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Free - 12 Months Subscription to Readitfor.me (Was $110) @ Appsumo


No credit card details required.

Steps -
1) sign up to AppSumo from OP link
2) After checkout, you will get the redeem code and link. Use this to complete signing up to Readitfor.me.

AppSumo Offer - Deal Terms

  • 1 Year of FREE access to Readitfor.me
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future plan updates
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of book summaries
  • Includes leadership, personal development, sales, and marketing titles
  • New content added monthly
  • Includes classics and current best sellers

What is Readitfor.me?

  • Access 12-minute summaries of some of the best business and personal development books
  • View summaries in video, audio, or text formats for ease of use
  • Review books you’ve read to add your voice to the conversation
  • Best for: entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking a hyper-efficient method to learn during their busy schedules

Readitfor.me lets you listen to books in a fraction of the time with summaries that clock in at 12 minutes or less.

It’s like Reading Rainbow for adults (except LeVar Burton is offscreen playing golf).

Get to the good stuff with condensed information you can listen to on your break at work or between meetings to make personal development a part of your day.

Credit to Chollometro.

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  • nice one, signed up, thank you OP

  • Got it, thank you

  • +19

    Not gonna lie. Thought it was another app to browse reddit lol.

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Getting stuck on processing on appsumo. Anyone else?

    • Yeah, took me a couple of goes to get past the registration stage.

    • I had the same issue. Solved when I turned off any adblocker.

  • -1

    Thanks OP you are getting so many $10 credit through us

    • You could have checked - No referral code in Deal link

      But you can use a referral code in REFERRAL LINKS above.
      But Appsumo credit is only added with a purchase - so likely no $10 credit in this Deal.

  • +1

    Has anyone checked the video on their page around the 1:34 sec mark, what was he insinuating :)

  • I don't understand these services.

    Having a summary of things relies on you learning the detail to be useful ie you gain knowledge.

    A summary on it's own is pointless.

    • Summary: "I don't understand!"

      Maybe start with a free 2min presentation of a how it works with a full 13min visual summary of the book "Getting Things Done".
      (GTD by David Allen is also available on Audible - to listen to every word 😴)
      Don't even have to take up this offer to see a free book summary each week!

      A summary of the book's principles / system:
      collect - process - organise - review - do

      Nothing new & maybe not worth hours & expense to read his book, do the workbook & attend seminars to learn the detail you seek!!

      These book summary services have been around for decades for "time poor" business people who want to apply the basic principles, or add to their reading of the book.

      What's in it for the author? If you like the summary - you might buy the book (& buy copies for your staff)!

      Most of these business and personal development books contain many examples & justifications of why the author thinks the principles are important.
      The summary skips that & provides a graphical way to understand the main concepts from the book.

    • I don't know there is much "knowledge" to learn in these mainly pop-psychology personal development books. They're mainly a repackaging of others thoughts. But many businesses lap them up for the certainty given by the "Rules".

  • Cheers OP :)

  • +1

    What will I get if I ask Readitfor.me to condense an issue of Reader's Digest, and then ask Reader's Digest to condense Readitfor.me's summary?

    • +2

      My guess: Just a dot on a page. Or maybe "42".

      Unfortunately they don't do requests.
      Maybe RD is a bit high brow reading - this is for personal development books.
      Don't forget "Laughter is the best medicine"!

      • +1

        I recall many days sitting in the doctors office waiting for my parents passing time reading Readers Digest and liked Laughter is the Best Medicine best. ha. Thanks for nostalgic reminder

        • RD for me brings back memories of musty smells of my grandparents house, where RD was in the magazine rack…

          And RD junk mail claiming I'd won millions or a simple piece of crap.

  • It says lifetime access is $109, so is this free access for life?

    • What does the Deal say?
      That's still the fee to upgrade to life, with or without this Deal.

      But do you really need a lifetime supply of business and personal development self-help books?

      • Oh, I see.
        So normally $110 per year and then another $109 on top for lifetime access.

        Edit, nah, it’s $109 total for lifetime, strange 1 year is normally a dollar more than lifetime.

        • A search showed $109 is the current lifetime offer, down from $199. Paid even if have a shorter subscription.
          Annual subscription without this offer is normally $110.
          Or $10/month.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Post TLDR

  • "We're unable to setup your account at this moment, please contact us at [email protected]"
    has it been ozbargain-ed?

    • I just signed up, no problem.

  • Are the audio files easy to download offline?

    • Gave it a try, the audio files are just simple .mp3 192kbps files that are being streamed so they are easy to rip and put on whatever device or CD you want!
      If you got the tech know-how you can just rip the whole website and put it on any device for anytime offline listening!
      This is a perfect deal, thanks OP!

  • thanks Op :)

  • Nice deal, thanks OP!

  • Have not used ReaditforMe much.
    Is this only browser-based or there is a good app that I can use to access this!!

  • They have a iOS app just downloaded

    • Android app has poor reviews - lacking controls.
      Just play/pause & speed control 1/1.5/2 times.
      And book selections.
      But seems to lack visual presentation that accompanies some books.

  • Nice one

  • Thanks OP, havent used an app like this but will check it out. Interesting to leave the mainpoints to a random, but hey I wasnt gonna read it anyway so why not.

  • Thanks. Best to use in a browser as the app is pretty basic. Like the books with video.

  • Thanks op, was looking at this a couple of weeks ago but didn't think it was the right time for me but for free it'll be great.

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