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20% off (Max Discount $1000) @ digiDIRECT eBay


Just noticed this deal while browsing the app. Looks like a good discount, up to a maximum discount of $1000 and 5 uses.

Store link: https://www.ebay.com.au/str/digidirectstore

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at digiDirect Store on eBay in one transaction during the offer period, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. A maximum of five applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction or a total value of $1000). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

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    No Mavic Minis like last time

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    • That look slike a link to only a few selected products (24), but they have 1000+ on their ebay store

      • Comes up as 3,220 items to me.

        • Yes, fixed now and 3220 items on show :)

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    The Nikon z7 with 50 mm lens is priced well since you can redeem a second 50 mm lens from Nikon. You could then sell both Nikon lenses on eBay for about $1,200 net and it brings the camera body down to around $2,800.


    • Now available for body only, once you sell the redemption lens it would come about around $2600. There is only one left.


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    Good saving for some items. However, due to the Digi retail pricing, even after 20% off, the Fuji gear I looked at is still more expensive than other local competitors (genuine Aussie stores). Best to shop around.

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      Not all products are. The 35mm f2 is $421 vs $458 at camerapro. 23mm f2 is $479 vs $535 at camerapro. 50mm f2 is $501 vs $573. I'd probably still pay the extra for camerapros service but digidirect are slightly cheaper at the moment.

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      Not just fuji.
      They've actually raised the prices on several items even though the items company currently have price decrease that is meant to be global.

      E.g. Atomos Ninja V has a current sale price of $499 USD, which comes to around $775.
      It was $999 via digidirect on the 23rd. Now it's $1049 and still higher than what it should be after the 20% off.

      • That might be a slight price jack of the ninja, but it is the best price I've seen on it! Better than most people want to sell second hand. So tempted to drop the money. Someone else needs to buy them out so I don't!

        • dude this deal is 23 days old…

    • Yeh not for X-T camera bodies…. they've always been on par in my experience and even cheaper when 15% sitewides and now have joined ebay coupon sales?

      Dont reckon they'll load up the X-T4 before the sale ends though, even if they do get stock in time like other AU retailers are starting to get ;-)

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        They won't put the xt4 on eBay for a while. Alreqdy checked that.

        • No surprises there - but have seen genuine resellers ryda etc already up for about $2600 with current ebay codes! I'll wait to see what the X-t40 does in the smaller size and/or for fuji cashback-ebay coupon combo (will be waiting a while though…!)

        • They listed it! $2319….But ends tonight…

  • Was looking for some eneloops. Still expensive after discount.

    • Costco has these fairly cheap and often on sale.

  • Thanks for this. Picked up an Atomos Shogun 7" been waiting for a while

    • Good deal?

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        It was the cheapest I had seen as far as I remember.

        • Why you get a neg?

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    Thanks, picked up a SanDisk 16GB microSD for $7.20.

  • not much there, looks like jack was there already?

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      Digital Camera Warehouse has consistently had the most competitive prices on cameras and the 2 cameras I compared with digiDIRECT eBay compared quite well "before" the 20% off. GoPro HERO 7 Silver are $299 at both stores. Sony RX100 V6 is $1,550 at DCW and $1,568 digiDIRECT eBay.
      So there's no price jacking on the 2 cameras I checked!!

      • They are pretty awful on Nikon though.

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    No A7 III for anyone else looking. The other A7 bodies are still pretty expensive even after the discount.

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      They have a retail store on a busy CBD street in Melbourne. They aren't dropshippers.

  • I've been looking at getting a camera but can't choose between the Panasonic G7 and Canon M50, I've done a bit of research. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions?

    • Not to cloud the choice, but have you looked at what Fuji & Sony have to offer? Just an idea.

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      I have experience with some micro-4/3 mount cameras, including some experience with the Pansonic G7, GH1 (I purchased these as presents for my father), G85 and G2 (office camera). I myself use a Panasonic GM1 and Olympus E-P5 (they are also micro-4/3 camers), and a little bit of experience with the Olympus E-M5 Mk III. (I don't have experience with Canon, sorry).

      As for the Panasonic G7 (and the similar, but slightly better, G85), I think they are very capable, full-featured cameras easily used by my 80-year old father, providing easy access to the controls and functionality he needs (good clear view through the electronic viewfinder to allow focus judgement, easy access to f-stop and ISO controls, looking at his photos, and transferring photos to his Samsung Galaxy tablet). He only ever uses the very-useful 14-140 mm lens (equivalent to 28-280 mm on 35mm sensor cameras), and the weight of the camera+lens is good for him.

