbus A320 Study Guide $0.99 (Normally around $35) @ Apple Books


Awesome systems guide for Airbus A320. Author has dropped the price of the book from around $35 to .99c.

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    I'll be up and flying in no time.

    Pity VA don't fly A320's, could have been some going cheap.

  • Thank you! I just bought it!

  • Thanks OP, purchased one!

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    Should read iOS not IPadOS. Works for iPhones too.

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      Also either $0.99 or 99c, not $0.99c šŸ¤˜

    • And also on Mac.

    • I posted it as iOS but it changed to iPad OS for some reason!

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    does it cover how to deal with snakes?

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      Yep, chapter 11!

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        Nah thats Chapter 7

  • Book 1 of Neil Gaimans Sandman is also 0.99 so there might be a few specials available.

  • Good timing OP , I am applying for new job .

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    Wonder if could buy one of the A320s parked on the runway to strip it of handsanitiser. Could work out a cheaper way to get hand sanitiser.

    • Don't forget the toilet paper in the lavs.

    • Cheaper than a house.

  • Gee, wish this was priced the same for Android or PC but its sells for $50 on the PlayStore :(

  • Hehehe. Landing chapter not required.

  • V1 rotate AP on. Done.

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      So you leave the gear down ?

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        Meh fuel is cheap right now

      • Co-Pilots job.

  • Too bad the Boeing 737 didn't have one…pilots had to do a one hour computer course.

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      The one hour course was for already 737 type rated pilots to fly the 737 Max.

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    Hahah I fly the A320 but we have been stood down on LWOP by our airline, so I now work at Woolies šŸ˜‚

    Never thought Iā€™d see this type of this on the onbargain home page!

    • Pilot strike of 1989 helped make Jim's mowing successful so don't feel bad.

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    Seems to be coming up as $89.99 guessing it's over …

    • +1

      for me too

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