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Samsung Galaxy A71 $524.30 ($474.30 with $50 off Offer Code for Mailing List Signup) @ Samsung Education Portal


Samsung A71 $524.30 ($225 off) with free express delivery
Discounted price through Samsung EPP

RRP usually $749 on regular Samsung store

Please note these are AU Samsung education portal prices. Maybe different prices on other EPP portals.

Be sure to stack with the $50 Off Coupon to get the best price of $474.30
*Note it takes up to 24 hrs for Samsung to send the $50 off coupon via email

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  • +1

    Good deal,thanks op.

    • Agree, this deserves more upvotes, especially as the code takes it to the next level

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    Bought one earlier upon looking at reviews. Highly recommend if you can access the Samsung EPP with a ".edu.au" email address. Haven't seen anything like this price for AU genuine stock anywhere.

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    Perhaps a silly question - does anyone know if there's an "expiry" on the $50 off coupon? I'm thinking of waiting for S20 Note but would like to confirm coupon now

    • -2

      What's an S20 Note?

      • -2

        Yeah the s20 note doesn't exist?

        • +1

          Ha 3 negs. I did say "waiting" - it's all but confirmed in name. I have ongoing access to EDU store, and I'm planning on buying the next generation Note when it comes out.

          • @Griefbringer: Probably the reason for the negs is because assuming it'll keep the same naming, it'll be the "note 20" instead of the "S20 note", like the current note device is the "note 10" not the "s10 note".

    • +2

      Not sure about the EPP offer code but on the regular Samsung site's offer code the T&C's state "Discount off eligible purchases equal to or greater than $200 on the Samsung Online Store (shop.samsung.com/au) from 9.00am (AEST) on 19 November 2019 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 30 June 2020"

      So I would imagine it would be around the same timeframe.

      • Thanks! That does help.

    • +1

      Signed up for the code a few days ago and on my email when I got the coupon it said this: "Discount off eligible purchases equal to or greater than $250 on selected Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program sites from 9.30am (AEDT) on 17 January 2020 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 22 June 2020."

      • +1

        I also got "…17 January 2020 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 22 June 2020…"

        I have signed up on or day/two before 24 Jan, the email w the code is dated 24th Jan


        • +1

          Cheers for the replies, that does help!

  • A90 is 699 aswell at JB and HM.

    • +3

      A71 has a headphone jack. A90 doesn't. I prefer that over 5G connectivity at this time.

    • -1

      Kogan selling A90 Australian model for 599+delivery

      Close call between A71 and A90.

      • +2

        There's a bit of discussion as to whether the A90 Kogan is selling is actually an Australian Model.

      • eBay sale recently had A90 for $580ish Aus stock

  • +1

    I have been waiting since couple of days after signing up but couldn't get the discount code. Tried to get some help from chat but they said it's marketing team's offer and they can't help.
    Any idea how long it takes usually?

    • +1

      it states in the T&C's off that offer that you can contact [email protected] for assistance following up about the code

      • Oh great.

        • +1

          I also waisted 24hrs and nothing came through. I emailed online support and the code came through not long after. I also suggest to contact them.

    • +2

      I found that I could not get a discount code with one of my university emails but could with the other university. Didn't even go to my junk mail! They must have different spam settings or something.

      To get around it, sign up to the newsletter again with a different email address. It doesn't have to be a .edu.au email. Make sure you sign up after logging into the education portal not before otherwise the code won't work!

      • +1

        How do you sign up to the newsletter again? The automatic pop up doesn't come up now when I sign into the education portal

  • Is this the new permanent price or is this a limited time deal?

    • couldn't see an expiry on the deal

  • +2

    Good value for money. This one has Snapdragon 730 with a headphone jack, a sd card expansion slot, NFC, B28 and a local warranty. So-called Chinese value phones such as Realme 6 Pro would be probably available at $450~$500 with Snapdragon 720G. Think about that.

    • +2

      Indeed - also attractive feature for me is Dual-SIM + MicroSD slot

    • +4

      DXOMark absolutely slaughtered its camera though, not like people use such indicator to buy phone anymore but I do think Samsung should have paid more attention to their mid-range camera software, as their mid range is actually sells heaps more.

