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Free Roadside Assistance for All Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Firefighters, Police Officers @ AAMI (Includes Non-AAMI Customers)


Call AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist on 1800 7447 275 and have your driver licence details, car’s registration number and your best contact phone number handy. We will ask you to briefly provide details of your employment to confirm your eligibility for AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist. We’ll also ask you where your car is and what’s happened to it.

We're offering Free Roadside Assist to all doctors, nurses, paramedics, police and firies Australia-wide until 31 Dec 2020. AAMI & non-AAMI customers.

To get you where you need to be, we'll assist with flat batteries, flat tyres, emergency fuel, towing and lost or locked keys. Read the T&Cs for all the info.

AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist is a dedicated roadside assistance service for your car and is provided by AAMI’s supplier, Digicall Assist Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest premium roadside assistance providers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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  • Wow. Thank you.

  • We do not cover service calls that are the result of:
    •accident damage, break in or attempted break in of your car
    •failure to use reasonable care, e.g. repeatedly/ intentionally running out of fuel
    •failure to carry out regular preventative car maintenance
    •inappropriate or inadequate maintenance or repair, whether intentional, negligent or
    •otherwise, e.g. not replacing a failing battery
    •incorrect fuel or contaminated fuel added to the fuel tank
    •car owner or driver related faults including faults which existed prior to the commencement of AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist
    •not following the instructions of your car’s manufacturer, repairer, AAMI or us
    •inappropriate or incorrect fitting of parts or accessories
    •breakdowns that arise from any attached caravan or trailer or their couplings.

    We won’t provide our service when:
    •there are inadequate resources in the area where your car has broken down, for example where there are no tow trucks or repairers available
    •circumstances are beyond our control, such as extraordinary delays caused by extreme weather conditions, a severe accident or traffic congestion
    •unexpected or disruptive events such as war, strikes, storms or other such unexpected events occur that prevent us from assisting you.

    t and c's extract

  • The newly unemployed can push

  • +24 votes

    This is stupid. As if a doctor cannot afford $70 a year for when their Mercedes breaks down. How about offering this to the people without jobs. sheesh!

    • not sure why negged, seems a reasonable comment to me….this is clearly a bandwagging marketing exercise rather than a meaningful social service. I don't have a problem with the offer, but agree with gviddy's sentiment

      • Twos major insurers (with comprehensive insurance purchase) and some manufacturers provide complimentary roadside assistance nowadays.

        • NRMA
        • Suncorp
        • AAMI (Suncorp Group)

        Good marketing, like what others have said.

    • Nurses don’t earn anywhere near doctor wages but if they did the promo just for the nurses and not the doctors then there would be a backlash, defeating the point of the gesture in the first place. Uptake from broken down Mercedes drivers, without existing roadside assistance, wanting to cash in on a freebie would be small enough to not justify being exclusionary anyhow.

    • As a doctor this is pure marketing. I doubt there are very many doctors who will need to take this offer up. Most would have their vehicles well insured if it is worth anything. AAMI does this so they can appear 'woke' to their shareholders and insurance members. They get a good marketing strategy for the next 8 months and they will only get a very minor uptick in people using this service. Credit where credit is due, they are giving out a service they are not obligated to. Not going to knock that. Just being aware this is marketing.

    • How does people without jobs afford to drive?

    • Don't worry, I think doctors have better things to do than browsing OzBargain and looking for bargains right now.

      • I'm a doctor. Still on ozb

      • Dont see why you are negged.

        Its true, my ozb activity has plummeted since the COVID-19 outbreak to front page email deals only…

        Simply too exhausted and time stretched and dealing with societal expectations on top.

        From experience these type of campaigns target doctors as our earning capacities can be through the roof in some cases and many of the most skilled are too preoccupied to bother with switching providers so the small goodwill offered now can go a long way. It also makes AAMI appear to be assisting with the COVID-19 response.

        Of course I feel bad for those who need it more like the unemployed and other unsung heroes like the cleaners, truckies, couriers, teachers and just everyday persons doing their bit to help keeping our essentials and the world going. They are the ones who deserve it more but not many things in life are 'for free' as other ozbargainers have pointed out.

        I wont be tempted to sign up as I have a annual RACV subscription.

    • What a stupid comment, what about nurses that earn stuff all?

  • Yeah like my missus is going to ring for a free tow when she doesn't even feel entitled to a free coffee or soft drink from Macca's.
    Edit: Although noticing the finishing date of the deal, might be nice reassurance for when our state opens up later in the year for road trips to regional centres.

  • +11 votes

    Don't need the pharmacists, orderlys, Hospital cleaners etc.

    Doctors, nurses, police earn pretty good money. Paramedic and firies need the support more.

    • My FiL is a High school teacher (over 10 years) my wife is a ICU Nurse (over 10 years). FiL earns ~20% more and does not have to work 12 hour shifts or nights.
      So no, nurses do not earn pretty good money.

      • Yet teachers seem to have decided lately work is below them if you listen to their unions

        • teachers union supports every teacher no matter what - rape sexual assault list goes on- they defend everyone to the end.

          parents have to take on a lot of organisations when things go bad- the union, the ed department etc and have to deal with the damage at home.

          its why people move…and its one reason why teachers earn a good wage

      • Depends what's good money.

        Both can earn well above the nation mean. Teachers can have other 'bonuses' on top such as head of a subject, year or other administrative leadership duties to push their salary well iver $120,000. Often at that pay they do very little teaching and more management.

    • I didn't know this was a competition

    • Have you actually any idea how much a paramedic earns? And firies don’t need this deal. They can’t drive when they are sleeping (on the job) all the time. After all, they have to be fresh when they attend their ‘other job’ later in the day.

