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QCY T2C Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones $16.99 US (~$26.63 AU), QCY T5 Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones $18.59 US (~$29.13 AU) @ GeekBuying


Two popular models from QCY on sale with free Australian Priority Shipping available.

The QCY T2C features True Wireless Stereo, 800mAh charging case providing up to 32 hours of total play time, IPX4 water resistance, Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, CVC 6.0 noise reduction for clearer calls with the inbuilt mic, S/M/L eartips, tap gestures including play/pause/skip etc and voice assistant.

The QCY T5 features True Wireless Stereo, reduced audio lag with 3 taps, IPX5 water resistance, mic for voice assistant, Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, CVC 6.0 noise reduction, tap gestures including play/pause/skip etc, up to 4-5 hours battery life on a single charge, a 380mAh charging case that provides up to 16 hours total play time and 3 different sized eartips. The T5 received a 5 star rating from Scarbir.

Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose the free Australian Priority Line shipping before payment. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • +11

    Just received my first T5s. Sound quality is excellent and the gaming mode removes all lag so you can happily watch YouTube clips in full sync. Shame about the micro USB, but a bargain at this price!!

  • had them for the last ~5 month … not bad just need to move them around eye to find a comfortable sport. Im using mine almost up side down

    • +9

      I think they're meant to go in your ears. I'm surprised your comfortable like that.

  • +2

    Can you simplify the difference between the 2?

    • +10

      The main advantage of the T2C is that it has a larger battery case and now slightly cheaper as Geek reduced the price further. The main advantage of the T5 is that it offers better sound and a function to to reduce audio lag, but it also has a smaller battery case.

      • Thanks. I'm considering the air pod pros do I bought to get the form factor

      • Hey Clear, these still haven't arrived. Still pending with auspost and it's been 14 days. What's the go? Order Number: #5198360

        • Go to 17track.net/en and input the tracking number. If it autoselects Auspost and you get the same response, switch the carrier to DPEX and that'll give you more accurate tracking.

          Auspost are advertising delays due to COVID-19.

          • @Clear: Thanks

            2020-05-05 02:21 Shipping information approved by Australia Post

            How many weeks until I get concerned?

            7 days pending is a fair bit?

            • @teacherer: Sorry I told you the wrong carrier. Choose UBI and you'll see that it's in AU.

              • @Clear: I see it's in underwood thanks, they're the worst

  • +2

    Surely at this price they can't be good? I'm all for a bargain but BT is a licensed protocol isn't it? So they have to pay some fee just to use it.
    Plus noise cancelling?
    I have a pair of $45 BT4 headphones (no noise reduction) and honestly - they're pretty ok.

    Sometimes things are so cheap you have to worry.

    Final note - how are these earpod looking things with picking up noise? considering it's stuck all the way up in your ear holes, miles from your mouth?

    • +11

      Honestly mate, I have both models and I love them both. You really won't be disappointed.
      I use them both regularly for music, running and gym(used to anyway). Sound quality is great.

      • +4

        Happy to be corrected TBH.

        • +1

          These don't have active noise cancellation during audio output (which tends to be expensive). The CVC noise reduction is purely on the microphone side, and isn't an expensive technology.

          I've been pretty happy with my T5s. The connection is stable and the sound quality is better than some $20 wired earphones I've tried. Even comparing to wired at the same price, they stand up well.

          The main flaw I've noticed is that there is a little background noise when no audio is playing (faint electronic buzzing). It's noticeable but not bothersome, and you can't detect it when there's actually audio playing.

      • Agree, wasn't expecting much for $29 when i bought them during a previous sale. My daily drivers are the Bose QC35, primarily for the noise cancelling - sound quality is average. But I was really surprised at how good the T2C's are considering the price.

    • +3

      These earphones are on clearance at GeekBuying so the price has been dropped lower than before.

      Manufacturers pay for the Bluetooth Qualification and QCY can be found dozens of times if you search for them in the database. QCY are OEM/ODM so they're often sold under other names and QCY even has a retail presence in some countries like Japan - I found QCY in big department stores right outside Shinjuku station ;)

      Phone calls can be hit and miss with a lot of these earphones unfortunately. The QCY T5 performs better than the T2C, but no where near as good as the Onyx Ace that has been designed specifically for phone calls.

      • What's something that's good for calls and has good sound quality? I read a review that says Onyx Ace sound quality is average at best

        • +1

          I've been using the T5s for calls and haven't had any issues. They apparently don't work too well if there's loud background noise, but I've successfully used them for calls outdoors near roads.

          The Soundpeats Truedot is meant to be pretty good for both audio and calls. Also the Edifier TWS200.

