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20% off at CPAP Australia


Got an email from CPAP Australia after ordering offering 20% off, no dates on the email but the T's & C's state
This offer starts on 20 April 2020
This offer finishes on 30 June 2020
(see: ww2.cpapaustralia.com.au/hubfs/Promotions/CPAP-Australia-20-discount-T&Cs-May-2020.pdf )
The email clearly says to share with family & friends, so here you go
EDIT: Receive 20% off when you purchase any CPAP mask, accessory or sleep
health products when using promotional code CPAPSAVE20.

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CPAP Australia
CPAP Australia

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    From the T&Cs - Receive 20% off when you purchase any CPAP mask, accessory or sleep
    health products when using promotional code CPAPSAVE20.

    • This offer excludes CPAP devices, trials, all rentals, and therapy plans.
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      Should be in description, thanks for posting.

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  • What's a CPAP?

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      Sleep apnea machine. I know the bargain force is strong, but this isn't a great thing to buy just because it's on sale.

      • Ah cheers. The link didn't goto a website.

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    • Buy any therapy mask or accessory and get 50% off your second item - may be of interested to some, but doesn't stack.
    • Also up to 42% off resmed masks at Cpapclub

    Even with these discounts the majority of accessories & masks are still going to be cheaper on eBay.
    Everything CPAP is so overpriced - get any discount you can.

    • Definitely eBay if you know exactly what you want, but I’m having trouble with facial redness at the moment with Full Face Masks and Nasal Masks, so going to order a Nasal Pillow/Cradle direct through a website that gives the 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee in case they don’t work well for me!

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        Resmed F30 is a loose fit. Also pawpaw cream can help.

        • Sadly that’s exactly what I’m running! Seems my skin is suddenly having a reaction to the silicone in the masks after about 4 months of being on CPAP. Both the Nasal Mask and the F30 I have start leaving red marks from the silicone that last the entire next day. Mask liners help but I’d prefer not using them. My pressure is 18 so I generally need the straps pretty tight.

          Would love the Bleep mask to be available in Aus but it’s not just yet so gonna try the P30i / N30i

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            @MBix: Check out the Philips Dreamwear mask.
            Pipe comes out the top of your head like a teletubby, but the parts that are in front of your face are very streamline and soft for side sleepers. Love it.

          • @MBix: F30 is not designed to be tight - it should float, even at 18.
            I think once you get a rash, the skin needs a few days to recover.
            Also check the mask is clean & not worn out (especially because you're strapping that thing down hard).
            Best of luck.

            • @mlakmlak: It's fairly tight to the point where it's getting minimal leaks. Any looser and the leaks skyrocket, I've been using some Remzzz liners with it lately and getting some better results, no facial redness. It's basically a fine line I need to walk to get the mask as loose as it can be without leaking, the mask still "inflates" like a hovercraft so it's probably not overtightened but right on the border.

              @UFO I used the Dreamwear during my trial and absolutely loved it, I actually love the F30 as well, both have seen my AHI drop from 140+ to under 5! It's more so just the reaction my skin is having lately that annoys me. I generally give it a decent clean once a week, as well as a quicker clean every 2/3 days!

              All just trial and error at this point, the main thing is that the CPAP side of things is working well. Thanks for the tips though, the more information the better for this kinda thing :)

              • @MBix: I recently moved to the ResMed AirFit F30i. I can even sleep on my front with it. The only problem I've experienced is that the hose sometimes pulls out of where it plugs in on top of your head, but that's probably because I roll around so much.

    • That's true, but from personal experience their support has been great. Having the option to go to a physical store to get support if things aren't working out is helpful especially if this stuff is new to you.

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      Thanks. Have been looking for this mask to use while watching TV :-) At last got it https://www.cpapclub.com.au/resmed-airfit-p30i-pillows-mask :-)

      • Are you watching TV or sleeping?

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    Some good prices in there, $60 for the mask I use (or $112.50 for two with the 50% deal, applies automatically) is cheaper than any ebay sellers. Retails for $95.

    • Assuming you don't have two heads, why would someone need more than one mask?

      Genuinely curious as I have a family member looking into CPAP at the moment.

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        By mask I meant cushion, they need to be replaced once a year. They go on sale so rarely that I'm thinking about grabbing 2.

        Rest of the mask I assume lasts as long as the machine does, so long as it's kept clean.

        • freefall101 Which company has the 50% deal please? Not enough oxygen to my brain to work out which company you bought from lol - Thank you :)

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            @BigLoveDeb: Same company, second item is 50% off accessories, applies automatically in the inbox.

            • @freefall101: CPAP Australia or CPAP Club? Sorry to be so dense lol

              • @BigLoveDeb: cpap australia, it's in the banner at the top of their page :)

                Buy any therapy mask or accessory and get 50% off your second item* - T&Cs apply

      • It really depends on what mask you have as your primary from what I’ve experienced and read about other users. Sometimes a nasal pillow mask isn’t great if you have a cold and blocked nose so during those times you can switch to a nasal mask or full face mask. Never hurts to have a spare either just in case.

      • When you have a CPAP, its always good to have a back up.

        It's essential equipment for those that have been prescribed it (the thought of even going away for a few nights without it is not an option for me!), and when you first get a breakdown (all things wear out eventually!), it's nice to be able to reach into the cupboard for a back up mask.

        Yes they deteriorate with age, but kept in the dark, in a vacuum sealed bag, and it'll last enough for you to get around to replacing the back up one.

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    I thought for a second the title said CRAP lol

    • Looking to buy some, got a farm near me 😁

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    Some are Cheaper there without needing code

  • https://blackburnnews.com/windsor/windsor-news/2020/04/21/fi...

    Firefighters who suffer from sleep apnea across Ontario have been told not to use their CPAP machines for fear they may contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

    That includes firefighters with Windsor Fire and Rescue Services. The Windsor Professional Firefighters Association confirmed to BlackburnNews.com its members were told to leave those machines at home.

    The concern is that the machines, called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, can aerosolize the virus when the patient exhales. Anyone who is in the room with the person using the device is at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

    The machines treat sleep apnea linked to other health problems, including stroke and heart attack. Symptoms of sleep apnea include not only loud snoring but also sleepiness during the day, which can be problematic for first responders like firefighters.

    Local denturist Dr. Pat Strong told BlackburnNews.com he started getting emails last week from firefighters concerned without their CPAP machines, they would not be able to perform as well on the job, so he set to work providing an alternative.

    Saying it is just the right thing to do, Strong and Oventus Medical are offering firefighters in Windsor, London, Sarnia and Toronto oral appliances to treat their sleep apnea free of charge. Already, Strong has fitted ten local firefighters with the appliance and predicts more, too, will come forward.

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    came here for CRAP comments

    sigh. just one spotted so far

  • Code not working for F&P hose and filters unfortunately

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    Saved $80 on a product with standard pricing everywhere. Thanks!

  • I just had a sleep study done at the hospital, they could suggest me what type of mask to buy but only told me to get a fixed pressure cpap as I apparently don't need an automatic one, could someone recommend me a machine as it's quite difficult to find some objective info (most info come from commercial website)

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