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[iOS, Android] Elanation Kids Sports Network App (Was $7.99 p/m, now $1p/m for 3 months ) @ Apple App Store, Google Play


Get Moving at Home during COVID


Inspire your kids to move daily with the award-winning Elanation Kids Sports Network. On Elanation, your kids will have fun discovering a massive library of sporting skills that they can learn, achieve, and safely share online. Best of all, parents and family members can follow along and encourage their kids as they progress and improve over time.

“This motivates my kids to go outside and do some exercise. The video lessons are easy to follow and suitable for beginners and pros, thanks to the different skill levels. The gymnastics and scooter skills videos are my kids favourite! Next week they are going to give karate a try”.

“This keeps my kids active and surprisingly more away from screens than I thought! It uses technology for good, balancing sunshine, exercise and screen time. Video games have been replaced with learning basketball, cricket, aerobics and more… It’s so worth it!”

"Our kids are engaged, they’re learning new skills and balancing a healthy relationship with technology. They love interacting with other Elanators and we feel like it's a safe and healthy

place for them to do it. Elanation is exactly what this family needed."


There are so many sports and skills that are guaranteed to excite and challenge your kids: Cricket, Martial Arts, Scooter, Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Aerobics, Athletics, and more. Watch them grow with confidence as they learn and improve the Boomerang, Bomb ‘n’ Drop, Crocodile Snaps, Happy Crab, or Sweep Shot Skills.


There is nothing more inspirational than learning sports from your sporting idols. That’s why in Elanation Kids get to learn directly from Olympians, World Champions, and FIFA World Cup representatives. See some of our amazing coaches below.

Alexandra Kiroi - Australian #1 All-Rounder Rhythmic Gymnast

Dylan Morrison - World Number 2 Scooter champion, Scoot Fest World Cup winner

Melissa Barbieri - FIFA World Cup, Former Australian Captain, representing Australia 86 times

Nikki Croker - Broadway Dancer, West Side Story


At Elanation, it’s not about being the best on your first go; it’s about watching, learning, practicing, and accomplishing it when you are ready. Kids can upload videos each time they try a skill to track their progress and improvement over time. When your kids are ready, they can progress through different sports and levels, from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


We make it fun to connect, encourage, and challenge your cousins and friends to try sports skills inside Elanation. All you need to do is add them to your profile, try sports skills, record it, then challenge your cousins and friends to give it a go too. You can also compete together on friendly skill and step leaderboards.


With a dedicated family portal, parents and family members can have peace of mind knowing their kids are making healthy choices together. Watch your kids learn, grow, and have fun through movement, sport, and health. Follow along with their progress, encourage their improvements, and join in learning new sports skills together. Stay informed on their daily health metrics across sleep, heart-rate, steps, and more.


Kids can power up their Elanation experience, compete on leaderboards and watch daily step, sleep and heart-rate progress by purchasing the Elanation ETURBO Sports Watch. This is an optional feature. View to learn more.


Getting started is easy: download the Elanation app, create a parent and child account, then you are all ready to start discovering skills, setting goals, competing, and learning.

Download & start learning today!

Read our full Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy at

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  • Thanks OP-
    Quick question tho, do you know if there are free activities available?
    The app is showing free to download but says IAP’s- and, when I scroll down to view the IAP’s it says $4.99 for ‘Full access to child activity’
    TIA 👍🏼

    • Hi Laninchris,

      Thanks for your comment. It is only $USD1 per month for 3 months. You will see on the subscribe page it states under the $4.99 that it is $1 for the first 3 months. This is confusing, so apologies, it was a requirement from the app stores. Hope this helps! So many sports for kids to learn, and our coaches are world champions in there field. Next week we are launching around 6 new sports including danced and yoga, so stay tuned for this. p.s one of the dancers is from Braodway shows!!!!

      • +1

        So this is not really a freebie? Price in title please.

        • +1

          Hi Fredblogs, thanks for the pickup. I didn't select the free icon, but will update so there is no confusion :-) $1 per month for 3 months.

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