    • I'm happy with the t2c

      Battery is good, sound is fine, case is just Little plasticky

    • -1

      QCY T5's are outstanding for their price. I've had a pair for months and they are great. They just work, sound good and the call quality is very good.

      Only problem I've had using the T5 earbuds on a call is with my old man. But he wears hearing aids so anyone's guess where the problem is

  • Ordered a few weeks ago no problem. Ordered a 2nd pair for the missus and my order was cancelled on me now tried to get her a pair again a week ago and the order is still "pending" buyer beware?

    • +3

      What's your order number? I can see what's going on.

      • Order No.:5185734


        Order No.:5192548


        • +1

          Thanks I'll send them a message. Did you happen to order with a credit card rather than through PayPal?

          • @Clear: All 3 orders PayPal.

            • @joshr1pp3r: Thanks. Customer service have gone home for the day so they'll get back to me tomorrow.

              • @Clear: Is it normal for orders to still be pending after almost a week?

        • +1

          Your first order was cancelled because your payment through PayPal failed. You should have received an email from PayPal about that.

          Your second order is now approved and will be sent soon. Processing time can be 2-7 business days. GeekBuying just had to double check that your payment had gone through this time since it failed the first time.

  • Really enjoying my T5 buds that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Amazing sound for the price, but not really recommended if you're making lots of phone calls (or Zoom calls)

    • Why not?

      Edit: watched a review online, unfortunately the mic is trash so it's a no go for me :(

      • I wouldn't say the mic is trash in practice. Very useable in my experience. Don't think you'll find better at this price

        • Been using mine for calls and teleconferences and everyone can hear me fine. They apparently aren't the leaders when it comes to mic quality, but definitely usable.

    • In general, buds with the Qualcomm chip deliver better voice plus aptX (if your phone supports it) for low latency and sound quality.

  • I'm so tempted to buy a pair, but not sure which one. What's the difference in audio quality and/or battery?
    Would I be better off going with the T5s for the extra like $3?

    • T2C offers better battery life with the larger charging case but the T5 will have better sound.

    • Yes

  • Which one fits better in the ear?

  • WTF???

    Sorry currently we don't ship goods to your Area, if any questions, please contact our customer service: [email protected]!

    • Any symbols in the address?

      • Looks clean. The address line doesnt drop down for sellection like the suburb…

        • Shipping to AU? Anything in address line 2? Use of / or -? I've tried different combinations in different states and can't reproduce the error.

          • @Clear: Nothing on line 2

            I tried make another account

            Am I reading right.
            One of the headsets has 32 hrs battery and other has 4 to 5 Hrs.
            Cant be that big difference can it

            • @Deliver My Food: Really unusual and this is just by clicking Proceed to Checkout instead of Check out with PayPal?

              T2C is worded to say that the total battery life with use of the charging case is 32 hours. With the T5 you're looking at around 16 hours total with the charging case.

  • tried different address and got the same

  • Anyone know if the T5 works with Google assistant?
    If not, do any <$50 earbuds work with Google assistant?

    • +2

      A long touch on the side will activate Google Assistant/Siri.

  • Doing a lot of stuff on the home computer and I wouldn't mind changing the WFH routine from wired to BT. I've paired BT stuff before but it has the usual delay so would be useless for video conferencing and stuff.

    Is the less-lag feature thing on the T5 need to be set up on the source side too? Or is it at long as it has whatever codec it is the headset will tell the BT source which one to use?

    • +2

      No need to setup at the source, it's just a triple tap on the right earbud

    • I have the T2C and no delay on Zoom. Mic works well too but I'm usually in a quiet room.

  • New account didnt give me the address error. But here are my thoughts.

    I tried to buy the same as these x 2 several months ago. There was a mass delay and I had a hard time getting a response and a even harder time getting a refund. After a bit of abrupt communication I got my refund (Think I did a paypal charge back)
    I reckon those buggers blocked my account maybe…

    Was caught at customs I think..

    Weird. Bought heaps here over the years

    • That's interesting thanks for letting me know. I'll speak to Geek about it.

    • Would you mind giving me your order number? Would be good to check if that's the case.

      • Be frekkin rude if they did. Interesting. Share the info

        Dear customer,
        Your order 19112000945900426905 was shipped out today. Thanks again for gearing up with Gearbest.com. Please review your order and tracking details below:

        QCY T2S TWS Mini Dual V5.0 Bluetooth Earphones True Wireless Headsets 3D Stereo Sound Earbuds Dual

  • Hmmm; I want earphones but I need to find like an OLD RCA to Bluetooth transmitter and then get something like these; wonder if it will even work

    • Well YOLO i just brought some anyway

  • Really?

    Unfortunately to tell you that your order was stuck for your shipping address. Please Kindly send us your complete address (in English) with all the following information so that we can ship your order in priority

  • +1

    Been using a pair of t2c for a year now.

