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Thankyou Grapefruit Hand Sanitiser 300ml $8.54 (C&C ONLY) @ Chemist Warehouse (OW Price Match $8.11)


$4 cheaper than previous Officeworks deal which was pretty popular https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/529652. If you have luck finding any stock instore at Officeworks you potentially can get a price match to bring price back to $8.11.

Looks to be in stock at a number of stores (at least in Victoria)again

Ordered and with in 30 mins was ready to collect.

Enter QTY and Chemist Warehouse store before ordering to check stock in store

If you place an order and then they do not have the stock you will receive a text to take action to your order with the option to either
1.Wait for Restock
2.Cancel order.
Assume if choosing option 1 that your order still stands as well as the price. and when stock becomes available you can click & collect.

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    Mentone (vic) chemist warehouse has 2 $15 and then minus the extra 10%, so 2 for $13.50

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    Good price but none available in three NSW postcodes when I looked.


      If you’re near a store, might be worth checking.

      Website shows Mentone no stock, but just in there and they would have had probably 10 on the shelf

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    Have this from previous deal, smells really nice.


    2 $15 might be in store only or store specific as not showing when I add 2 to the basket


    Is this only anti bacterial or does it have 60%. + alcohol ?

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    Thank you

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    Thank You is a great company. A lot of people don't realize they're a homegrown charity that started in Australia.

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      Thank you.

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      I posted the below in response to another deal of this type:

      Thank You products are decent quality from what I can tell, but your decision to buy from them shouldn't be based on an assumption of true charity. A lot of these charities/social enterprises make it seem like they solely exist to benefit the disadvantaged, and in return for purchasing from them, the consumer fairly expects that only a reasonable cut of sales would go to operational expenses.

      In FY18-19 (i.e. last financial year), Thankyou Group only paid 48% of its profits to charity (profit is AFTER operational expenses) — despite this prominent statement on their website: "That's why we commit 100% of the profit from our products to helping people in need."

      In addition, it also spent "$340,000 on travel and entertainment, and $4.56 million on fewer than 50 staff." So if they had 50 staff, that means an AVERAGE salary of $91K, and an AVERAGE travel and entertainment budget of $6,800 per person!

      See: https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/financial-st...

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        Very interesting article. Further down it is explained - the $4.56 million “covers training and education, WorkCover insurance, contractors, fringe benefits tax, payroll tax, long service leave and superannuation as well as salaries” and “therefore cannot be divided as a per head salary cost”.

        Seems fair enough.

        Although $340k on travel and entertainment seems excessive for a non-for-profit. I don't know enough to make any real judgement, but I don't know how they justify "That's why we commit 100% of the profit from our products to helping people in need."

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          Staff and CEO are people in need….. of money


          To be fair though, they are competing in the very competetive FMCG industry with much bigger players and to be able to promote and get their stuff ranged in supermarket shelves requires that. I'm sure the bigger ones are more than willing to spend more than that to knock the little guy (Thankyou) off.


        You can justify travel and entertainment as well as the $4.56million is expenses, thus not part of profit.

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        While I'm also not 100% over the moon with Thankyou, I think your presentation of the information in the link you've provided is disingenuous.

        1) The way you've set up the payout figure doesn't accurately represent what "charity" means in this context. It doesn't mean Direct Relief or Charity: Water, it literally means Thankyou Charitable Trust, which is important to understand the next point:

        2) You quote the 48% figure, instead ignoring the average, which I think most people would agree would be more accurate:

        Unredacted versions of financial statements seen by news.com.au reveal that, over the past four years, Thankyou Group paid out an average of 67 per cent of its profit in dividends to the Thankyou Charitable Trust.

        Which is roughly in-line with their goal:

        A Thankyou spokeswoman said the company aimed to distribute a 70 per cent dividend to its charitable trust and retain 30 per cent of earnings “for good financial stewardship”.

        She said all money would go to the trust should the company ever be wound up.

        3) It appears as though you have a requirement that a social enterprise isn't allowed to maintain cash reserves, which as far as I can tell based on that article, is more or less what Thankyou is doing. Instead of going to a bank and saying "hey we need a couple hundred thousand dollars to launch this new range of cereal and bread products in a month", they can just keep some money on hand to do it with. Or if there's say, a widespread disaster outside of their control, they have some financial cushion to continue operations without immediately going bankrupt / needing loans. Is that something we don't allow social enterprises or charities to do!??!

        4) As already pointed out, the "per person" payroll expense of ~$91,000ish also covers contractors, training, insurance, and a few other things. E.g. if they averaged an extra 3 contractors over the year, each "person" loses ~$5,000. Without a more detailed breakdown, I can't see grounds to be particularly upset with the company on this point. It is absolutely not unreasonable for a social enterprise to be willing to pay its employees a fair wage, as underpaying employees would increase turnover as employees leave more frequently for better opportunities for themselves, while reducing the interest of prospective employees leading to more difficulty in hiring.

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        As a rule of thumb it costs 50% more than a persons wage to employ them, sometimes 100% more is used. So a $91k salary average means the average salary was $60k. The 50% extra is super, medicare, workers compensations, annual leave, long service leave and sick leave. You also need to consider initial recruitment and ongoing costs like providing a desk, computer, internet, and communications. These are not strictly employment costs but they are directly related to head count. Employing people is expensive, especially in Australia.

        What I like about Thankyou products, is they only put in good ingredients and making profit is important, but not the only. Therefore, they don't * want * to resort to nasties to improve profitability. At least that's what they state as their intent.

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    Nice product, but it bugs me that you can’t get the last 20% out of the bottle! The pump stops pumping while there is still a decent amount left in the bottle and you can’t access it as the straw is too short. It ends up wasting quite a bit, which is annoying as it’s a nice product otherwise.

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      ahhhh, can't you unscrew the cap and just pour out the remaining bit????????

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      Yeah, this is annoying. I turn mine upside down over a funnel over a mini bottle and use it for going out.

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        I poured the remaining sanitiser in old swisse vitamin bottle then made a hole in lid and used the same pump.


      Unscrew the top and pour the dregs into a partially used or empty 50ml sanitiser bottle.
      I buy 200ml+ bottles and the smaller 50ml bottle equivalents and use the larger bottles to top up the smaller bottles.
      Cost saving. :)


    Not a fan.


    Searched stores and all came up "unavailable"! 🙄


    Been looking for their hand moisturiser in NSW, but all out of stock in CWH, Woolies, coles and priceline…. sigh… they are good stuffs, my old office use all their products


    Great aftershave


    My click and collect from yesterday just got cancelled