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[PS4] Free - Final Fantasy VII Remake In-game DLCs - VPN Required


Hi guys,

Please read carefully before continuing with the content.

I was sent a couple of Batch Codes for a running promotion in UK to win in-game DLC items for FF7 Remake and found out that you can actually re-use the codes as many times as you want to get all the DLCs (worked for me and a lot more people), you just need to do the following steps and MUST ASK A FRIEND OR SOMEONE IN THE UK TO DO THE SUBMISSION FOR YOU or SIMPLY USE A VPN (Confirmed by Bissy)

  • The promotion runs from 3rd April 2020 to 11.59pm 30th August 2020
  • Go to https://www.winwithbatchelors.co.uk/
  • Tick the options: I accept the Terms and Conditions, I am 16 or over and am aware of the promotion privacy notice, I have purchased a pack and press ENTER NOW
  • Fill in the details, use one of the following Batch Codes:

0091AM 0910
0087AR 1759
0077WF 1610
0079WV 2023
0087WV 0514
0071AD 1956
0071AD 2102
L001821B 0903
L001821A 0902

  • You can submit 5 times per email per day, just create a new email and repeat the process to obtain all the DLCs
  • Winnable DLCs: Mako Crystal, Midgar Bangle, Corneo's Armlet, Shinra Bangle, and Superstar Belt
  • I haven't tried using VPN for submissions, but it will always give failed results for doing submissions based in Australia
  • You will be sent the DLC codes by email which can be used directly in the Australian Store.

Good luck guys.

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    Can't you just use a UK-based VPN?

    • I haven't tried one, but give it a go please, and let me know so I can confirm with for others ^_^ cheers bro.

  • If only I had a friend who lived in the UK. I might try a VPN.

    • Pleas try using VPN, I needed to ask my friend as I am not using any VPN. Let me know bro.

      • +2

        Yep it worked with a VPN.

        • +1

          Yay, enjoy the free DLCs bro. Try to grab all 5 of them. I will upgrade the post.

          • +1

            @kceady: Thanks for post.

            • +1

              @Bissy: Please up-vote so others can enjoy too ^_^ thanks bro.

  • +3

    Works fine on VPN thanks. So are these DLC useful in the game?

  • +3

    I can confirm it works on VPN, thanks OP for the clear instructions

    • +1

      Enjoy bro, please share the post since we have no promotions or whatsoever …

  • If anyone gets a spare code for Shinra's Bangle let me know

    • You can just keep trying until you get one bro ^_^, create a new email if you need to.

      • I've tried like 15 times the damn thing isn't giving me any codes haha

        • Only for Shinra's Bangle or you haven't won anything?

          • @kceady: won the other 4 but haven't received any wins in the last 15 or so goes.

            • @cyrax83: Ops … have you tried another email?

          • @kceady: Me too, i tried 10 times in a row. After the Corneo's Armlet but keeps saying I'm not a winner

            • @Magicmannn: Try another email after 5 submissions, or switch to another UK-based location.

            • +1

              @Magicmannn: Maybe the codes are done. I haven't received a win in the last 20 goes with different emails

              • @cyrax83: Have you tried switching to another IP address? Or try again tomorrow. It runs until August 2020.

                • +2

                  @kceady: ok nevermind finally got a code. Maybe wait 5-10 mins before trying again.

                  • +1

                    @cyrax83: Congratz bro, enjoy the free DLCs ^_^, please share the post to anyone who needs them.

        • I had to clear cookies

        • That's rough as. I did it 5 times, got all 5 items. I assumed that was how it was supposed to be. :/

  • +1

    Hi All,

    I have some leftover codes that weren't redeemed, first come first serve:
    Midgar Bangle

    Mako Crystal

    Superstar Belt

    If anyone has any spare codes for "Corneo's Armlet" and/or "Shinra Bangle" please PM me :)

    Much appreciated.

    • +1

      i'll pm you shinra - turn on pm messages first

      • +1


        Just enabled messages, didn't know it was a thing

        Thanks heaps :))))))))))))))))))))

        • just realised I only have midgar soz

  • +1

    26B5-76N2-BHX3 FOR Mako Crystal
    midgar bangle for Midgar Bagle

    • +1

      Please up-vote the post so others can do that too bro ^_^.