      From early GH1 days, Panasonic has had a strong focus on video. The video-centric Panasonic micro-4/3 cameras are the 'GH' line, but many of the video features have trickled down into the 'G' line. I couldn't care less about videos for most of the past ten years, but in these days of physical distancing, suddenly all my friends and myself have become (limited distribution) v-loggers! In particular, many Panasonic micro-4/3 lenses are video-centric, which brings me to the next 'micro-4/3' feature…

      Micro four-thirds is a mature mount system, and for ten years the only system that Olympus and Panasonic supported for consumer cameras. These two competing companies have produced many lenses, as can be seen on the 'micro-four thirds lens chart' https://www.four-thirds.org/en/microft/lens_chart.html

      Some of these lenses are, for example, video-centric (the Pansonic 10-25 f1.7, for example). Some are cheap, some are expensive. Some are light, some are heavy. By comparison, the 'native' EF-M https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EF-M_lens_mount is fairly anaemic. Admittedly, with adapters you can use EF-S lenses, or EF lenses (with variable auto-focus performance. You can also use 'four-thirds' lenses or EF on micro-4/3 cameras and adapter, with variable auto-focus performance).

      Anyway, with a wide (and often duplicated between Panasonic/Olympus/Sigma) lens choice, with multiple price/performance/weight points, it is relatively easy (funds permitting) to find a lens that 'suits the situation'. Of course, everyone starts with a zoom (and I still use zooms), but if photography becomes a stronger hobby, then purchasing more specialized lenses is very likely.

      For instance, on a recent trip to Kenya where I was helping with medical clinics and training (and photography was not my reason for being there) I carried:

      Olympus E-P5 ('main' camera) - quite light
      Panasonic GM-5 ('backup' camera) - very light! not much heavier than a lens cap … a lens is always attached! so that I always have two lenses 'ready-to-shoot'

      Panasonic 42.5mm f1.7 (portraiture. also flowers, though not my most-used flower lens) - very light, the lens I used most.
      Panasonic 12-32mm (standard zoom) - very light. mainly used for videos.
      Olympus 8mm f1.7 (wide-angle e.g. for 'crowd' shots) - can be difficult to use, but sometimes fun!
      Olympus 70-300mm (telephoto zoom, yes I saw some wildlife) - rather heavy, but not as heavy as a 600mm Canon equivalent.

      So overall, the G7 is not so much a camera, as it is part of a system…

      btw - thx for the original poster! For v-logging purposes, I was thinking about getting a Panasonic 15mm f1.7 ('iphone field-of-view'), which is a fair price with the discount.

      • Thank you for all that information, it can get very confusing when you're just trying to get started. I decided to go with the Panasonic G85 as it seems to be really good value for the price. I think I'll do some sort of online photography course to get started too. I really appreciate your help, that lens chart is terrific too. Cheers.

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    Thanks op, picked up a Panasonic 12-35 F/2.8 lens. Been eyeing one for ages.

  • Great price on Rode Wireless Go. $220 (white only)

    • Think it's worth getting the Go by itself and a Lav separately, or the combined kit with the lav? (total is 287)

      • I purchased the Go unit a few weeks ago and it hasn't arrived yet. (for $27 more than this deal ugh).

        I think the price is worth it with the Lav, and would assume you'd get slightly better audio along with a more versatile mic set up, as you can hide the lav easier.

        • +1

          Cheers bud, did a bunch of research and ended up going for the combined kit. Needed a lav solution for a while actually so this is perfect.

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    Nice! I can now get the Jamie Oliver Tefal frypan that I alway wanted from Digidirect

    Jamie Oliver Tefal Pan

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    Sub-$500 Olympus TG-6!

  • Tamron 20mm F/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 Lens Sony FE Mount
    popular lens ~100 off. Good deal!

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      tamron 24-70 for nikon, much cheaper elsewhere even after 20% off

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      Seen the 17-28mm on here aswell but haven't seen many reviews

  • Placed my first order with them on their web site (not ebay) over 30 days ago. Money was taken, but there has been no delivery (status = processing) and no replies to multiple enquiries. Purchased item is not showing as out of stock. I wish stores well in these difficult times, but this is taking a little long.

