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Eufy Cam Wire-Free HD Security 3-Camera Set - $839 w/ Free Delivery (RRP $1,049)


Eufy Wireless HD Security Camera (3 pack) from Amazon is currently at 20% off.

Unlike the Google Nest Cams or Arlo, Eufy doesn't have any subscription fees.
It's also completely wireless for easy installation.
And they claim that batteries last for 365 days per charge.
Although based on Youtube reviews, they only seem to last for 6 months before you need to recharge (which is still quite impressive based on what's currently out in the market).

Expedited Delivery will cost an extra $5.45.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    this is gen 1 right? good product, but at this price, not really a bargain. i am using this set right now.

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    Too good to be true

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    You can tell by the included base station that this is not the latest version (v2).

    This is the 1st gen. No deal.

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    This is definitely the old Homebase

    T81111D2 - 1 x T8114 eufyCam 2
    T81131D2 - 1 x T8113 eufyCam 2c

    T8801CD2 - Homebase (T8001) with 2 x eufyCam 2 (T8114)
    T8804CD2 - Homebase (T8001) with 3 x eufyCam 2 (T8114)
    T8807CD3 - Homebase (T8001) with 4 x eufyCam 2 (T8114)

    T8831CD3 - Homebase 2 (T8010) with 2 x eufyCam 2c (T8113)
    T8832CD3 - Homebase 2 (T8010) with 3 x eufyCam 2c (T8113)
    T8833CD3 - Homebase 2 (T8010) with 4 x eufyCam 2c (T8113)

    T88411D1 - Homebase 2 (T8010) with 2 x eufyCam 2 (T8114)

    • What are the main differences between the homebase 1 and 2?

  • Do Eufys record to base at all or straight to the cloud? For example if there's a power outage, will they be useless without a UPS on the base station and modem etc?

    • They record to the base. If there is a power outage, the base has back up battery which should be good for 10hrs. I have had situations where my Internet was down. But I was able to still see recordings after internet came back up. Obviously while internet is down you won’t be able to do things like livestream camera feed. But recordings still happen.

      It works because the home base has its own wifi network which it uses to connect to the cameras.

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        I don't think the homebase 2 has a backup battery - I can't see one here.

        So it most likely just records to the camera itself on power outage.

        The own wifi is kind of a strength and weakness.. a weakness as it has limited range from the homebase vs being able to hop onto whatever you home network is (in my case a large mesh and I would need 3 homebases to get a camera on each entry point).

  • Anyone have first hand experience of eufy vs arlo?

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      Arlo pro 2 vs eufy cam 2c here.
      Eufy 2c win hands down.
      - better image quality on IR
      - better battery life
      - same 1080p but I saw more details in the eufy
      - zoning works without ac power
      - access camera directly. No 2s lags even on nbn 50
      - pair it with ups and you have continious recording.

  • I thought the Rudy 1st gens were better, can someone confirm?

  • is battery life for constant record or just triggered record?

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      Triggered record.

  • Love my cameras. I got a 4 pack and they have worked without fail for the last 4 months. Easy to install, battery has held up with no recharge and the signal makes its through multiple brick walls. I have had a number of times the power went out and this thing had no problem recording and didnt miss a beat

  • On my to buy list :)

  • ?? it says $909 from Amazon or $435.00 from "wuhanshihongshanquaimaikeshumajingyingbu" seller (just launched) or $449 from "tongzhouqujinxintengqishaojigongdian" seller (just launched)

    • Sold and shipped by them, can be hassle dealing with such seller as it might be test product or who knows

    • Now says the $449 seller is "nvgfyhvuy". Yeah, that sounds legit. And yeah, I was tempted anyway.

  • I like this cameras coz they are working very well in my place, long battery lasting and swift response for shooting and network connection. been working 3 months ago only slightly battery powder dropped, app on phone is always been pushed for update on monthly basis for latest. the only thing not good enough is facial recognition even I've recorded all faces but alarm rings from time to time when walking by… hope this could be fixed by system update later.

  • This looks great that it doesn't need a subscription like the Arlo.

    I'm this close to pulling the trigger on getting something like this:
    https://www.swann.com/au/swnvk-875804 (either bullet or dome)

    I absolutely need 24x7 recording (video and audio) to a hard drive (internal or external, doesn't matter) and happy to have a wifi cam permanently powered from USB to allow it. Can't find any documentation on the eufy other than using a SD card in it - can you record to external USB?

    Motion triggered recording only isn't good enough because by the time the motion activation gets alerted and the camera wakes up, they're gone! Using a Kmart job - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/wi-fi-full-hd-rechargeable-... - that's decent, but you can't actually download footage on this model, you have to record your phone using another app, didn't know until after buying :/

    Not to hijack this post (but I will anyway), I'm happy for recommendations up to $1000, at least three cameras, 24x7 local recording without needing a subscription to do so, must do video and sound. I'm happy with 1080, doesn't have to be greater quality than that. Wifi is fine and have reasonable coverage outside the house, happy to have wired also (sparky mate will run network or power if it's needed, save some $ there yay!).

    I've spent hours looking and looking and just get more confused than informed, so that's why I've looked at a simple off the shelf solution so far.

    Thank you brains trust :)

    • The Swann stuff is super tempting but the user reviews are absolutely damning. I've never seen so many smackdowns of a security brand. Many seem legit too.

      • I agree the reviews aren't the best, but I'm finding a pattern of people having expectations of what the cameras and software can deliver. I have a beer budget, I'm not expecting champagne quality. I don't need to see the license plate of a car parked 30m away on a crazy angle or anything. Why buy Sorbent toilet paper when I can get Woolies brand for half the price? There's a huge difference in quality and I can't afford a $2000 4k system, and won't be expecting miracles from a $900 5MP camera. Fingers crossed it does its job recording the things we need recorded to successfully get an MRO on the neighbour, hopefully charges if the police will step up.

        • That's fair. Reolink has cameras in the Swann price range, even cheaper, and has a pretty strong following. No cloud though.

          That said, Eufy seems to be roughly equivalent to Arlo, and seems not that much more expensive than Reolink, depending on the package. Of course, it adds up the more cameras you get.

          I am not keen on a wired solution so I'm more looking at them or Eufy, but if you have a sparky mate, lucky you! Swann looks pretty good and great value.

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    Looks like expired. Price is at $900

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    How is this a bargain when it was $579 in December and also came with echo dot 3.

    • Someone thought it's latest model