Latina 1.5kg Lasagne Still Safe to Eat?

Got a latina 1.5kg lasagne that we chucked the outer carton of with the expiry date… Its been in there for a good 3 weeks. Anyone got an idea if its still safe to cook and eat? Still sealed and no visible signs of mould. Just been kept in fridge.


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    My mantra is if it smells fine and there's nothing growing on it, go for it. Just heat it a bit hotter and longer.

    People are weirdly precious about use-by dates.

    • not legal advice
    • This. It will smell if it's spoiled because of bacteria. Those fridge lasagnes are tasty, processed, salted and sealed so that should help preserve it. Cook for a bit longer (so that the middle reaches 100degrees C), the heat should kill any nasties. Enjoy.

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        This advice is not correct.

        Smell is actually a poor indicator of food spoilage. Also cooking longer does nothing to remove toxins released by the bacteria into the food prior to cooking.

        "Food which has become contaminated with harmful bacteria does not always taste bad. Most of the time it looks, smells and tastes like it normally does."

        "Staphylococci do not cause illness until they get onto food and grow and multiply. While they are doing this they produce a toxin (poison). It is the toxin which causes the illness. The toxin is not destroyed by cooking the food."

        • And l..
          Would you eat mince or milk that has been sitting in your fridge? I wouldn’t.

          • @Emli: I think the real danger here is OP doesn't seem to know exactly how old it is. I know I'm often surprised when I find old stuff in my pantry - "was that really 2 years ago??!!"

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    Hope you have plenty of toilet paper

    • Actually got a mew pack delivered from amazon today Just in time

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    try it and find out.

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      and report back

  • call latina and ask

  • take a chance!

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    was it frozen originally, or bought from the fridge section of the supermarket?

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    give some to your wife, is she is ok after 30 mins its time to eat

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    hard to say but the woolies lasagna that I got recently had a 3 week expiry date

    • I seen one with a reduced sticker on it, curious I slid the top to the side (open ended) and it had mold 2 days from exp

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    Well im gonna go 1 serve. 1 like = 1 prayer for the dunny

    • Godspeed.

      • haven't heard from OP.
        I guess we know the answer.

    • Dude update pls (edit: sorry I saw below, great news!)

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    I used to be like yeah fine go for it but then I got food poisoning twice. Not worth it.

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    Pop it in the Aldi dumpster.

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  • Should be OK, I have bought some fresh pasta, not Latina but similar type pack a couple of weeks ago and its use by date isn't til June

    • Did your fresh pasta include fresh meat products, cheese or milk? These are the ingredients I would worry about.

      • Yeah you're right, I was thinking he had just the lasagne sheets, but now I realise it's the complete thing…hope he did not act on my advice 🤐

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    If you get the runs you may have caught the Caromavirus

  • Ask OP of this thread He/She is an expert on this subject.

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    Do you have a dog? Their sense of smell is 40 times greater than ours, so they’re a pretty good barometer! If I think a food might be dodgy, including reheated leftovers, I serve up a portion to the dog first. If she doesn’t wolf it down, it goes right in the bin. She’s a tiny little toy poodle so she’s actually quite picky about what she eats, but in 5 years of doing that we’ve never had any kind of food poisoning in the household AND the dog has never gotten sick either. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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      Safe to eat raw chicken necks if the dog says so?

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        Raw chicken necks have been linked to paralysis in dogs, so I have never personally fed them to my pets. But who knows what a pet owner with a bigger and more food deprived dog would do? I’m just saying that on the few occasions where I’ve felt I’ve had some dicey meat, if the dog sniffed a sample and turned their nose up, we’ve made alternate plans for dinner. And it’s tuned out okay.

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        Yes, but don't eat it the necks day.

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      Most dog don't care if the food is old, out of date or mouldy. Still tasty to them.
      Cats are more fussy. Let a cat test it. Except Garfield he loves all lasagna.

      • Most dogs don't even care if it's actually food. They will happily eat poop!

        So not the best indicator I would think.

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      so you’re saying it’s safe to eat my dog’s vomit?

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    Throw it out, the risk is not worth it.

    • my wife: thats literally almost 1hr wage.
      Me: guess ill die.

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    My general rule of thumb is that if you have to ask someone “does this look/smell okay to you?” chuck it out

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    Just cook her up Jimothy, mother nature knows the true value of Lasagne to humans so you will be looked after by the bacteria.

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    Jimmy my man, cook that lasagna long, slow and hot and you cannot go wrong. Just like making sweet love

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    Well i didnt die. Morning b/m on the dot at 7am no problem.

    Typing from work as i eat a microwaved 2nd portion. Just to test my luck.

    Thanks for following my adventure.

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