This was posted 6 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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90% Cashback for NordVPN @ Cashrewards


Surfshark & PureVPN, CyberGhost are already 90%. Here's 1 more at the same rate. Good choice of VPNs.



Cashback is eligible for new customers only.
Cashback may be ineligible if a coupon code is used that is not listed on this site.
Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.
The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised Cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

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  • Just to clarify… NordVPN is offering a 70% off deal so it's $125 for 3 years… then you get 90% cashback, making it $12.50 for 3 years??

    • This is getting upvoted but no comments to confirm if it's correct or not, so I'm still unsure.

    • I just purchased the 3-year plan yesterday. It adds a 10% VAT, so it came down to $138.2 USD, so I was charged $219.33 AUD.
      …so hopefully I can get nearly $200 cashback?

      • Can you check your cashrewards account and see what it says?

        • I can confirm the cash back is around $170. I got email early this morning. Cash back does not apply to the gst so that will be why it looks lower.

        • Cashback not confirmed yet, so I can only see it in Click History, but it's only been a day, so it might take a while. Will report back once I see it

          • +3 votes

            @VinceVinceVince: Cashback shouldn’t take more than 36 hours to track for NordVPN. I can’t comment as to why it may not have worked for you as I’m not sure how you transacted. My suggestion is to use the Cashrewards mobile app to purchase and use 4G. This eliminates plugin issues on desktop browsers and any potential firewall/router/wifi issues with your network. The great thing is these VPN providers have a 30 day money back guarantee, and I suggest you take that path rather than submit a claim and potentially have it rejected. It’s a lot of money to miss out on. Just FYI. Thanks.

            • @tightarse: @tightarse Thanks for the detailed response! It's only been 48 hours so I'll wait a few more days, never had an issue with Cashrewards tho.
              Can you help me with a Youtube Premium issue tho? Changed my location to India with Nord, but youtube wants me to pay in AED instead of INR, which is more expensive.
              Any ideas? Many thanks :)

            • @tightarse: @tightarse

              I purchased a subscription via desktop. The browser tracker protection was turned off in the cashrewards site and the nord site . But once I clicked to purchase the subscription via, the site redirected to and the browser tracker protection automatically turned on. I didn't notice it until the payment went through successfully.

              My cashrewards click history shows that I have clicked on Nord.

              Is there a chance my cashback will not be successful?


                @dudebargain: Hey champ. Please give it a day to track. Worst case, I'd suggest this so you don't lose any money. Please remember, a click in your click history is just that - a click. It's no guarantee that the transaction was successful as we have no idea what you may have clicked through to after the initial one :)

    • Yes, i got it like this when it was 70% cashback. great deal. nord vpn is great aswell with a ton of servers and one of the only companies with a Perth server

    • I did the equivalent of this about a year back but with Shopback.

      Paid Nord something like $100 USD and got something like $100 AUD back from Shopback. So about $40 AUD for 3 years.

  • what's the best VPN out of the 4?

    • i have nord and windscribe for the last 18 months ive found windscribe to be better and a good interface fyi.


        windscribe isn't even in the list of the 4…lmfao

        • its a personal comparison ive tried cyberghost & purevpn also and i had nothing but problems thats why i put fyi.thanks friend

    • +4 votes

      For me I've found nord to be the best between it, CyberGhost and SrufShark. Those are the only 3 I've had


      Depends, What do you want it for?

      Bang for your buck, this is a great deal. As Nord is fairly quick. But they had their reputation sullied by not disclosing a breach. Not a major breach, but still they were dishonest.

      If you're just geo-relocating, this is good. If you're using any public von service for privacy, then you're jist kidding yourself. Express VPN has a better rep, but for privacy, then you need your own server.

    • im currently on surfshark and gotten the 90% cashback as well. So far so good. No issues.

  • I've had Pure and would not recommend. Interested in people's thoughts though. Tossing up between Nord and Cyberghost.

    • I have pure and only use it for torrenting, and its been fine, maxed out my 30mbps connection. No idea about anything else like accessing USA netflix.

    • Been using NordVPN for a couple years off a similar deal.

      Cannot complain. Great speeds on Aus servers and semi decent speeds on US UK servers.

      And the app works great on Android.

      My two cents. Hope it helps.

  • IsCyberGhost having 90% cashback or 79% off with extra 2 months free?

  • PIA rocks for me, anyone preferring Nord over PIA ?
    I still have around 3 months left for subscription to expire

    • In the same boat, my PIA sub is about up. Unsure how to feel about going with PIA again since the whole new owners debacle.

      • What options are you considering apart from Nord?
        Looking at these deals, Pia seems to be most expensive lol

        • Just got the email saying i'm up for renewel and haven't had much of a look. Prolly just gonna go with what's cheapest, in ozb fashion. What about you?

    • I just finished up with PIA, been with them for a few years, now I'm with Surfshark, I did the 90% cashback via CR in Feb, I got the cashback funds last week.
      PIA is slightly faster, I did tests on both across multiple servers, I found PIA wasn't working with US and UK Netflix which Surfshark does (but I cant seem to get them to work on my smart TV, PS4 or FIRE TV stick), cant get Prime to work on either VPN.
      Hope this helps.

      • How’s overall speed ? Apart from Netflix and server number/location ?
        I still have 3 months with PIA so still deciding to switch now or wait for a deal.

