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$50 iTunes Gift Cards for $41.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Just got the update from Costco Coupons. Seems Nationwide. Limit of 10 per member

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      Did someone claim it is ?

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        No, i'm just putting it out there. Good deal if you need a discount

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        16.02% off.

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        Its no 25% either, just putting it out there.

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        It's also not 30% :)

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      I don’t understand the downvotes, maybe is how you worded it?

      Costco usually has them at $40.00 (so effectively 20% off) when on special, so this means they are getting more expensive.

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    While it is a good deal, if you wait around, Woolies or Coles will do 15% off every now and then if you do not have membership.

  • anyone with a link to the specials in pdf?

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    Will officeworks price match this?

    • No. But you can try and see.

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    This is gonna go a long way to paying off my tax bill with the ATO

    • You go ahead and do that.

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      Has anybody heard this one before? Comedic gold.

  • i will register for membership then.

  • Can these be redeemed on to your account and then used in some form to purchase Apple hardware?

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      App store only. Apple store cards are a different beast.

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    hi there, can I used this card to pay my icloud fee? thx

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      Yes, iCloud is an app store subscription on either iOS or MacOS.

    • Also Apple Music subscription.

    • what about disney plus membership on my mac?

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        I believe you have to sign up using an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV thru the App to put the subscription through iTunes.

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          Thanks, I'll try to sign up using my iPad…

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    If you are using iCloud storage
    Buying discounted iTunes GC is a great way to save some money
    as you can pay the storage using the iTunes store credit

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      Yep, also great way to keeping your CEO happy too!

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    Almost in time for tax season!

    • How do you figure it as a tax deduction? Just curious.

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    Thanks Post Person! Perfect for paying off that debt I just got called about by the Tax Office.
    Lovely young gentleman he was, "Just pay us using the iTunes Cards" he said.

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      Haha is this actually a thing?

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    Awesome. My CEO just text me asking me to buy some for his clients.

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    Ctrl F:
    Tax x 3
    Ceo x 2


  • Can I pay for disney+ membership with this?

  • Guys, just want to know how to redeem this gift card?
    Tried to redeem from iTunes but failed as the card is not activated.

    However, when I purchased in Costco Auburn, the cashier just scan the card and didn’t do anything. So do I need to go back Costco to ask for activation?

    • Same issue here. Bought 3 from Moorabbion and failed to redeem.

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      You have to take your receipt with you to the service area (behind the cashiers) to have the cards activated - they don't activate it at the checkout.

    • The Costco cashier is meant to instruct you to head to the split door behind the checkouts (the room where they hold all the high value electronics) and get it activated there.

    • same to you, the card need activate in Costco first

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