    • I recall that it took a while for my last direct order with them (last November). I believe the item had gone out of stock, and if I recall correctly the status updates weren't great. I did receive it after two weeks, but in these days of Pandemic Postal Panic, I expect it would be much longer.

      Sucks that they can't get back to you though.

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    Thanks OP. Wacom tablets are at excellent prices with the 20% off. Wanted to try a small one as a mouse/trackball replacement after enjoying one of the large tablets - good buy for the Bluetooth Intuos small (or non-bluetooth for that matter).

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    Nice deal and many good prices with the 20%. But I can't recommend Digi Direct at the moment. I also bought some stuff over a months ago, had some questions to the item (coupon wasn't recognised, better price on their website) and send them couple of e-mails. No responds at all. I requested a return, also no communication. I've bought a lot of stuff there in the last few month (Nikon Z 14-30, Sigma 70-200 2.8, Nikon 300 f4, filters, …) because they also have a local store here in MEL and I thought it's worth the money to support shops with real branches, but the experience the over the last months told me that it's not worth to care about. I understand if there are delays in sending the items due to Covid, but not answering e-mails… I don't know.

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      I sent them an email this afternoon asking some basic questions, and I got a response within the hour.

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      I bought some stuff recently from their website. The order arrived incomplete, cannot get any replies for an ETA on the missing item, and one of the items arrived looking used. I sent an email addressing both points, they offered to exchange the used item but never responded to an ETA on the missing stuff I've already paid for.

  • Ordered a Manfrotto tripod, yay!

  • Hi all,

    I'm looking for a tripod to do product photography with also some flat lays. Is there a specific term used for tripods that can do overhead shots? What should I be looking for? Any suggestions from the eBay store or should I go second hand since I'm on a bit of a budget?

    • I think that's called "tripod boom arm".

      You could probably DIY with materials from bunning plus a ball head for lot less and still getting the same result.

    • +1

      I have the Manfrotto 055 that has a built in horizontal column. Great tripod that comes in Aluminium or carbon fiber ($$$)
      Alternatively you can get a horizontal arm to mount on a regular tripod like the Sirui HA-77 or Tether Tools Head Cross Bar Side Arm, which will allow you to mount your camera on a head facing down from above.
      As monkp mentioned you could also rig up a custom set up with C stands, super clamps etc.

  • +1

    Good on DD. Just when other sellers/deals on ebay are dropping from 20 to 15% or worse…. they do this. Yay. Plus no evidence of jacking as far as the items I've looked at

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    Ordered a Nikon Z50 twin lens kit on Monday for $1,543. The next best price I could find from another authorised Nikon dealer was $1,898 from Amazon. Item was posted today, 2 business days after I placed the order late on Monday night, so not bad.

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    Looks like the promo end date is extended to 4/5/2020.

    • Do you know if it expires at 11:59 on the 4th, or is it as soon as we hit the 4th? Ie 11:59 on the 3rd.

      • Usually, it is 11:00PM on the mentioned date.

        • And if I want to buy 3 items and the discount is 1050, and I best to do it in two different transactions. Is that allowed or only 1 transaction allowed?

          • @prubie: Multiple transactions are allowed. Not sure if there is a limitation of max 3 transaction.

            Just read the T&C

            A maximum of five applies.

            • @ozmma: thanks. i read that 'maximum of five' but i wasn't sure if it was referring to transactions.

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    Do you think we'll ever see a Canon RP back at 1k again? Not sure if I should hold out for that or just buy something else.

    • Hindsight is a wonderful thing.. Just buy the best deal at the time you need it. If you are holding out (1) You don't need it (2) There's always something else around the corner, a deal or a new model, you will never get around to buy it.
      P.S. Digidirect has started jacking up prices on a few items in the middle of the sale period. E.g. OMD EM5 MkIII has gone up by another hundred bucks.

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    I created an OzBargain account just to upvote this - I pulled the trigger on a Sony FDR-AXP55 4K Handycam for $1279.20. Shopbot reckons it was $1198.50 in week 1 of April, but I've only seen it sitting at just under $1500 in the month and a half (plague isolation) I've been looking at camcorders.

    More importantly, this deal appears to have been extended to 4th of May. Actual in-store items say the code PDIGI20 expires 4/5/2020.

    • Do you know if it expires at 11:59 on the 4th, or is it as soon as we hit the 4th? Ie 11:59 on the 3rd.