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Free Shipping with PayPal, PharmacyOnline. No Minimum Spend for a Short Time Only!


Use the coupon in the "Discount Codes" at check out. This is only valid for Australian deliveries and orders under 3 kilos or less. This offer is only valid with payments made through PayPal.

Mod: Fixed title for clarity

This offer is not expired. Please look the following URL to correctly use the coupon code. http://www.pharmacyonline.com.au/coupon

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  • This is only for YOUR store, please update title to accurately reflect this… Title is misleading…

    thnx mod…

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    i thought free shipping was a given on ozbargain, people have been negged for only offering that in the past!

  • Why on earth would you buy pharmacy related stuff online? Never know how hot your medicine would get sitting in whatever auspost/couriers depot. Sounds rather risky.

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      You do know that a pharmacy sells items apart from prescribed medicines right?

      • Most of the products they sell would spoil with heat anyway, not just medicines. Much easier to just walk down to the local pharmacy..

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          Most? I have to disagree with you there.
          Most of what they sell will have little to no reaction to the levels of heat they will be subjected to in shipping. Rarely will you find excessive heat in postal services, it is something they are concious of.
          Most of their products aren't spoilables anyway (creams and the like). Shoe inserts and blister pads will be fine in 30 deg temps…

    • Couriers depot, retail shop store room, what's the difference?
      Just don't buy anything that can spoil…
      It's not like you can get your prescriptions filled online anyway.

      • You can get your prescriptions filled online. Send them the prescription and they'll process it for you.

        • Really?!

          I was under the impression it was illegal.
          Fraud, drugs, fake prescriptions, impersonation, etc.

  • Can we use this with the Zyrtec offer?
    http://www.pharmacyonline.com.au/zyrtec-tab-10mg-x-10 ($9.95 for 10 tablets)

    Other bargain:

    $12.95 cash back? After $0.60 stamp, a profit of $2.40?

    Or are these grey imports and thus not valid for the Zyrtec offer?

    EDIT: From the Full Terms and Conditions on Zyrtec.com.au:
    "To claim, claimants must:

    (a) purchase either a ZYRTEC® 2 or 10 pack from any participating store in Australia during the Promotion Period (Qualifying Purchase); "

    Given that pharmacyonline.com.au is located in Bondi Junction, I imagine they sell local products?

  • Pharmacy Online is an Australian based pharmacy. All products are bought direct from Australia suppliers. So if you make purchase of Zyrtec. You can then use our email purchase receipt to make cash back offer valid.

    • I tried to enter the code and I get:
      "I'm sorry. Coupon code "PAYPAL" is either invalid, has now expired or has reached its stock quota. Please contact us for more information"

  • You have instruction on how to claim this offer at the following URL:

    • Cool thanks. I had omitted Step 2 (Apply shipping)

  • Price check: Cenovis Zinc = $6.69 at Coles vs PharmacyOnline = $6.99.

  • I was tempted to shop at your store, but you don't seem to have some prescriptions. E.g. my script says 5mg/10mg of a dual medicine tablet, but you only have variants like 5/20, 10/40, etc. I don't think it would be good for my health if I got the wrong dosage. Will you be increasing your range, or is your website not complete?

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    We are always working to upload new products on an ongoing basis. If you have any direct request for products our customer service email is [email protected]. They can help with custom orders or such requests for new products.

  • Just put a whole heap of stuff into my shopping bag, tried to use the coupon (as per the instructions on link) and it doesn't work :-( Wasted my time, has this now expired?

  • Still works. Thanks!