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Battlestar Galactica Complete Series - DVD AUD$79, Blu-Ray AUD$93 Delivered @ Amazon UK


Just as the title says, Battlestar Galactica Complete Series on DVD and Blu-ray can now be gotten for $79 and $93 (using Amazon UK's currency converter, might be lower if using your CC's conversion rate). Delivery included!!

Includes the original mini series, all aired seasons, plus Razor.

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    do these complete sets include those "webisodes"?

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      The reviews say it all.

      [EDIT] Or maybe not. This is confusing haha.

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        haha yeah, I'm not a big fan of the way amazon groups all their reviews together like that.


          Well, I ordered it just the same :) I don't mind if the webisodes aren't all there :p

          I will get it in a couple weeks though so I'll be able to confirm this one properly ;)


          cheers ;)

          regardless, it's a great price.


          Finally got mine on Friday. Only bothered to post here just now ;)

          It has the following extended episodes:
          - Pegasus
          - Unfinished Business
          - A Disquiet Follows My Soul
          - Islanded in a Stream of Stars
          - Daybreak

          Including the extended version of Razor.

          As for webisodes, it has:
          - The Resistance Webisodes
          - Minisodes (x7)

          There doesn't seem to be "The Face of the Enemy" webisodes…

          Hope that helps everyone :) I'll have to remember to repost this I guess if this deal gets posted again ;)


      Fairly sure the UK/Aus sets do not contain the webisodes, nor the extended versions of certain episodes and Razor.

      I think only the US set has these, but expect to pay $100+ for the DVD, and $140+ for the Blu-ray sets, with shipping.

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      According to the venerable Wikipedia, they "are present on all Blu-ray versions" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlestar_Galactica:_The_Resis...)… Not really much help. I know the set I have (blu-ray box set that came with a Cylon figurine in the top, american I think), comes with Razor, and has the webisodes as special features on season 3.


    The Hut has it for the same price but if you use the code 10WED you can get an extra 10% off = £62.86


      That would still make this Amazon UK deal cheaper, as the VAT (20%) removed price is £58.31 (both stores include free shipping).

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    UK addresses only, unfortunately.


      Amazon UK do ships DVDs, Blu-ray's to Australia, free shipping as well, if order is over £25.


    Just received the same UK BSG Bluray 'complete' boxset for A$99 delivered.
    It does come with Razor - both broadcast and extended editions. Doesn't come with The Plan, but I got my copy from The Hut at A$11 delivered.

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    Holy Frak… robot or not, I'm in love with Number 6.


    The Blu-ray box set is another 2/3 pounds lower today, so you can get the boxset for AUD$86 delivered given current exchange rates.

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