Running out of Things to Watch on Netflix. Help!

Looking for TV show/movie suggestions please. Not looking for specific genres, but these are some that I have watched - with rough rating of how much I enjoyed them. Thank you in advance!

Grand Hotel 10/10
The Spy 10/10
Narcos and Narcos Mexico 10/10
Stranger Things 10/10
Ozark 9/10
Detectorists 9/10
The Stranger 9/10
Bloodline 9/10
100 8/10
Mad Men 8/10
Unorthodox 8/10
Elite 8/10
Cable Girls 8/10
OITNB 7/10
Morocco Love in Times of War 7/10
Queen of South 7/10
13 reasons why 7/10 for Season 1
The Crown 7/10
Gilmore Girls 7/10, lost interest after season 4
Money Heist 7/10, love season 1&2, lost interest after
Suits 6/10 - lose interest after season 2 or 3
You - not a fan
Babylon Berlin - not a fan
Tiger King - not a fan
Velvet - lost interest after episode 2
Mindhunter - lost interest after episode 2
Peaky Blinders - starting episode 1, so far not a fan
Greenleaf - halfway season 2, probably not gonna watch any further

Edit to add: Thank you for all your awesome suggestions! I'm slowly working through them! 😊

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      Take my upvote, you've made my day. It may be overused, but I didn't expect to see 'that' here, of all places.

      • lol

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    Carol and Tuesday
    Violet Evergarden

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    Watch Never have I ever, Gotham, Lucifer, Prison Break.
    Also, I am not able to find DeathNote anime. Internet says its on Netflix Australia, does anyone know how to get that anime?

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      Japanese dub with english subtitles is free on, otherwise with a premium account you can access the english dub. You can get a free 30 day trial of the premium account.

    • Thanks, I remember enjoyed watching DeathNote back in highschool. Wouldn't mind watching it again as I probably forgot most of the story.

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    My favorite show on Netflix is Midnight Diner Tokyo. Collection of short stories.

    • samurai gourmet is a similar show not bad

  • Crazy ex-Girlfriend if you want a musical comedy that actually tackle mental health issues with great character development.

  • Movie: Be Here Now (The Andy Whitfield Story), amazing documentary on his struggle with lymphoma and the meaning he found along the way

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    Not all of these are on Netflix, but if not you could probably torrent mkvs of them:

    The Man in the High Castle
    American Gods
    The Boys
    El Chapo
    Daredevil (he's also in "The Defenders")
    Mr Robot
    The Walking Dead (at least the first few seasons)
    Escaping Escobar

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      The Man In the High Castle is really good.

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    Not on Netflix but Gangs of London is worth a look.
    Pretty savage in parts.

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    Not sure if these are on netflix, but I recommend giving 'The Mentalist' and 'Brooklyn 99' a shot, even if you aren't a big fan of cop shows. House M.D. is also great.

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    The Studio Ghibli movies on Netflix.
    Justified on Amazon Prime (sort of like Ozark)

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    Not Netflix but on iView, just started watching High Fidelity and really enjoying it 2 episodes in.

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    I stand corrected if i am wrong,but why has no one put up Schitt's Creek ? That show is a must see.

  • Prison break is on Netflix now if you haven't seen it. That first season is up there in the greatest season of all time.

    • I have watched Prison Break, great shows but stop watching after season 3. Agree with first season is the greatest.

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    You - not a fan

    Nice rating :)

    Peaky Blinders - starting episode 1, so far not a fan

    "Don’t **** with the Peaky Blinders."

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    Mr show with Bob & David
    Strangers with candy
    Party down
    Children's hospital

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    Better call Saul
    The Mandalorian
    Boardwalk Empire

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    If you like Stranger Things, try: I'm Not OK With This.
    Groundhog Day? Try: Russian Doll
    True crime? The Keepers
    Comedy? Brooklyn Nine Nine, Santa Clarita Diet (takes a few episodes to get into)
    Project Runway? Try: Next in Fashion
    Scifi? Try: Black Mirror
    Supernatural? The Alienist
    Don't mind subtitles? Try: Fauda

  • Money Heist season 1 and 2 are great and are made by the Spanish I believe, while 3 and 4 were made by Netflix. s4 is actually quite a bore and poorly written, and this is coming from someone who loves the show.

