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50% off: Proud Mary Blend 1kg $32 / 250g $11 + $7 Fixed Delivery @ Direct Coffee


Hey folks, we're back with a new website and name to reduce the confusion that came up last time!

Fortunately, the deals haven't gone anywhere :)


  • Proud Mary - Humbler Blend 1kg $32
  • Proud Mary - Humbler Blend 250g $11
  • Proud Mary - Single Origin (Filter) 250g $14
  • Proud Mary - Single Origin (Espresso) 250g $13

As always, shipping is capped at $7


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    • +1

      I like good coffee.. I don't know about you lol…

      Thanks for the discount !!

      • No worries at all :)

    • +1

      Proud Mary is one of the best , I’ll grab some after I finish my cartel one

  • +1


    Should be fortunately

  • When’s this expire?

    • -2

      When do the beans expire?

  • Sorry when does code expire

    • TBC! Are you waiting until a specific date to order?

      • I already have 3kg of beans in the freezer, so the longer you can leave the deal running on these Proud Mary beans (or if you can run it again later down the track), the more chance I can get it past the financial controller! :)

        • +1

          Gotcha! I don't think this particular deal will run long enough for that. But we'll have more in the future. Sign up to the newsletter and we'll let you know when we have another one :)

  • +1

    1kg Humbler direct from Proud Mary is $60, 7.95 flat shipping.

    This is a pretty good discount.

    • edited

  • +1

    Amazing price for proud Mary, constantly voted top 10 (top 3?) coffee I. Melbourne. I’ve already got the 5 senses and cartel specials in the freezer, I don’t think I’d get to using this one for another month or two >_<

    • You just need to drink more! 😂

    • Same here! I still got 500g Cartel to go. I’ll see if the deal can hold until then !

  • +1

    Bought 1kg proud Mary blend. Hopefully goes well with my daily latte fix :)

    • Thanks for your order! Let me know you go :)

  • +1

    Thanks. Just got me a 1kg proud Mary blend! Can't wait to try this for my morning fix :)

    • Thanks for your order! Let me know you go :)

      • Hi @timdee, i got my coffee last night and the roast date is 29Apr. Happy to send you a photo, let me know how. Thanks.

        • Hi @fishgumme , please send through to the email on your order confirmation. I'll get onto it :)

  • +2

    Hi, what’s the roast date on 1kg packs and when do they ship and what delivery method if I order this weekend?

    • Hi there, it'll be roasted on Monday, then shipped on Tuesday morning. We ship with Sendle for $7 or $12 for Express Post. Cheers :)

      • +2

        Can you explain how that works please? I'm assuming that Proud Mary still roast it so is it being sent direct from them?

        • +1

          OP an explanation of the above question would be appreciated before I pull the trigger. Thanks.

        • Hi, Proud Mary roast it and then deliver it to our warehouse. We then send it out via Sendle/AusPost.

      • I received my order today and they were roasted a week ago (29th April).

        • +1

          Hi, can. you please send me a photo so I can chase this up with Proud Mary?

  • +2

    The fact that Proud Mary don't discount their 500g and 1kg bags is stupid and inconsistent with the rest of the industry. I'm surprised that they sell any at the original price. Maybe worth a go at $39kg including postage. I've got the Five Senses Compton blend right now and it's hands down best coffee I've had from at least a dozen roasters. So Proud Mary will have to be damn good to beat it.

    • Did you get beans from Proud Mary? If so, how do they compare to Crompton road ?

  • +1

    Just one other thing. Selling 250g of Proud Mary Humbler at $7 above its normal price is in no way consistent with your marketing hype of being "direct". Please explain.

    • +1

      Agreed. That price really should be lower and was an oversight on my part. Adding 250g was a last minute addition and I must have forgotten to check the retail price first.

      Unfortunately these prices are locked in for this sale, but I'll definitely be taking that on board for future sales.

      Appreciate you flagging this for me.

  • +1

    So what happened to my coffee hunt?

    • Still very much alive! However, this is the confusion I referenced in my OP. To make it clearer I thought it best to split out our two offerings like this:

      • MCH is focused on creating an creating an easy experience (ground coffee, preset doses, machines etc)

      • DC is focused on offering great prices to folks who know exactly what they want (only whole bean coffee)

  • @timdee Will this sale come up again? I somehow F'ed up my order and it did not go through :(

    • Sorry to hear that! Send me a message and I'll see if we can work something out :)

      • Are we expecting any more discount soon? About to run out of beans at home so need to decide whether I should buy locally or wait for the discount.

        • New one about to come :)

  • +2

    Mine was roasted on the 29/4 based on the label on the packaging. Made 2 cups of latte with 21g basket. I ran out of fresh milk so had to use long life milk. I wouldn't categorise them as strong coffee, but it is actually quite good (i love strong coffee btw). Is it $39 per/kg good? I'd say yes.

    Beans i normally consume are madamimadam, dukescoffee, coffee hit, and recently inglewood thanks to the ozbargainer here.

    • Thanks for reporting back!

  • New deal is now live :)

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