      • Apparently the A51 got software updates that helped the camera? I wonder if the A71 got the same since launch?

        Or is there an app you can download to improve it?

      • The comments say that DXOMark didn't set up the camera properly, rating a lower-res output than the camera is capable of.

        • +1

          Samsung issued a few software updates that really stabilised the camera and in my opinion made it much better. Still not flagship quality but pretty good. Can always get a GCam or Camera Go apk.

        • +2

          Nobody is going to shoot in 64mp, that going to take several seconds to process a no HDR non Night mode photo in good lighting. The same way DXOMark did not try to shoot Huawei phones in 40-50mp. All these high mp sensors are mainly used for Quad Bayer to produce 10-27mp photos, not 40-108mp photos.

          In fact the detail difference is Minor between 16MP and 64MP photos.

          Also GCAM port won't work properly with these high MP sensor as Google themselves did not program it for this. E.g the Redmi Note 8 Pro with 64MP sensor, GCam has better colour and white balance but horrible detail Vs stock cam. GCam isn't magic.

          • @Bigboomboom: Aw not even gcam can save the camera? That sucks. i was treating it as magic until now haha.

  • Did anyone else get invalid code when trying to apply the promo code in checkout? I just got my promo code but it comes up as invalid.

    • +2

      If you sign up to the newsletter on the home page without logging into the education portal, you will get a coupon code that only works on the regular store. To get a coupon code that works on the education portal you must first login. After that, you get a popup that's slightly different. You can use the same email to sign up. It will then say they will send you a coupon code in around 24 hours. It takes between 6-24 hours to receive it.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thank you!

  • I can confirm its really good phone.
    I have received it 5 days before with price of $550.

    Do they refund difference for price drop?
    Not sure if they have price protection.


    • How is the camera and how loud are the speakers please?

      • +1

        Camara is amazing 64 megapix. I can only say if you take a picture of your beard then actually you can count how much hair you hold. :)

        Damn had quick chat with Samsung they refused to pay difference.

  • Noob question: Do I need to necessarily be a student to benefit from Samsung education portal? Is there a way around it?

    • Students or teachers I believe. Nothing's topping you from signing up to a free tafe course to get an email account though.

  • It doesn't have ois….I am really tempted though

  • if you're waiting for more than 24 hours, check your email's clutter or spam folder for the discount code..

    • +1

      My discount code said invalid :/

      • +1

        Did you read pacman99's post above? You need to sign up for the voucher from within the education portal, not the first pop-up you get from the generic store.

        Easy mistake to make and kind of lame on Samsung's part in my view - surely it couldn't be too hard to make the code link to a valid email address rather than a given store front (and therefore be useable in any storefront eligible by that email address).

  • $50 off your next purchase when you spend $250 or more @ Samsung Education Portal


  • +1

    Thank you!! Finally got my promo code 12+ hours later..

  • Anyone know how long the Samsung discount on this product (not referring to the $50 coupon specifically, but the phone) will be available for?

  • Thanks got one!

  • Thanks OP, this discount has brought the A71 within my budget.

  • This or Xiaomi Mi 9T?

  • Thanks OP, got it for $474 and I will use it as my backup phone. Ordered yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning. Very fast delivery!

  • Got my phone today. Has anyone been able to uninstall the netflix and facebook apps that was preinstalled on the phone? There is no uninstall option..

    • Hold the app icon for 2 secs, a delete option should pop up.

      • yeah, it only gives me disable option.. in the settings its also just disable and force stop which hides the app but is still installed on the phone.

        • Oh yeah. Seems like we can only disable it.

  • I ordered mine last Friday … still waiting for it. When i tried the $50 discount, it said invalid code .. fine print said not applicable to education portal .. so its interesting how you guys got it

    • +1

      you need to log in to the education store first BEFORE signing up to the newsletter. If you sign up outside of the edu store, your voucher will not be able to be used on the edu store.

  • patiently waiting for the code T-T

  • Has anyone found that display looks washed out? Colour contrast not as sharp?

    • I swapped my Display -> Screen Mode setting to vivid, and it looks much nicer to me now.