    Other shows I like include Russian Doll, What/If, Black Mirror and The Sinner.

  • the office on amazon prime

  • Get Amazon Prime and watch Sneaky Pete

  • The 1%

    Fantastic series. Dystopian genre. Kind of similar to hunger games but I like it better. Brazilian, best in original language with subtitles. The American dubbing is a bit meh

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    This is almost an ad for Netflix, but I feel like it's required because I've had Netflix for a while and I have N.F.I about what to watch because there's no easy to use browsing system regarding the titles they have on offer at any one time. I basically need to follow their algorithm about 70-80pc of the time.

    Very (profanity) annoying tbh.

    • Try using the Upflix app on your mobile.

  • Line of Duty
    The Fall
    Manhunt Unabomber
    The People V. O.J. Simpson
    The Killing
    The Valhalla Murders

  • Norsemen. Season 1 and 2 are on Netflix and 3 will be released this year.
    They've called it a mix between The Office and Vikings but also a mix of Monty Python and Game of Thrones.

  • Lots of good suggestions already, I'm going to have to save this thread!

    A couple I haven't seen anyone mention:
    Locke & Key
    A Series of Unfortunate Events

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    If you get Stan, Billions is amazing

    • And Better Call Saul

  • Swtditch to Stan

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    We need more of this kinda thread instead of insurance…

  • DAREDEVIL plz - 10/10, check the crazy high imdb score also!!!

  • If you don't mind foreign language shows, some of the Korean and Chinese ones are quite good.

    • Crash Landing On You (Korean drama)
    • Ashes of Love (Chinese drama, but it's quite long, 60 episodes from memory)

    Another one I'm currently watching is Spanish, El Dragon: Return of a Warrior. There are two seasons, with Season 2 just released not long ago. Total of 82 episodes, at least you won't run out of things to watch for a few weeks.

  • Dark. 99% on RT. Insane mindf*** of a show

    DC Titans

    Animated shows I like, not always for kids :)

    Big Mouth
    Final Space
    Dragon Prince
    'Trollhunter' then the sequel '3Below: Tales of Arcadia'

    Anime as mentioned previously
    Kengan Ashura
    Seven Deadly Sins
    7 Seeds
    No Game No Life

  • I don't think I have watched anything mentioned on this thread (or have heard of most of it for that matter).

    In fact I hardly ever watch TV

    Am I missing something in my life??

  • -3

    Tiger king is 11/10.


  • Sex Education
    Our Planet
    The Innocence Files

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    Watch the doco "The Last Dance" its not a movie suggestion but I highly recommend it, and I'm someone who has never been into basketball except when I was younger when MJ, his Royal Airness was around 🔥

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    Hi you have to watch Vikings and the KIckass the last kingdom both are on netflix

    End of the Fu**king world is excellent.

    Game of thrones torrent is good up till season 5 or so lol.

    Also curb your enthusiasm.

    Get Stan has lots of good stuff to watch also

  • Not Netflix but if you have Prime, I would add The Looming Tower, Treadstone and Jack Ryan S1 (S2 is pretty avg). Plus free amazon shipping.

  • After Life
    Fastest Car
    End of the F###ing world
    Secret City
    The Stranger
    The Sinner
    I am not OK with this
    Sex Education
    Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency
    Black Spot (French)
    Making a Murderer
    Don't F##k with Cats

  • Watch Losers, a doco series - bloody excellent. Everyone I've convinced to watch it hasn't been able to stop.

  • Too Hot To Handle is also great. Many deep and complex characters, can spend hours thinking about it after each episode.

  • nobody has mentioned it that I could see.

    The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story - Television series season (which I watched on Netflix)

    for what its worth my 'go to' shows in period of staying at home more than usual in no particular order (note probably alot of these are not on netflix) but some are on amazon prime.