    I use it often to listen to music while out for runs. It's really good value for music and casual usage. It stays snug and secure.

    I use it sometimes for phone calls and the question I often get is "are you in the toilet".

  • Mine right hand side one started to make static noice.

  • I've really enjoyed my T2Cs - but I dropped the left earbud in the sink while I was washing my hands and its stuffed.
    I'm going to give the T5 a go.
    The T2C has been a great buy for the money.

  • Darn, I received T1c from AmazonAU days before

  • +1

    Can i check the difference between the T5 and the T5 Pro is that the T5 Pro has a wireless charging case similar to the T2S?

    I have used the T2S for a good 9 months and it has been my daily driver and more recently for MS Teams Meeting and for Cisco Jabber Calls while WFH. I have had no complains for for call quality. One thing i do recommend is to get some memory foam tips from Aliexpress. Takes the comfort and noise isolation to the next level!

    • The T5 Pro allows the the case to be charged wirelessly like the T2S. It also has a companion app that allows you to change settings like the equaliser, stereo/mono mode, gaming mode for the reduced audio lag and so forth.

      • +1

        Any deal coming up for the T5 Pro? Would love to upgrade from my T2S. Thanks!

      • +1

        Yes, waiting for T5 Pro deal too!!!

  • Had the T2C and it is really good for its price point but I have lost it. I will have try with the T5!

  • I'm getting a pair of T5 now :) I can't help it, it's cheap!!!!

  • Code for T5 has run out :/

  • The code doesn’t seem to work for the t5, keeps giving me an error

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • Reached coupon usage limit… Cannot be used anymore

  • I own a pair of the QCY T2C and they are fantastic value for money. Great for everyday all-round use. There are obviously better options out there for audiophiles.

  • thanks.TC2 look good.

  • Wanted to buy 2 T5's but reached coupon usage times.

  • Yeah T5s coupon ran out :(

  • Yep T5 gone what a shame.

  • Following if the code gets a refresh, was keen on the T5s

  • T2C gone by the looks of things?

    • Ya i tried 4 hours ago. Gone too.

      • I did eventually manage to get them.. didn't really do anything different, just at one point I refreshed the page and had the options to buy now/add to cart. Just completed my order, paid $27.35

        • Ya same. Paid the $40 for T5. Still a good price.

  • What's the deal with <$50 wireless earphones? Are they competitive with ~$200 ones and Apple/Samsung/Google just charge a huge premium?

    • +1

      It's not about "what's the deal with <$50 wireless earphones" it's all about "what's the deal with ~$200 earphones!"

      It's one of the many first world problems we live in when a pair of earphones costs hundreds of dollars.

    • +1

      According to scarbir anything with 4 stars or greater sounds better than Apple Airpods


  • +4

    For anyone who missed out on the QCY T5, they're currently going for $30.74 AUD on QCY Official @ AliExpress. Pay in USD to save a few cents haha


    • Thanks. Unfortunately I believe Ali will add GST.

    • +1

      For those of us who missed out, not a bad alternative when used with the New User's coupon on AliExpress. I just bought the T5 for $29.08 AUD (after GST).

  • I have the T2Cs. Excellent. Purchased from Amazon and they say they are IPX5 waterproof not IPX4.

    Issue with one earphone not working, but quickly replaced.

  • Hi Rep, any more stock of your T5s? I am interested to get one at the discosunted price :)

    Thank you.

    • Afraid not sorry. This was a clearance sale.

      • Forgot my quesiton. I found your answer on other comments. Waiting for T5 pro to be discount now :)

        What's the main difference between T5 and T5 Pro? Same case? I'm thinking of getting one for my wife :)

        • Ditto. The volume control and auto pause / play feature + extra case battery life is the cherry on top for these

  • +1

    this is normal price on aliexpress, its 20 usd there, maybe slower shipping thats it

    • Uhhhh $20 US is higher than this? Besides did you factor in the GST added at checkout?

    • I for one appreciate the comment seeing as the OP doesn't have any stock left so I know where I can get some.

  • There is still some stock of the QCY T2C left over :)

    • Forget my question, it's totally different design. Dumb question. Sorry!!!

      Maybe a dumb question, but can you use the T2C case to charge the T5 headset? I read review T5 case is not as good as T2C. Thanks

  • How long does shipping normally take?

    • Processing 2-7 business days, AU priority shipping 5-8 business days.

      • Thank you. What's the wireless charging option? Does the "T2C Black" option also come with charging case?

        • The difference with the T2S Wireless Charging Black version is that it's charging case can be recharged with a Qi Wireless Charger. It's not included in the sale though.

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