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Genuine Leather Wallet - One $7.99 Shipped Two or More $5.99 Shipped @ Firstchoice_store eBay


Hi all, I am here with another deal for stock clearance..

all stock must go. please take advantage for this great offer

Click Here for single wallet

Click Here for Two Wallet


ABN 94 605 058 400

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  • How thin is the wallet?

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      It has a coin pouch with press stud so not that thin.

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    Cannot add 2 to carts

    • please let me check.. i made sure everything was fine before putting deal live.. still gonna double check.


      • Can’t add 2 to cart.Says, Buyer blocked due to item count limit exceeded

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      Hi, just updated listing and put a link for two wallet

      • Thanks

  • Site says seller only allows buying 1 item per 10 days. Can’t order 2 .

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    Bought last two times,i recommended the quality and good seller.

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    "Genuine leather" indicates that it is crap quality.
    "Genuine" is the lowest grade available. Top grain and full grain are far better and wallets made of these will last for years longer than genuine grade.

    • -8

      Captain genius top grain is a measurement of how the leather is cured. Unless you have ordered from these guys and found that it is man made leather you are just trolling. Mind you I have nothing for or against the OP or the product your statement is ridiculous

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        You didn't manage to read the link did you?

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        It's not curing it's how the leather is split. Top grain leather is split from the main hide so it's thinner and more workable. 'Genuine' leather is the left over scraps after all the good stuff is used. Curing is a chemical process to stop the leather rotting over time.

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        His statement is fact. You're the troll here mate.

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        Can’t believe this comes up deal after deal on OzB.
        Sheikyerbouti is quite correct. “Genuine leather” is the lowest grade of “real” leather you can buy. If you want top quality you need to look for “full grain” or “calf leather” similar.
        Genuine leather, as all long term OzBargainers know is bonded leather (generally thin layers glued together) to make it look like the real thing.
        These wallets are made from low grade, low cost bonded leather & there are thousands just like them on eBay. Just run a search for “genuine leather wallet” and see for yourself.

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      What are you expecting for $8? …

      • +19

        Then its not a bargain. Paying $8 for something worth $8 isn't a bargain, paying $8 for something worth $30 would be a bargain.

        • Are these wallets available for $8 (shipped) normally? Just asking. If not, I will buy now and thank OP; call it a deal or not. If they do, let's pass. As simple as that.

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      Genuine just means genuine. It can be crap tier genuine.

      Full grain leather is also genuine leather. Being genuine doesn't mean it is crap tier necessarily.

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        No, the actual term "Genuine Leather" is an indicator of grade. Read the link.

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          No, the actual term "Genuine Leather" is not an indicator of grade.
          Things are not graded using words like "genuine"

          It's just that sellers use the term "genuine leather" because it is real leather and sounds better than "bonded leather" which is what it generally is.

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            @spaceflight: Exactly. Genuine leather can just mean it is genuinely leather. For example, I am a genuine homosapien

        • The ad does mention "100% cowhide leather".

          Having said that from the photos the wallet certainly looks like it's worth $6-8 bucks - YMMV.

    • +2

      I am using the wallet I purchased from this guy… It has been 4+years and still great. So if U ask me…. I shall definitely vouch for it.

      This is a good deal. Will definitely gonna get one.

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    do you guys sell alcohol????

  • The seller only allows buyers to purchase 1 item every 10 days.

    • Use the link that has 2x wallets under the one listing. Adding qty 2 of the single item listing also didn't work for me

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    I bought one of these but can't find it any more because it is made out of hide

  • Got one, thanks

  • I purchased this wallet 2 years ago, same seller. Pretty good, except the coin pouch is starting rip open at the bottom.

  • Bought one, thanks OP.

  • I got one for $10 probably two years ago. Quality is OK for $10, but two of the card pockets are a little too tight.

  • Got one 2 years ago, slightly different design, but very happy with the quality for $10 back then. It's still going strong.

    Assuming these are similar quality, 2 for $12 is a steal.

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    Offered 9 bux for 2 offer accepted 4.5 each

  • What's the usual price?

  • Lol you can only buy once limited to one purchase only

  • +1

    I made an offer that was declined now it says I cant buy one as I have purchased one in the last 10 days…

    • Did u offer $1?

      • +1


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          Good to cover GST

  • +12

    Can I afford it? - yes
    Do I need it? - no
    Can I be without it - yes
    Didn't buy; money saved - $8 - true bargain for me! :)
    Not trolling, thanks for post op, i'm sure this will be handy for many.

    • +1

      Same here all I need is on my phone. Wallets are a thing of the past for me anyway.

      • +2

        Really? People still keep wallets for drivers licence, Medicare, insurance cards, some occassional cash etc. Where do you keep this stuff?

        • +1

          There is a Nsw drivers licence app
          I don’t carry cash anymore pay with my phone or watch
          Health insurance don’t carry them unless I need them. Medicare same as doctors already keep this info.

          Fly buys, Woolworths rewards loyalty cards there are apps for this too.

          • +1

            @Mahalo: i think i will go all mobile next year.

    • You're an inspiration to all ozbargainers
      Care to join us at our next Impulse Buyers Anonymous meeting?

  • Bogesi from AliExpress are much better quality. Stylish too.

  • You're currently winning or have bought the maximum number of this seller's items allowed in the last 10 days. I haven't bought anything yet!

  • The seller only allows buyers to purchase 1 item every 10 days.

  • Still too chonky for me, but nice deal. Thanks :)

  • Is genuine leather the brand, like changing your first name to professor,

  • Of course for this price it is not going to be top grade leather, and from closer look on the photos it does not look like it is particular durable…

  • I bought a leather wallet from these guys over 3 years ago from another deal. Still going strong.

  • +1

    In this day and age, who is still buying wallets with coin pouches?

    • +1

      It depends on where you go…if you travel to countries where cash is still used predominantly, then its nice to have wallets with coin pouches.

      If in Sydney, then no real need for a wallet I think. I use my phone to pay everything these days. I still carry a card holder for some loyalty cards that cannot be put on the phone (only has magnetic stripe at the back).

    • +1

      That's where you store your "protection"

      • I like it like my jeans. Raw.

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    Bought this a while ago for $10 and put it to good use.
    Did the job for me until the seam broke between the notes and the cards section.

    Seriously, the OzBargainer wallet of choice.
    The only cheaper alternative is folding a wallet from paper. :D

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    Is this the official ozbargain wallet?

  • +7

    What's special about this wallet compared to the thousands of others on eBay? It looks just like every other one I can see when I do a search.

    • -1


  • Not a fan of the superfluous coin pouch with push-stud. But for $7.99 I'm going to cut off the pouch flap and unstitch the pouch. What could go wrong?

  • Hey OP, why is the 2 wallet option saying sold out but single wallet still available? Can I just put 2 wallets in my cart with offer of $12?

    • -1

      Coz now his dud item is popular thanks to Ozbargain

  • OP got any wallets with a zip section behind the notes?

  • +1

    The coin pouch is useless making it even more thicker. I like it as thin as possible.

  • +1

    Only limited 1 wallet now

  • +1

    I made a few offers
    Highest was $6.00

    All declined, unsurprisingly

  • +1

    Yep and after accepting my order and paying for it they today CANCELLED it for no reason sent refund … never again will i deal with them

  • does anyone know any other ebay stores that have similar wallets, similar priced?

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