    Just Shoot Me
    One foot in the grave
    Curb your enthusiasm
    The Sopranos
    The Simpsons (approx first half out of the 31 seasons)
    Two and a half men (seasons 1-8)
    shit my dad says (sadly only lasted one season)
    Married with Children
    Family Guy
    The Thin Blue Line (only two seasons)
    Breaking Bad
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Chappelles Show
    Who is America
    Better Call Saul
    Madoff (abc mini series) - very good and much better than the movie of same premise IMO
    Wayward pines (two seasons)

  • sex education
    end of the f**king world
    invest in a vpn and watch breaking bad which is in my opinion the best show ever made
    if you didnt like you, there is something wrong with you

  • How to get away with murder? Minus the gay sex scenes.

  • stranger things 10/10 but lost interest in mindhunter and peaky blinders after 1 episode 0_o (-_-) X( (wh*t the h*eck)


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    How do you have so much time?

    Maybe try some of the other streaming services?

  • i watched most the same list and in desperation just got through 'outbanks' on netflix (ive also recently turned to Prime - 'Jack Ryan' very good)

    The trailer doesnt do it justice and boarders on the line of being a little too 'Dawson's Creek' at times + no way any of those actors are 16 but enough twists and content to be enjoyable. Will very likely resonate from anyone from small coastal town.

  • I can feel you!
    I run out of movies to watch too, so now I'm keeping myself updated on the news. :)

  • I know this isn’t everyones cup of tea,but I’ve been waiting all year to was this

  • 2/May someone suggested Dark.
    3/May OP started watching Dark.
    4/May OP finished watching Dark s1&s2.

  • +1

    Designated Survivor. 3 good seasons that I really enjoyed.

  • Shameless
    Animal Kingdom
    Money heist
    Wu assisins

  • +1

    The Last Dance - don't even need to be a basketball fan (I am - so maybe bias)… but if you're into sports at all, its definitely a good watch!

  • No one has mentioned Bosch on Amazon Prime - a great police detective drama series. The first season was inspired by Michael Connelly's novels City of Bones, Echo Park, and The Concrete Blonde (he is also an executive producer of the show). Interesting characters and plots.

    Seasons 1-5 are available on there, S6 has been released recently overseas, but not on Prime AU yet. I am guessing that like last year, it won't be available until after it is shown on SBS. Sad to hear that Season 7 will be the last season.

    • Seconded, really enjoyed the first couple seasons. Heard S3 dropped the ball a bit but will judge for myself.

      • +1

        I did not watch this when it was aired on SBS, but once I began watching it on Prime, I could not stop until the last available episode. I don't remember thinking at the time (it has been over a year!) that S3 dropped the ball; if anything, I found the characters tended to grow on you more. Besides, there was a twist after S2.

  • Altered Carbon - sci-fi; season 1 is a murder mystery set in a world that's a cross between blade runner and ghost in the shell. Season 2 is out as well, and there's a prequel, Altered Carbon: resleeved but is an animated movie.
    Lost in space - sci-fi; mini-series up to season 2, season 3 will end
    The victim's game - 1 season end, 8 episodes only; Taiwanese murder mystery, has english subs.
    The Witcher - fantasy based on video game that's based on book played by Superman, currently season 1.

    Mission Impossible fallout - movie, Cruise vs. Superman with mustache, nuff said
    Bright - movie, sci-fi plus fantasy, yes you heard it right it, orcs & elves but in a modern day setting.
    Polar - movie, kinda like John Wick
    John Wick 1 & 2 - movie, Keanu Reeves being a badass.
    Constantine - movie (dated), Keanu Reeves vs angels & demons

  • Amazed I haven't seen these mentioned yet, then again I've never heard anyone speak about them!

    Get Shorty and Perpetual Grace.
    Both on Stan.

    Get Shorty is hard to describe, has the absurdity of Fargo with the storyline and characters of Breaking Bad. Throw in your favourite Irish IT guy as the thuggish lead, some kickass drum beats and you got yourself a winner. There's some flaws in that review but I'm just trying to say it's a wild ride.

    I won't describe Perpetual Grace as it's truly one of a kind, I can say that you'll pick up some of the lines to use for yourself and the writing is goddamn brilliant. From the creator of Patriot.

    Check them both out, honestly can't understand how they're not more talked about.

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