  • I'm keen on this deal but do not have edu.au email. Anyone willing to help a brother from another mother out? Thanks.

  • Worth jumping on this or would it be better to wait a couple weeks for the pixel 4a/4a xl?

  • Anyone had officeworks price match the edu store? Need a phone tomorrow as mine died, so can't wait for samsung delivery

  • Mine arrived on sunday switched from Note 10 surprisingly dont feel a difference and even Camera feels better then Note 10 pretty happy with it and even its a larger phone still has better grip then Note 10

    • Why the downgrade? It does have a nice screen, even comparing it to the new s20 line!

      • I didn't find anything special in Note 10 bought on jbhifi deal for paying 499 upfront sold it for 800 after using it 3 months and also claimed trs so definitely this one was a better choice for me planning to keep for 3 months now can not justify overpriced stuff from samsung these days if you open gumtree and look for android phones over 1000 95% will be samsung phones

  • -1

    Poor Samsung ordering process :( (Samsung EPP / EDU)

    I've initially placed an order on 30, April and waited for my phone to arrive but unfortunately, my order got auto-cancelled this morning due to system error in ordering process then I had to re-order it again but been advised by Samsung chat team that even my second order had faced another system issue although payment has been fully paid for both orders and no resolution nor compensation for both errors… Very disappointed with Samsung Australia customer service.

    Order Page: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/299421/79381/samsung_p...

    Error Page (2nd Order): https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/299421/79382/samsung_p...

    • How did you get it for $394.80?

      • Added my $50 discount coupon and added Samsung Care+. Total @ checkout $394.80

        • that doesn't make sense. the on sale price for the A71 was $524.30 which comes down to $474.30 after the $50 discount.

          How did adding Samsung Care+ for an extra $159 - result in your final checkout price of $394.80? Did you order a different phone?

          • @chillipaste: Well that what the system asked me to pay and done. Paid twice but no phone yet.

          • @chillipaste: My order is for Samsung A71

          • @chillipaste: It applies the Samsung Care plus half price discount to the phone instead, then charges another $159 for it. The total at checkout is $553.80. This is why the phone appears to be $394.80.

            • @arnavg2207: Well, I guess I'm lucky to some extent

              • @MOTORCAR: Thats probably why you got the processing errors. Probably how I managed to snag one after they went out of stock last night and briefly back in again this morning.

                • @bigbaddbaz: Until this moment, Samsung online sales via chat team has got no idea of what has gone wrong and they have stopped sale for Samsung Galaxy A71

  • Looked like it was back in stock last night..

  • When do you think it will be back in stock?

    • It's back in stock now. Just ordered one for $474 with the discount.

      • Thanks got one too:)

  • Great deal, thanks for sharing. Currently in stock

  • +1

    Anyone watching this, the Black colour is back in stock as of about midday today.

    • I didn't realise the $50 code was different for the main store and EPP/Government store! Have to wait for the code….

      • +1

        Mine came quite quickly when I signed up, hopefully yours is the same.

  • +1

    I really want to get this phone for my sister as she is due for an upgrade now her contract has expired. I'd rather she bought a phone outright and use the various pre-paid options in the market atm to ultimately pretty much halve her monthly costs and double amount of data compared to current plan with optus.

    If anyone could out of the kindness of their OzBargain hearts help me out with a edu.au account if they have spare orders left?? Pwease?!

    Even more amazing if they could sign up to the email discount for me too, I'd be forever grateful.

    Please PM me if you can help out as desperate to surprise her with a neat mid range phone. :)


  • +1

    For anyone looking to buy, both white and black are back in stock now

  • Out of stock again. Anyone know if office works will match the price?

  • Has anyone tried casting via smart view or outputting the screen via HDMI? I've not had any luck with either on my A71.

    The phone sees the network devices but refuses to cast or display anything on the other screen. Trying to connect it via a known working usb-C HDMI cable doesn't work either.

  • OK they were in stock briefly this morning, managed to snag one!

  • Thanks OP! Back in stock for both colours of this at the time of writing

  • Heads up that the Samsung A71 is now discounted by an additional EOFY 5% special @ $498.08 - $50 = $448.08.

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