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[Pre Order] DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo - $1614.15 Delivered @ Johnny Appleseed


The current 15% off sitewide sale at Johnny Appleseed brings the DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo down to $1,614.15, which I think is a pretty awesome price. Stock is expected on 19 May. Good luck finding a bigger discount in the next few weeks. RRP is $1,900.

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          Oh yes forgot to mention that it has a bigger image sensor than before, slightly bigger than the Mavic Pro. But definitely not as big as the Mavic 2 Pro which has twice the size (1inch vs 1/2inch).

          • @Buy2Much: Indeed, but the price difference more than makes up for it. Super keen to get this.

  • Mmmm, ETA - late June. Should I go with the discount or buy from DJI or JB at full price and have fun earlier before these even arrive - decisions decisons.

    • I did see a "Subscribe now to the DJI Online Store to receive a 5% off coupon" popup on their store just now… So that could make the difference smaller. I'm thinking of upgrading from my Phantom 4 Plus but I love the in-built screen, it works perfectly… hmmmm, but I would love some good tracking…

    • Where does it say ELTA late June? The post says 19 May?

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        On the website

        • Yep, the heading should reflect the website…..late June NOT 19th May…However, the link to the deal seems to have be conveniently disappeared.

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    No Airsense in this model, only USA initially. Its said it will be added to all models globally sometime later but that remains to be seen.

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    Where exactly do people fly drones these days? Can't in national parks, can't around people, can't over private property, can where?

    • I saw somebody flying in the park(Cairns) a few months ago. And that park was almost near to the airport!

      • That's the reason we can't fly anywhere because of stupid people like that - spoil it for everyone

        • I agree!

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    This better than the Bunnings deal? XD

  • Airsense is another extra $300 ontop of the price. I don't think its worth it.

    • No price difference, just supply issue. The $300 difference is for the flymore combo.

  • I just bought the mini a few weeks ago, still haven't got the chance to fly it due to the restrictions…

  • I would grab this is heartbeat if DJI released AUS versions with the AirSense feature now. Apparently they will be in new models later in the year.

  • This or Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 3 ( later this year) … coming from Mini and also thinking to get the Goggles ….

    • This if you are happy with 'Mini' quality video. I have a MP2 but really only got it for Occusync2.

      And goggles are pretty useless unless you're racing, as you can only use them outside (legally) if you have another human 'spotting' for you. Sold mine and bought a crystalsky monitor, best move ever.

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    Does every post about a product made by a Chinese company need to go down the China is evil and spying on you path?

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      You totally right mate! We should do what USA told us to do! MEGA! MEGA! MEGA! MEGA!

    • Not if they are hand sanitisers or face masks ;-)

  • This or the M2P for still photography. Usually travel alot so the weight tradeoff means a lot.

    • If you take people then the Zoom is better as you can zoom in (due to reg saying at least 30m from people). M2P have a bigger sensor so in theory you can crop but it is more expensive and a bit heavier than the Zoom. Same store has the Zoom 15% off as well ~$1700 (not Fly More).

  • OP states $1614 delivered for Flymore however appears to charge shipping on top during checkout?

    • See my other comment, D1 Store will price match without shipping fees. They had mine at australia post 32minutes after I made the order/price matched through online chat.

  • So tempting… Call me greedy but I’m holding out for 20% off on eBay.

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      Surely you would have an idea on how the EBay 20% off works by now ;-)

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    Where are you guys flying this?

    I wad looking into rules:
    * cant fly closer than 30m from buildings, cars , people unless they with you/your property.
    * cant fly closer than 5.5km from airports
    * cant fly near beaches
    * national parks have its own rules on drones and most WA parks prohibit it.

    So whats the point? You cant fly (legally), shoot video on most beautiful places i could imagine for drones.

    I, personally, think those rules are too harsh but "dura lex sed lex".

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      Check the Geo Map on the DJI app (smartphones). It shows where you can and cannot fly it. You'd be surprised at the amount of locations where you CAN fly it, there's heaps. But then again, I'm in VIC and I've been flying my drone wherever and whenever I can.

    • Check on the CASA app OpenSky to show where you can fly.

    • lot of beaches are empty where you can fly. just don't get too close to other people and their properties.

  • What's good for travelling?

  • Wow, deal is dead?

  • Link doesn't work anymore and can't find the product on their site.

  • For those who are still on the fence, this may help.
    34 Mins Flight
    48MP 1/2" Image Sensor
    [email protected] Video
    8K Hyperlapse
    OcuSync 2.0 - 10km video feed @ 1080p
    Refined software e.g. ActiveTrack, POI etc

    No AirSense in Australia at launch
    Single IMU/Compass compared to MVA1 Dual IMU/Compass for Redundancy
    No side ways or upwards sensors
    Heavier than MVA1 570g vs 430g
    Can't be used without a controller compared to MVA1 Phone and Gesture controls
    Same internal storage as MVA1 at 8GB
    Flymore combo is $1001 more expensive than recent MVA1 combo price. (I paid $898 two months ago for MVA1 Combo @ OW)

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