      • Yeah I use to work at Public Safety Business Agency in Queensland. QPS, QAS and QFES sit under that department. Paramedics deserve so much more than they get paid. It doesn't matter if they are a paramedic or advanced paramedic. Still no where near enough.

    • I don't think it's about the money. All the pharmacists I know earn way more than I ever will but I think it would have been nice if they were included.

      Last I heard, a pharmacy can't even open doors if it doesn't have at least one pharmacist there and getting medicine is pretty critical.

  • What about Childcare Workers and Super Market staff who don;t earn much? They have been working looking after everyone.

    • They’re neither healthcare nor emergency workers.

      • The reason why Childcare is mentioned: Because they have no choice to maintain distance from the child or to wear PPE equipment's.

        The example: Western Sydney childcare centre closed after 4yo tests positive
        A western Sydney childcare centre has closed after a four-year-old child tested positive for COVID-19.

        The Bright Minds childcare centre at Cranebrook has been closed today, after the child attended the centre for two days while infectious.

        Please Note: I am not a Childcare Worker or Super Market Worker but just thought that Childcare one is bit hard.

    • I’m sure this will be taken negatively, but super market staff and childcare workers are doing their job like millions of other people are continuing to do so at this time. Some with public facing jobs, some who aren’t public facing. If they are still able to go into work they’re probably more fortunate than many other unfortunate people working in cafes, small retailers and the like who have been told not to come in or made redundant.

      Not saying those aren’t important services by any means, but I’m not sure why those two jobs need to be singled out over many other types of workers that have continued to go in to work. The people still earning a salary (and yes I believe this applies to doctors too), are probably the fortunate ones who are able to cover their roadside assistance.

      • Millions of Australians still go to work 5 days a week to keep the country running. Should they all get free stuff?

        People should just be thankful that they have a job and not be envious of emergency workers getting free stuff.

      • So,

        If a doctor and a cashier are both on there way to work and break down, which one do you think will be missed more?

      • THIS. 100%

        I saw a quote the other day I really resonated with:

        "Everyone's job is essential not because of what we do or how we do it, but because it's the way we make our living." — Lindsey Graham

  • Checkout chicks are the real heroes!

  • Virtue signalling gone retarded

  • Allied health aren't included… Are PhD's eligible?

  • Are SES volunteers included? I can’t find anything about that? Or do they count to the firefighters?

  • What about Security Guards?


    • Not frontline?

      • they're as front line as it gets. No barriers what so ever and forced to touch the patient's prescription. Not to mention other important health care professionals like dentist and Optoms who lost their jobs or hours cut/reduced. I have a Doctor and nurse in my family so I believe this should extend out to other health care professionals too

        • but then again no one is entitled to anything. I rather AAMI extend it to all health care professionals or do nothing at all

        • They have barriers. Drop by a chemist warehouse and see the large perspex screens at the counters. Staff also use gloves and masks. Touching patients prescriptions isn’t a problem seeing that there is no cure for COVID.

  • I'm stunned about the massive number of 'what about' comments…. I might as well complain "what about people that don't have a car and don't drive?"….
    So an insurer is offering a marketing deal to some segments of the community, great. If it doesn't apply to your preferred subcategories of employment, oh well maybe next time.

  • I assist nurses and doctors by doing my job. Why do I not count?

  • +1 vote

    Thank you AAMI.

  • Thanks OP and AAMI

  • This thread just shows how self centred and selfish people on this site are. Yeah you might be doing it tough but you’re not on the front line being bitten and spat on. This is offer is a nice gesture and the “what about me” mentality is sick.

    • Majority of the Dr and nurses wouldn't need this offer at all. It's the low end workers like cleaners/ porter's/ security and so on are the ones struggling to make the ends meet and would make the service gestures put to real use. Don't you think they also should be included? Those are also the people who take verbal/ physical abuse and get spatted on. Don't you think it's unfair to exclude them?

      • Majority of the Dr and nurses wouldn't need this offer at all. It's the low end workers like cleaners/ porter's/ security and so on are the ones struggling to make the ends meet and would make the service gestures put to real use. Don't you think they also should be included? Those are also the people who take verbal/ physical abuse and get spatted on. Don't you think it's unfair to exclude them?

        It's to keep these professionals at work where they can be of use because the services they can offer are more critical. Cashiers/Cleaners/Me/etc can be more easily replaced on short notice based on skill set requirements and qualifications. It's not a matter of fairness as they weren't excluded - they just weren't included.

        While it does indirectly help, the gesture is not to save money, provide welfare or to make people feel better about facing difficulties in their jobs. That is in no way the responsibility of AAMI, it's unfair to have such expectations from a company who is already doing this much out of goodwill.

      • @rize2love - I agree with your sentiment but you have to realise that most of these companies are pulling these stunts purely to score brownie points with the public, and to jump on the bandwagon. i.e. call me a cynic, but they're not genuinely out to help people who are struggling or to help out frontline efforts - if they did, they would provide incentives to the most vulnerable sectors of society, or offer to buy PPE for frontline healthcare workers

        (I mean this in the nicest way possible - I'm a medical practitioner myself)

    • Exactly. It's less about helping the individual in the specific profession to save money, and more about helping to secure their availability to get to work and provide their services.

    • I commented above saying what about… so I want to assure you that it's not a me too comment. I'm am definitely not front line and of course I'm not saying I should get anything for free just because I think others should be included. I am speaking up for all the others who are front line and won't be included because their role isn't so well known. When people think of front line, they think doctors and nurses primarily. But they are only a very small portion of the front line workers.

      On a side note, I do support front line but fortunately I can do that from home.

  • I accidentally called NRMA by accident instead of AAMI lol. NRMA transferred me over to RACQ and offered me a one off free road side assist. They are on their way now. Looks like I'll still have access to AAMI if my car dies again…