        • I'm FTTP NBN 50/20, on PIA on a local Melbourne server I would get around 40-46mbps, with Surfshark its maybe 1 to 2 mbps slower, so not much really, I'm happy with surfshark and the overall cost over 3 years after cashback is outstanding.

    • My PIA account was up for renewal next week so this came at the right time. So far so good. Speed comparable. I was getting really slow speeds with some overseas servers with PIA. Seems a bit faster with what I have seen with Nord so far. Happy either way to be honest. Go with best deal at the time I reckon.

    • I was on PIA prior to Nord. I hated PIA. Very slow.

      Weirdly I've seen others report the opposite. So… your mileage may vary.

      That said if I cared about the best product right now I'd go with Express VPN. But it's considerably more expensive and doesn't do deals like this.

      • Yeah PIA has been garbage for most of 2020. It may depend on what you do. for example many downloads are multithreaded so can get full speed with multiple slow connections. but if you need fast single thread downloads such as when watching Twitch streams etc PIA used to be great, but not now. I find myself having to try sydney/melborne/perth and sometimes newzealand servers to stop buffering , and sometimes nothing helps

        • Yeah, same. With PIA I'd have to have multiple downloads/threads to even have a chance of maxing out my bandwidth and even then I rarely did.

          Nord's pretty bad for me for most Nord servers outside of Australia. That's definitely slow. But local Aussie ones a single thread maxes out my bandwidth no problem and the ping isn't severe.

          Nord does seem to have a problem with bots operating on their network so I frequently can't use websites or services because my IP is blocked.

  • Nord, Surfshark, Cyberghost and Purevpn are all having 90% off at cashrewards.
    which one is the best for Netflix and torrenting?
    Would I be able to watch local (Australian) netflix and US netflix simultaneously at the same time? I have Australian subcription on Netflix here. I wonder if my Dad and I would be able to watch Netflix simultaneously in different locations.

    • Yes. That’s fine. I do that with a friend of mine in the USA. We purchase subscription alternatively each month and share login details.

    • You can be in different country's and watch at the same time if you have subscribed for extra streams.

      Cant comment on VPNs but got Purevpn for 5 years with 90% off a few months ago, tried to cancel but they talked me into an extra 2 years, so 7 years at 40$, it seems ok, but does not reconnect after the pc wakes from sleep, so is not good for a real VPN that is needed all the time, when using their windows app anyway.

      As i get free Netflix data on my optus sim, i am unsure how good it is for that, i setup chrome to not use the VPN for Netflix and Prime, use firefox for other browsing.

  • Just signed up, took 60 seconds. Downloaded the app onto my (android, Xiaomi) phone and set it to USA. Logged into Netflix and voila can see titles like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Marvel movies on my account :)

    Now lets see if the cashback tracks properly!

  • Don't get PureVPN if you plan on using it with Netflix. Constant error messages that a VPN was detected.

  • and silly me who had bought 3 year subscription in March last year for $120USD!!!! Such a dud!!!

  • surfshark is good so far..been using for few months to access UK, US Netflix and Indian content

  • Can someone confirm on the final price for a 3year plan after all the discounts and cashbacks?

  • Any of these support WireGuard?

  • Will shopback have the same offers soon?

  • Hi, do you know NordVPN work with ITV Hub and BBC Player? I bought Surfshark recently but it had problem with ITV Hub and BBC Player. Thanks

    • It does and I've tested it myself. Just Google it as they have a dedicated page for BBC Player and which UK servers will work.

  • Would love a Cashrewards rebate on Express VPN.

  • I'm testing Surfshark and it only worked once for my desired library of Netflix (even though they apparently support it). Ever since I always get redirected to the US library. I wouldn't be getting it, even for 20 bucks. Unless the US library is all what you're after.

  • wanted to reiterate that the cash back of 90% only applies to NEW customers right?

    i still have 400 days on my account, if i renew it now i wont get the 90% cashback, i think thats how it is for existing customers.

  • Hi everyone, can anyone answer is one VPN service better then another considering data speed downloads/streaming? Also are these paid VPNs services much better in speed over the free VPN services?

    I'm using free VPN services like,..
    - VPN Australia
    - ultraSurf
    - Windscribe

    So would NordVPN be much faster in speed over free VPN services? Or VPN is primarily for hiding geo location and privacy?

  • Any progress on getting ExpressVPN onboard?

  • Nord is pretty quick now. I’m getting 74mbps using Nord on my ~80mbps FTTN connection.

  • the cashrewards website says if a gift card is used for payment, the cashback might not work.

    what method of payment should I use if I want to stay anonymous?

  • How long does the cashback take?

  • Man if only I saw this deal. STuck with PureVPN for awhile still and their speed for Netflix US isn't the best? Does anyone wanna co-share accounts? Lol Happy to pay half :P Message me if you do hehe

  • FYI I was charged 196.59 (ing) and received cashback tracking within hours of $170.08 - so, $26.51 for 3-years ($8.84 per year).

  • Just paid for this last night on my 28 deg card for AUD$195.02 and a few hours later got an email from Cashrewards for an amount of $170.68. So for 3 years it is costing me $24.34, around $8.12 per year. I have also deactivated the automatic renewal on their app but not sure if I done it correctly. I will have to check with them via live chat.

  • Do we have to choose Australia for the country?

  • Anyone wants to share? I already have an PureVPN. Happy to share with you with PureVPN. Cheers