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Free Crypto (UNIHASH) Guaranteed (Random Amounts) Per Day on Sosure App (One Chance Per Day)


Sosure app (New Cashback provider) currently have a "shake and win" chance to win crypto, one per day

You can access the shake and win in the wallet icon (4th icon from the bottom)

Each shake is guaranteed to win crypto at a random value . The crypto is UNIHASH which is currently $46

This can then be either transferred to your crypto wallet or redeemed for gift cards (Wish, Myer, eBay, etc)

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  • +1

    Most cryto is free, blowfish, AES, PGP, SSL, no shaking required

    • +13

      Pretty sure ssl has hand shaking.

      • +2

        Will an elbow bump do?

    • The App description reads as a restaurant app?

      • +1

        Yeah it is - it's like Liven, where you earn "cashback" paid out in UNIHASH. But they also have online shopping cashback and the mentioned gift card redemption.

  • +1

    I've been consistently getting 26c recently. Still free money and only takes around 20 seconds.

    • I just got 28c :)

    • Any minimum amount to withdraw the benefits?

      • +2

        You can redeem gift cards, but they also charge a 10% surcharge. I think the smallest gift card I saw was $5.

        No idea for transfers, sorry

        • +1

          I thought the minimum redemption value was $50, but could be wrong. Also a 15% surcharge which is pretty steep IMO.

    • The harder you shake the more points you get? Or does it not make a difference?

      • Been doing it for a few months, doesn't make a difference. I think it's supposed to but their code is broken, so just shake it a tiny bit and leave it to sit for 10 secs.

  • +1

    I just signed up via referral and won $2.8

  • -1

    can't even trade the crapcoin for real BTC or LTC

    • +1

      Yeah but you can trade it for food, which is infinitely better.

  • +1

    When I first started using this app in Dec 2019 you'd get 0.2 unihash, now it's 0.01. I used to get $3 a day or so and quickly racked up about $40 of credit to use at my local Chinese restaurant. Was good whilst the high numbers lasted.. haha. Still, 50c of credit is better than nothing. I set a reminder each day to do it as it's easy enough thats it's still worth it imo.

  • Signed up but getting incorrect password when logging in. Tried resetting and same error.

  • +1

    Signed up and some lucky bugger just got my referral of $10! ;-)

    • whats your referral code?

  • anyone got a referral code?

  • how sure are you about SoSure?

    • NotSoSure, I'm afraid.

  • That's cool, thanks for the information!

  • Referred a couple of friends and got $30.00 in credit,went to buy some cakes for kids,totally free.

  • I used a referral code but didn't get anything :/

  • What's the catch?

    • Another company collecting your information.. it’s just part of their marketing budget

      • errrr… I have used the shake feature out of curiosity. Am I screwed now?

  • i got some meals and stuff out of it. it was good!

    but now the app has changed to a spin the bottle thing and you never win anything …

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