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Crucial MX500 SSD 2TB $340 (Sold Out), Crucial BX500 SSD 2TB $289 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


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  • if only i had an income

  • Futu have jacked so many items before and during the sale, so lame :(

    • Both of these items have been reduced recently according to my webscraper

    • Agree. These folks are dodgy often lately. You buy from them and you are supporting their dodgy practices.

      • Deal is a deal.

      • consumers idea of dodgey is marketers idea of innovative …. and we have the ying and yang of seller trying to charge as much as they can and buyer wanting to pay as little ….

        • Yes but price jacking is illegal. And more often than not they engage in this. Here we have a rare exception from them.

          • @DonaldDr4per: It's not illegal, you can charge watever you want, RRP, below RRP, above RRP ….. petrol prices change daily, so can other product prices.

            Proof is price jacking of ethanol, hand sanizter, toilet paper …. no public floogings.

            People need to get over what is immoral vs what is illegal and if you feel strongly about it dob in the jacker to the authority you think will deal with it, or accept it, price check, and look for better deal.


    Crucial MX500 SSD 2TB $340

    Crucial BX500 SSD 2TB $289
    Absolute bargain,

    Child 1 screams
    Child's 2 screams

    Absolute bargain

    Car 1 drives
    Car 2 drives

    Absolute bargain

  • do not buy bx serial, they drop speed very fast.

    MX is a quite good product.

    • most of mine are mx, have a couple of bx, mx have some nice features like encryption chip that i never use, and power capacitor so can finish write write cycle if power is lost which i also haven’t needed.

    • What about as a drive to store games?

  • Any deals on NVME?

    • crucial haven’t been that targeted at nvme for consumer, the mx range in m2 is sata, and nvme in their P1 range is targeted at consumer, and crucial price bx and P1 at being cheapest per gb in those categories …samesung and adata seem to have higher spec consumer nvme drives, but also cost more per gb.