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5KG - Whey Protein Isolate $94.50 Delivered @ Pure Product eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Cookies & Cream

Banana $90 delivered

Mix of flavours $99.90 delivered

Comes in 5 x 1kg resealable bags.

Haven't tried them personally. Previous deal for WPI/WPC

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  • Pretty good price.
    Can anyone comment where they source their raws?

    • Expect it to be mixed. Ordered NZ fonterra but they delivered whey from Mexico(!).

  • +1

    Dunno but I get their WPC all the time, it's great..

    • Try WPI - digests much better & higher protein per serve

  • +2

    The question is when can I go back to gym

    • When you’re benching only the bar like me, you’ll need protein…

  • +4

    not sure that there is much point in buying weigh protein isolate since social distancing rules are likely to be relaxed very soon…

  • Those idiots do not respond to emails regarding their products.

  • Tried their WPI (unfavoured). Quite like it. Mix well too.

  • Anyone tried? How's the taste

    • I've had the vanilla and cookies and cream. Pretty good.

  • +2

    Tried all their flavours and it's pretty good. Have not been to a gym in 20 years, too expensive. Bought or made all my own equipment, like sand bags, and train at home. You are your own gym.

  • +2

    The Ozbargainers protein powder checklist
    (in order of priority):
    1. Flavour
    2. Mixabilty
    3. Price
    4. Delivery time
    5. % protein
    6. Quality

  • Can anyone compare this with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard or Bulk Nutrients? Especially with regards to taste, flavour, mix-ability?

    • +1

      I've tried this brand, in their WPC range:

      Chocolate 1.5/5 ~ did not like it at all, would not buy again. Was either too bland or did not taste like chocolate.

      Cookies and Cream 4.5/5 ~ delicious, first tried a couple of years ago and have 2x1kg packs at home / in-use now.

      The C&C even has cookie pieces in it, which are really nice, almost too nice 😂

      I also regularly use ON and BN. I like to cycle through various flavours and buy whatever is the best deal.

  • does this taste good? will it target bicep growth?

    • +6

      Only if you sprinkle some on your biceps before bed at night

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