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Mad Catz F.r.e.q.2 Gaming Headset $54.50 (Was $109) @ JB Hi-Fi ONLINE ONLY + $4.99 Delivery


Found this on JB-HI-FI for online only. Brand seems to be somewhat ok.

Mad Catz R.A.T. 4+ Optical Gaming Mouse is also on sale for $54.50 (was $109) https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/mad-catz-r-a-t-4-optical-...

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  • I grew up with madcatz being a joke of a product for poor kids or parents who didnt know better.

    Often analogue sticks with zero curve (just on/off)

    Did they level up their quality at some point?

    • Nope, still garbage.

      • Thats harsh, the quality isnt top-notch but its a step above generic crap, to be sure.

        I tend to buy only more expensive stuff like corsair/logitech etcv but dont regret any of my odd madcatz purchases for a long time

    • While I can't comment on this headset as I don't know anything about it, the Mad Catz Tournament Edition Arcade Sticks are basically the standard for pro players playing fighting games (SF, Tekken, etc).

      • I'm still bitter about the fact that I paid double for the few TE sticks left at the time because it was meant to be a limited edition but then they just made more…

        Also they weren't without their issue. It's been a long time but I remember there were PCB issues with the initial batches.

        • Never had any issues with mine and mine was the first batch. But i totally understand what you mean by the so called limited units they were going to make. I still use mine today on my PC and haven't changed anything. The non TE edition ones were a better buy as you can just swap the arcade parts out with Sanwa stuff and still be cheaper than the TE edition one.

      • yeah i was gonna say that too. I got a Killer Instinct TE edition for Xbox One in 2013 and it's still going strong, love it.

    • don't know anything about the headsets, but their mice are very good and have been for a long time. So not sure how long ago you grew up.

      • Im early 30s.

        N64 and PS controllers were a joke.

        Their memory cards failed often also.

        • Yeah I had the piece of junk steering wheel for PS1 to play Ridge Racer and it broke within days. Got a replacement, broke again, replacement, broke, etc, etc until we gave up.

          Mad Catz being junk stuck with me ever since because I wanted to play with a wheel like the arcades sooo bad and it crushed my soul every time it broke.

    • I have the Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7 mouse, have had it for years now, by far the best mouse ive ever owned. Looks and works as good as the day i bought it, which was about 6 years ago