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Razer Blackwidow 2019 Mechanical Keyboard $155 + Shipping @ Mwave


Normally retails for $240, a good deal if you're looking for a solid mechanical keyboard. Features Razer's own clicky green switches. If you want to save even more, see if your local Officeworks has it in stock and ask for them to price beat it like I did.

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  • Just ordered a Ducky One 2 Mini today for $201 Incl. postage… Hopefully better build quality than this keyboard… Let's see :) First time with Ducky.

    • I have a Blackwidow, red switches. Still feel like new after 4 years of service

      • I used a blackwidow tournament edition 2014 way back… Lasted about 4 years for me before some of the keys stopped registering. Got a job and so was able to afford a mechanical after about 3 years on a Dell membrane. Keen to feel some amazing keys again.

        • Ducky One 2 Mini from Mwave? - I've been waiting for PCCG to open so I can do pickup (can't justify the shipping fee)

          • @Classo: I got it from PCCG as Mwave had basically sold out every single keyboard with brown switches. I live in Central Queensland and about 200km from the nearest major city so shipping is unfortunately a must.

            • @tacos4brekkie: @tacos4brekkie I see, that's fair - which switch did you go with? Ducky is a solid choice & has PBT keycaps. This Razer one has ABS keycaps

              • @Classo: I ended up going with browns - my daily weekday pretty much consists of 8 hours of work and typing and then onto gaming for the rest, so thought brown would be a good compromise.

                • @tacos4brekkie: Yes - wise choice. You'll love it. I'm planning to get the Shine 7 too but going to hold out for another 2 weeks (cheap as me want to save on that shipping). Have a good night

                • @tacos4brekkie: If I was going purely gaming would you recommend blues? I’m upgrading from that kogan blue switch RGB keyboard

                  • @senpai: blues are the recommended keys for pure gaming as they give that clicky feel and have a higher actuation force - means that they wont accidentally double tap if you press too hard. But you know, I've never personally owned a keyboard with blues. If you currently like your blue switches on your kogan, I see no need to go for a different switch. Ducky will be definitely higher build quality but the switches dont really change.

      • I've got a mate still using my secondhand, 6 year old Blackwidow and it's still in perfect condition. Had a couple issues with their headphones, but their keyboards and mice have never done wrong by me

    • The ducky is way better.

      • One of the main reasons I bought ducky was because I asked around on the forums here and a lot of people said that they ducky keyboards have been going strong for over 7 years, and that ducky's system makes it so that it's extremely easy to repair switches and caps.

    • Nice choice. You cant go wrong with either tbh. My initial thoughts on the blackwidow is it feels great to type on and the keyboard itself has a good weight to it. Also rated for 80 Mil keystokes vs 50 in cherry mx

    • Blackwidow tournament edition bought in 2010, still going like brand new. We had 2 ducky pcb fail at work, moved to Filco and haven't looked back.

    • I've been using my Ducky Shine 2 in Reds since 2013. Still going strong.

  • I just received mine today. Doesn't like the lighting effect.I paid 135. Happy sell if any one interested for $120. Can meet up anywhere in Sydney CBD. Can provide the receipt for warranty.

  • Any wireless RGB mechanical keyboards other the Razer Turret?

    • Haven't really considered any wireless keyboards due to their price but i guess the G915 Lightspeed is another opiton

  • I have been using the original Razer Blackwidow since 2010, picked it up along with starcraft 2.
    10 years later, still good as new.
    why do people need to buy new keyboards?

    • Due to different types to switches people want to try. Also for some people, it is a hobby collecting mechanical keyboards and customizing them.
      But yes, mechanical keyboards are very durable.

    • Same, still using the original blue backlit with cherry mx blue keys. Everything still working perfectly.

  • Razer keyboards not what they used to be, but still got a few from before 2014 that still work today.

  • I've been considering a mechanical, but I don't game…
    Seems primary market is gamers, so… What's everyone's thoughts on a mechanical for everyday typing /coding /office work, and what would people recommend?
    I'm after full size (I want a numpad), preferably backlit through the keys so I can see the characters (not just s pretty colours behind opaque keys), and preferably on the 'cheaper' end for mech keyboards.

    Considered the kogan blue switches, but I'm kinda wary of kogan quality.

    • I've had many. I actually didn't mind the kogan one, but I wouldn't pay over $25 for it. I still use my 2010 razer green switch for gaming, coding at home. Just be aware that mechanical keyboards are loud, especially if you video chat regularly or share the room with others. After having a ducky at work, we now have Filco majestouch 2 brown switch. These are the best I've used. I'm a picky software developer.

  • I got the huntsman and mamba a few weeks ago and i have to say I love the Synapse 3 and Cortex software. Cortex shuts down all the programs i have chosen when a game starts then loads them back up when the game closes. It clears ram and shuts down unneeded services. Also it can monitor FPS and give you a chart at when you finish playing showing highest/lowers frame rate.

    I see a lot of hate for Synapse but i'm very impressed with it.

  • has anybody tried the keychron K2? I'm considering the brown keys and not sure whether to go for the aluminium or plastic body option. any comments would be great. similar price to this keyboard but wireless. I dont game on pc, I'm just curious to try out of mechanical keyboard for different look and feel

    • Go for the plastic version. The aluminium is just a snap on piece around the edge bezels so you’re not really getting much from the extra cost.

    • I ve got one fantanstic keyboard

      Really think they should do a 104 key version

  • If thats all your buying it works out a few dollars cheaper at amazon by the time you add shipping

    • Looks like it has gone as low as $123.18 (Dec 16, 2019) - and was cheaper earlier in April also.

      Sorry to hijack, I'm looking for a discount G613/G915 or ergo! Any ideas on were to look. It looks like umart does the cheapest but currently out of stock