      • +1

        ok. I am OzBargain noob

    • +1

      bangle for bagle? dinner sorted

  • I have some spare codes

    Superstar Belt: 7K5A-6TNB-3G4F, NNXL-JTNK-H4C5, PJRL-G8N3-5XAJ
    Midgar Bangle: NJFX-CGN5-PE5R

  • +1

    I have a spare midgar bangle if anyone need

    • yes please!

      • open up messages

  • Have a Shinra Bangle code if anyone wants to swap for a different code - need everything but the Midgar Bangle

    • Hey there, do you want to trade for a mako crystal or superstar belt code?

      • Hey!

        Sure, a superstar belt would be great!

        • +1

          Sweet, I've sent you a PM.

  • Has anyone got a spare corneos amulet? It's the only one I can't get. Can swap any of the others!

  • Thanks OP, 3/5 for today, got the Midgar, Corneo and Superstar.

  • +1

    I have extra codes for all accessories and armors except Corneo's amulet. PM me for codes…

  • Thanks OP, 5 random entries and grabbed all 5 with a bit of luck!!

    Is it worth trying for multiples of any of these?

  • +2

    Remember if you run out of email addresses, you can add full stops inside your gmail username before the "@gmail.com".

    I got 3 out of 5 (Superstar, Midgar, Shinra). Tried about a dozen more times but no dice.

    Anyone got an extra Mako or Corneo? I've got extras for Midgar and Shinra.

    • @jace88

      Do you still need Mako?

      I have a code for you

      • Yes please!

        • Pm sent

          Apologies if it doesn't work but I should

  • If anyone has any spare codes I’d be eternally grateful :D

  • +2

    Hi all,

    I have the spare codes for the following:
    Midgar Bangle x3
    Superstar Belt x1
    Shinra Bangle x1

    Reply to this comment here what you want and I'll pm you.

    Limit to one item per person (to be fair), first come first serve.

    Apologies if the code doesn't work, but 99% sure the it should work

    • Can I please have the Superstar Belt?

      • +1


        PM'ed you Superstar Belt code


    • IF you have anything left, I'll gladly take it.

      I'm just trying to finish off Death Stranding before I get in to FF7 ReMake

      • @tallkid

        I still have these:
        Midgar Bangle x3
        Shinra Bangle x1

        Which one would you like

        • SHinra Bangle please

        • Hi could I please have a Midgar bangle?

        • Could I have a midgar bangle please

        • i would appreciate a Midgar Bangle, Thanks

    • Hey man do you still have a spare Shinra Bangle? If so would super appreciate one!

      • +1


        Not sure if it's because your account is new or you haven't activated permission to receive messages from other users.

        Long story short I'm unable to send it to you. If you figure out how to get your messages enabled I'll be happy to send you the code

        • Hi, sorry about that I've enabled private messages haha. Thanks again in advance!

          • @LloydSS: @LloydSS

            Pm sent

            • @Ausdave: seems like the code's somehow already been redeemed, thanks anyways!

  • +1

    You can use 10MinuteMail to generate temporary email addresses.
    I did this and cycled through to a new one every few wins.

    I have spares if anyone wants them:
    3x Mako Crystal (I think, forgot to label 1 code)
    1x Corneo Bracelet

    • +1

      Hi could you PM me corneo amulet? Really appreciate it.

    • Mind PM me the mako crystal pls? Thx

    • Could I please have a mako crystal?

    • Could I have the mako Crystal please

    • Corneo would be great, thanks

  • Corneo's Armlet code

    • Someone has claimed it

  • Have codes for

    Midgar Bangle
    Corneo's Armlet
    Superstar Belt
    Shinra Bangle

    pm if you want one.

    • Can I have the Midgar Bangle pls?

      • pm'd code

    • +1

      Only have Shinra Bangle left

      • I’ll take it please!

    • +1

      All codes now taken.

  • Shinra Bangle

  • I am after any codes, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    • Midgar Bangle - JF95-MPNJ-AKK5

  • PM me if you have corneo bracer code, only 1 i still need

  • +1

    Corneo's Armlet

    Superstar Belt

    • I've redeemed Corneo's Armlet. Thank you!

    • Someone redeemed the other and didn’t reply :(

    • +1

      Thanks - I redeemed the Superstar Belt.

  • +1

    Midgar Bangle

    Corneo's Armlet

    • Redeemed corneo, thank you!

  • brah

  • How do you redeem these codes? Where do you entre it?

  • +1

    Can someone send me a corneo's tried 5 diff emails and still nothing…
    Got some dupes for you guys.



    • I got one of each except Corneo's, anyone has it and wanna swap let me know.

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